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  1. You're probably right but it gives me much more satisfaction to think of them the way I suggested above
  2. PO Box addresses always set the alarm bells off, don't they? Probably some spotty, blistery-handed Billy No-mates working from a laptop in his nan's spare room
  3. This is their website. What a bag of **** Fredrickson International Ltd - Bespoke Debt Collection Services
  4. I have written on the front of the envelope in big red letters 'Reply to unsupported threat of action over an alleged 'debt' for which you are either failing or refusing to provide proof'. At least the postman will see what a bunch of skanks they are
  5. To Diddydicky and all others who have shown interest in this thread:- I had a reply to my letter which basically says get in touch coz we need to talk to you. Hah! Please call our office on 0845 3136604. No! The account has been placed on hold for 10 days - not by me it hasn't. It's been placed on hold for ever. Further action may be taken etc. So now I send Diddydicky's letter and that's it. Nothing more. They can go and rot. Idiots
  6. Yes. I did. Was going to comment and my son turned up so I forgot. Good stuff and I've saved it for future reference.
  7. Yes and thanks for that - just hoping it might reach some who haven't seen it yet
  8. Yeah but NOW I go dark as they say in the best American spy stuff
  9. Hope this is of interest and would love feedback http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/251517-fredrickson-international-limited.html
  10. All I'm asking from them is proof that the debt exists. Not too much to ask is it?
  11. Haven't sent the letter yet but I will now and there'll be some extras as well.
  12. These lovely people don't waste any time then. Had a 'Letter Before Action' today telling me I have a week to pay up or they'll take me to Court and I'll have to pay for solicitors, Court fees and probably go to prison and have the bailliffs kick my door down. What to do, I wonder?
  13. Seems like they've given up on Debitas and started using this lot to see if they can fare any better. Poor sods
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone. To Pinky69 - I could do that although in my head I have a picture of a seedy little oik in a Mr Bean outift huddled over a desk with several wire trays in front of him, one of which has a hand-scribbled notice saying 'Complaints Dept'. To dx100uk - I haven't posted too much, if anything, about this before because I really haven't been on the site that much - life got in the way a bit. Much of the detail is in the letter above but I was getting loads of calls from Debitas and there's a thread here somewhere about that. That all stopped a while ago and Cap One/De
  15. I tried to access the website today and it seems to have disappeared. To be honest I expected that to happen a long time ago. Love to hear if anyone else has had any success over this
  16. First time I've heard of this shower. Had a letter regarding an ongoing saga with Crap One and Debitarse - the usual stuff - you must do this, pay up now, you're going to prison etc. Here's my reply. Just like anyone's opinion if they think it's a bit too strong or not strong enough or whatever:- 'Regarding your letter of 10 March 2010 I will tell you exactly what I’ve told all the scavenging chancers who’ve contacted me about this. I am not in the habit of sending money to any Tom, Dick or Harry who writes threatening letters to me without a shred of evidence to back their demands.
  17. Then I will challenge the debt collectors to prove the debt is lawful and drag it out until they die
  18. I guess I'll just get an overdraft, run it down to the equivalent of any charges they've taken plus interest, open a new accountsomwhere else and tell them if they want 'their' money back to prove in Law that their charges are fair.
  19. Well, it never went away really, did it? Ever since the test case ruling though I'm hearing that the banks are really starting to pile on the charges. No 'good will payments' now either. If you get charged you stay charged and the patronising 'naughty boy or girl' letters with their wagging fingers and pontificating attitude are even more arrogant than before. Have we no powers left? I was under the impression that we were the customers. And where's my first interest payment on the 25 billion quid I lent these dregs not a year ago? Grrrr!
  20. It's all gone a bit quiet from Debitas on the phone. I had a strange reply to my request for copy of the agreement. Cap One sent me a blank agreement and here's an extract from the accompanying letter: 'In addition, your personal details, the signature box, signature and date of signature have been omitted from the copy provided as permitted under Regulation 3 of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copy Documents) Regulations 1983' and 'Under Section 78 we are not required to provide a copy of the default notice and statement of default' Now, whilst I can understand the lat
  21. Yes, it does seem that people are getting refunds at last. I received a cheque last week and it has cleared ok. 272 quid - still, he made nearly 8 quid out of me in 'post and packing' charges (one cheap envelope and a second class stamp for two separate orders sent together) so I imagine he's done ok through these alone. I wonder what's happening about the people who aren't chasing him up - is he sending them out regardless because I had to email every day for a fortnight to get mine.
  22. Well, that gives me hope and incentive. New Year - new effort. Thanks for sharing your good news
  23. I think we need as many of those those several hundred people to get together and really pile the pressure on. This is nothing short of theft and fraud. Anyone interested please post here and when we have enough we will think about the next step
  24. I've let it ride so far over this debacle because I've been so busy and hoping to have my faith in human nature restored somewhat. He's had long enough now so it's turn to turn the screws. If I don't get my refund without further prevarication this bloke's feet are not going to touch the ground
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