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  1. Anybody like to comment on this before I send it? 'I am writing for a second time in relation to the quantity and frequency of telephone calls that I am receiving from your company, which I deem to be personally harassing. In my previous letter, dated 15 September 2009 and received and signed for by your office on Friday 18 September 2009, I requested that these stop, but you have completely ignored my letter and I am still receiving three or four calls a day. I now require all further correspondence from your company to be made in writing only. All letters will be kept as evid
  2. Just had another one. What a disappointment. She said 'Can I speak to Mr xxx' and I said, 'and why would you want to do that?', expecting an amusing and uplifting exchange. Instead, she said,'gabble gabble gabble mumble Debtias...' and put the phone down. Spolisport!
  3. Did the leaving the phone on hold one a couple of times. The first time they hung up after about five minutes. Second time I left it eight minutes and the bloke was still there. I said, 'You don't give up, do you? Bye' Then I left it on hold for 3 minutes or so, put the phone right next to the stereo and let them have a blast of Mastodon at full volume.
  4. Well, if that doesn't work I don't know what will. Cheers
  5. Well, the letter was signed for Friday morning and they phoned me five times over the weekend. I'll allow them til tonight in case the letter hasn't filtered through (which I think is unlikely but then I'm nicer than they are) and then the fun will start. I pretended they'd got the wrong number on Friday and told the chap, in a ridiculously stereotyped Yorksire accent, he was speaking to the Heckmondwike Biological Society and that he was very lucky because we'd normally all be in the pub by that time (4pm). The bloke went very quiet, apologised and hung up. That was fun. Liverpool City Counc
  6. This is intereseting. I don't know how up to date this is but it's the same address as New Dawn Events. I found it on a website called epony.co.uk. There's a landline number. Tried to ring tonight but there was no answer:- Touchdown Trails Fangorn Farm Mulben by Keith Banffshire Keith Banffshire AB55 6YX 01542 860759
  7. I also contacted Watchdog, via email, but haven't heard back. I'm going to write to them next. I would love for loads of us who are in this position to really pile the pressure on and try to get something done. What puts my back up isn't necessarily that he's not given refunds, it's the lack of contact and the fact that his phone's always switched off. I'd have a lot more respect for Mr Davies if he said, 'Ok, I'm sorry, I'm skint and haven't got the money to pay you' rather than simply ignoring all requests for info. I even sent him a recorded letter, which I know was delivered, and have hear
  8. I've just started to get calls from these slugs regarding, I presume, a Capital One card that I'd all but forgotten about. I think the balance is about 100 quid. I put their postcode into Transport Direct and it comes up in or around Clarke Road, Nottingham. What amused me is that, right above their name in bold black letters, ii says 'refuse incinerator' which I think is wholly appropriate. Looking forward to this one. Think I might pay off the original balance (minus any unlawful charges of course) to Crap One and see if they ring me again - especially as they'll be getting a recorded l
  9. Does anybody know anything about this? I bought tickets for an alleged gig in Shrewsbury despite having reservations about it and it was cancelled at the last minute. The promoter has stated that I will be contacted 'in due course' re refunds but nothing has happened. I sent a signed for letter which was delivered last week saying that I thought three weeks constituted 'in due course' and I would appreciate some information about where I stand. So far I have had no reply. It's over 300 quid so I woudl really like it back. I'm not looking for advice here so much as anybody else who's in the sam
  10. As dpick says there's plenty of advice on here to help you and it won't cost you a penny. Please don't fall for the scams - ther are so many out there. It can take time to find the guidance you need but it is all here. Start with dpick's link above and good luck
  11. Bah!! Thought as much. Wouldn't it be a shame if I tripped over their carpet whilst going to pay....
  12. Hmm! Yes. I think what we'll do is wait until the very last minute and pay the lot off, even if I have to use a credit card. At least that way the scumbags won't get the 50 quid 'charge'
  13. Thanks for that. I'm going to ring them today anyway (the council) to ask them why they didn't respond to his offer of payment. I expect to wait most of the morning to be connected and then to be told they can't speak to me without his permission becuase of the Data Protection Act or the fact that I wear different coloured socks to him.
  14. That must have cost them. Everyone knows it costs the bank 35 quid to send each letter out!
  15. I complained once to a company because I found a tiny piece of metal in one of their products (it's so long ago I can't even remember who it was). They were 'mortified' and sent a cheque for £12. I hadn't asked them for anything, merely pointing out the problem. Kellogg's sent me a voucher when I told them I wasn't happy about something with one of their products. In my experience, most reputable companies will at least acknowledge your complaint for the sake of good public relations so long as you aren't obviously trying it on coz I'm fairly certain they must get a regular stream of letters a
  16. Briefly, my son missed some Council Tax payments but didn't realise (no need to bore you with details). Upshot was the first he heard of it was a demand for the full amount (700 quid for the remaining balance for the year). He wrote with an offer of settlement which would have amounted to exactly what he would have been paying monthly (and probably what a court would order him to pay anyway?) but they have ignored this and today he received a summons. Is a court going to be happy with the Council's attitude? What to do??? Thanks, anyone...
  17. Hopefully. It's all gone a bit quiet right now
  18. All letters are on their way. I await replies...
  19. Yes, and I've had time to think about it too. Rattled, no - angry, yes. But you're right and thanks for the timely 'calm down' note
  20. How's this:- I refer to your company’s unpleasant and intimidating letter of ** ** 2008 - equally unpleasant and intimidating as was that of ** ** 2008 to which I did reply contrary to your untrue and insulting statement that I have ‘failed to respond’ which I can prove is a lie as I have a receipt from the Post Office (reference ************* delivered from ******** Delivery Office on **/**/**). Now let’s get round to what you have chosen to ignore. Perhaps, as time in your company appears to run backwards as evidenced by the fact that despite dating your letter 9 June 2008, you g
  21. Thanks for that - very useful
  22. Anyone know the name and address of the top bod at Morrison's? Thanks
  23. Thanks to both of you for those replies. I realised that she would probably have to pay it back, despite it not being her fault, but I just want to make them wait because of the arrogant and unpleasant tone of their correspondance. I think we might offer 50p a week as she isn't working at the moment (not her fault) and my son's having to support them both and they have about 100 quid a month to live on after rent and council tax are taken out.
  24. I've mentioned this in a reply to another thread but I don't want to hijack that thread so I'm opening a new one here. MY son's girlfriend worked for a supermarket for a few weeks and, some months down the line, received a letter out of the blue demanding repayment of 87 quid they allege they have overpaid her. She told them she would rather like some proof of this and disputed the claim. Despite this a bunch of scavenging weevils calling themselves CCC Debt Management have written to her demanding payment. We composed a (we consider) perfectly reasonable letter in reply, as follows:
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