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  1. They don't care. Sent me a letter saying they value my custom and are sorry I am leaving them (!), which I never said I was. And I should take the letter as their final word on the matter. Theirs, maybe. Mine - not!
  2. Don't know how it works but the numbers Debitas call me from come up as UK numbers. Would it be worth reporting these people to BT under the assumption that they would care that their services are being misused in this way, does anybody think? OK, maybe they don't use BT but it's a fair bet their lines are involved. Incidentally, I sent CrapOne a CCA request and they sent me a blank application form stating that my signature had been removed because they aren't required to provide it?????!!!! What?
  3. They took the fifteen quid out so I've transferred the full balance from my savings account with them to another bank and told them why
  4. Now they're REALLY beginning to hack me off:- '...Thank you for your recent letter....with requests for information under the Data Protection Act 1998, I would like to be able to help you with your request, but unfortunately the signature on the letter does not match the signature we hold on our system and under the DPA, I cannor proceed with your request......' OK, so I signed my request letter slightly differently so that if it had been cut and pasted I would know but it must be obvious that it was written by the same hand, if indeed they do hold one at all and I suppose this
  5. OK - Get this, from CapitalOne received today:- Dear Bilgey 'Thank you for your recent letter requesting copy documents for your account. Please find enclosed a copy of your credit agreement as requested. In accordance with section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copy Documents) Regulations 1983, this is your original agreemetns, and if any terms have been varied, then the copy agreement will include the updated terms. In addition, your personal details, the signature box, signature and date of signature have been omitted from
  6. Oh yes. It is now well past the 12 day deadline for the request I sent for the signed agreement copy. Nothing has arrived. Even allowing for the postal strikes it should have arrived by now. Sometime around Bonfire Night (fireworks for them) they will pass the 40 day limit for the SAR. I wonder - if this is a CRIMINAL offence, has anyone here actually tried reporting them to the Police and seeing what happens? I know they aren't likely to be interested but it would be interesting. Might do it. Also, with the election looming I am going to speak to our MP and see if he's remotely con
  7. Just a quickie. Halifax are trying to charge 15 quid for a failed payment and presumably claiming that this is lawful. The details are irrelevant really. I believe they are trying it on by hoping to appear that they have reduced their charge so that the customer will think it has come down enough to be enforceable. Presumably I just tell them to give me it back as usual?
  8. They phoned me again today and actually told me it was against the law for me to record conversations with them on my own phone. An arrogant thug who began to speak over me when I tried to reply so I let him whine on for a couple of minutes and said, "I'm terribly sorry - would you mind saying that again as I was totally ignoring you'. Click Bye, then....
  9. Better than being a Master one which they obviously all are
  10. Don't know if this thread's still live but I find that asking them to wait a minute while I switch on the recording machine really throws them. They get very defensive. I've been told it's 'not condoned', 'not usual' and even 'not allowed', I tell them tough poo, that it's my phone and I'll do what I like and if they don't like it they can feel free to stop ringing me - and not to worry coz I really won't be upset and take the hump about it. Then it becoes a stalemate, usually finishing with them saying the calls will continue and me just managing to say 'and I'll continue to record them' befo
  11. I would like everyone in the world to phone them (from a call box) on 08004220280 (this will be transferred but you only have to wait a minute) and say: 'Hello, Debitas, this is just one of several hundred irritating and pointless phone calls I will be making to you every day with the sole purpose of wating your time and disrupting your lives until such time as you stop doing the same to me. These calls will be made at a ratio of three to one for every one you make to me.' Or anything else you'd care to say to them 100 times a day. It costs them 5p (I believe) every time someone call
  12. For a start - refuse to answer their security questions. They can go no further. Won't stop them ringing but I find if you say 'hang on' and leave the phone by the telly for ten minutes they've usually given up. Or just put it straight down when you realise it's them. If you're already making agreed payments I think it unlikely they have a leg to stand on. Somebody else on here may be able to confirm this or not. Good luck. My favourite is to say 'just a minute', get the dogs by the phone and ring the doorbell. That must hurt
  13. Who wants to come up there with me and knock on his door to ask him to justify himself? I sent him a Letter Before Action which he received today giving him 14 days to either stump up or come up with a damn good reason why not. Incidentally, the Touchdown Trials number never seems to get answered either. What a git!
  14. That's my experience too. I'm not actually bothered about them wasting their time and money ringing me. I just feel angry for those people of a more nervous nature who can be bullied and terrified by these pieces of ****
  15. Do these people know something we don't, does anyone think? Here's the relevant bits from the latest letter I've had from CrapOne:- 'Thank you for writing back to us about your account. And the calls that you have been receiving from Debitas Legal Services. I've reviewed your account and the correspondance that we have sent previously, which clearly explained our reasons for calling you (Oh, that's ok. That makes it ok to ignore the Law, then).We've requested you to contact Debitas and agree a payment arrangement. Because Debitas have not heard from you, they have continued to call (
  16. I've been having fun with Debitas who have ignored all requests to communicate in writing only - alien languages, setting the dogs off barking down the phone, pretending to be the Heckmondwike Brass Band Fund Raising Committee, pretending I can't hear them, giving them 5 minutes of whatever's on the telly at the time etc. Now, I wonder, does anyone know if there's any way these people can find out what number you're ringing from even though you've dialled 141 before the call? My plan is to ring them and tell them, 'Hello, this is just the first of several hundred irritating and pointelss calls
  17. Debitas are going for the throat! Despite writing to them and Capital One (both twice) they are still phoning me - last night's second call was at 8.40 pm. Told them I was watching Watchdog because I'd written to them about a scabby company called Debitas who believe they are above the Law (haven't - yet) and the phone went dead
  18. This is apparently being featured on BBC Watchdog tomorrow evening (1st October) so I look forward to it with interest
  19. Spoke too soon. They started ringing me again today. I really am not bothered. I just play them at their own game - let them ramble on for as long as they wish and refuse to id myself. They tell me they will keep ringing and hang up. I can't help laughing at their unprofessional, bungling attitude when they're stumped - they really lose it and start getting humpy. Shows what dregs they have working for them. Anyway, I'm firing off complaints letters now as I feel they've had long enough to get the message - Oftel, Trading Standards and OFT I believe? Anybody got any other suggestions?
  20. Hi again. Whilst not wishing to hijack this thread (and please tell me if you feel I am), I thought it might be appropriate to share this with you all. Calls have stopped over the last few days. This is the reply I had from Capital One regarding the letter above that I sent to Debitas:- 'Thank you for writing to Debitas Legal Services (That's ok, don't mention it). Your letter has bene passed to me as we deal with all complaints. I understand that you are unhappy with the calls you are receiving. Your account balance is currently above the agreed credit limit, and you are behind with
  21. I believe so but wouldn't like to swear to it. You might all be interested to know that Watchdog are hoping to run a feature on this in the next week or so.
  22. Today (Tuesday 22 September). FOUR days after they received the letter I had a most unpleasant woman on the phone telling me that the reason they are still ringing me is because I am refusing to speak to them. Oh dear, what a hole these people are digging for themselves. Do they feel that they are above the Law of the Land and can do what they like? And then, when I started to ask why they were still ringing despite my instruction to do everything in writing, the ignorant - erm - lady, began to talk over me. That's when I put the phone down.
  23. Been doing that. It does, doesn't it? Or I ask them some of my own - what is your company's address. what is your company's phone number, what is the mean distance of the fourth Gallilean satellite from the epicantre of the Jovian system? The first one usually trips them up.
  24. Added this bit for good measure: 'Finally, with regard to your letter – it is a worthless piece of drivel as you well know. You do NOT presume to tell me what I ‘must’ do in the hope that I am as stupid as you’d like me to be and will believe a single word of this unenforceable, intimidatory rubbish. If I genuinely owe your alter-ego Capital One anything then I will pay it. I will not pay unlawful charges, fines or amounts that you think somehow apply because you have made them up.'
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