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  1. Thanks for the replies, Folks. She has now got the phone back and, so far, it seems to be working ok. I'll hang on to that email address though . Cheers
  2. Further to this, the phone has still not been returned. It's now nearly two months and they promised two weeks ago that it had been despatched from their repair centre, was on the way back to the shop and would be ready for collection 'within a week'. We're beginning to think it's got lost and, if that's the case, whether it was a free gift or not, surely they are responsible? Any views gratefully receievd
  3. Thanks for that - the SIM card is a good idea and not one we'd thought of. Doh! I passed the message on and she says Thanks
  4. Little bit more info posted by my friend after I sent the original post for her to check: "That sounds great...only two things they may have issue with. When my phone was returned to me it WAS working properly but after a while the same problem started happening . Also I was offered a replacement phone, but as it was a simple one like the one I already had I turned the offer down not thinking that of course I should have taken it because I wouldn't have to use my payg phone . Didn't think of that at the time cos I was annoyed. But I was never offered a Samsung Galaxy S3 (her existi
  5. I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who has a contract with T-Mobile that has another year to run. She sent her phone for repair way back at the beginning of the year. It was away for over two weeks and when it came back the problem was still there so she had to send it off again in July when they told her it would be "between two and four weeks" There was no offer of a replacement, even though it was the same fault that hadn’t been fixed properly before, and they have continued taking to monthly charge out of her account while she has been without the phone. She is having to use he
  6. Hi I've been seeing ads from companies who claim they may be able to get care home fees back under certain circumstances. I presume this is something that people could do for free without tehir 'help' but I can't find out anything about it or whether or not it's true. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  7. I am self-employed as a painter and decorator and am doing some work for a contractor who says he has to deduct tax from my wages. I'm a bit concerned about this because this is my first job this tax year and I imagine it will be an emergency tax code which will mean paying a lot more than if I was employed and had a code. I realiseI will get this back eventually but could do without it being taken off me now, I understood that, as a self-employed person, my tax affairs were my own responsibility and I wonder if anyone could throw some light on what is supposed to happen in a situation like th
  8. Thanks - I didn't wnclose the £1 fee which I had forgotten about so maybe that's part of the problem. I'll write to BoS again from scratch and enclose the fee and see what happens. Quite happy to pay up if they comply and it's genuine
  9. I stopped making payments when I first contacted Wescot (some time ago) asking for the signed copy etc saying that I would restart them on receipt of what I asked for. This is the first reply I've had
  10. Thanks - That's kind of what I was thinking - so just ignore them or write and tell them to leave me alone, and wait to hear from BoS? Sounds like a plan
  11. Hello, Folks Haven't been on here for a while but I am currently getting letters from Wescot about an alleged debt with Bank of Scotland (Credit Card). I asked them for a copy of the original signed agreement and confirmation that they are authorised to collect any alleged debt and they have written back saying. "Having contacted our client they have requested that you contact them direct..... Please enclose a £1.00 fee" So what do I do? My instinct is to ignore them or to say they have still not provided me with evidence that they are authorised to do this - anyone could d
  12. Full circle again. Anopther letter from Crappy's saying how it's going to take a 'little while' to look into my situation etc. They thank me very much for being patient (!!!!!)
  13. 11 days since last letter. What next - a summons???
  14. It's all a bit Groundhog Day-ish, isn't it?
  15. Well, surprise, surprise - a letter from Fred's saying they have referred my letter to their clients and are awaiting their response whilst, in the meantime, putting the account on hold. Again!!
  16. Has this issue been addressed anywhere else on the site? It would be interesting to find out whether or not it would be possible. The little tinkers have probably got it covered though. To babydoll0141917, yes that's all I want too, and statements covering the life of the alleged agreement or at least ionformation on how the 'debt' is made up and how the 'balance' has been calculated. I have asked for all this and all I have received is a blank application form and a letter telling me my signature doesn't match the one they have. Surely no Court in the land would ignore that fact?
  17. Keep watching, People. I'm going to take these scumbags all the way
  18. Great! This thread seems to have got kickstarted nicely lately. As for me, I sent a letter to Bryan Carter telling them how things are and now FI (stands for something else other than Frederickson International, doesn't it?) have very graciously sent me the following (my thoughts in brackets):- 'Despite a recent letter from our solicitors Bryan Carter (aka Bloke In The Next Office) you have failed to discharge your debt (probably because you are a bunch of skanks who have failed to provde a shred of evidence that any such debt exists) with our client Capital One Bank (Europe (that bracket
  19. Thanks. That's great. I'll spend a bit of time on this at the weekend and get something sent off. My point has always been that I am not refusing to pay anything that's legally owed but I will not send money off to anyone who simply writes to me demanding it without any proof whatsoever. If it were that easy nobody would need to work, surely?
  20. Thought they must be connected. Comms from both are addresses in Weybridge. Filed unanswered I reckon
  21. OK. I ignored them. Now I've had a letter from Bryan Carter, Solicitors threatening me with court and a load of fees. Apparently I 'must' pay up, make an offer of payment or, if I dispute liabilty (which I most certainly do as both Crap One and Fredderickson failed to provide proof of such) 'state' my 'reasons in writing and supply us with documents in support of your defence in any claim'. Wondering whether to ignore this or write to them asking them if Frederickson etc have told them the full story
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