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  1. Sorry, I posted in General because I thought it could be relevant to any bank rather than just Natwest which it actually involves.
  2. Sensible answers. I'll stick to the point. Thanks
  3. Does anyone think there's any point in sending the following to the bank as a follow-up to my initial letter demanding repayment of charges? Interested to know your opinions. Cheers Andy Re: Peripheral Effects of your Unfair Charges to my Account 'Further to my two previous letters regarding the unlawful charges you have applied to my current account recently I am giving you notice that I will be referring to the following matters if and when you force me to take this matter to court. I feel that whether or not a court feels it fitting to award costs etc fo
  4. I've alreday started the ball rolling and given them notice to that effect so it may be a litle too late to start appealing to their 'better nature' any case
  5. That's the first thing I'm going to do tomorrow. Should have done it before but that's another lesson learnt!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I've already tried talking to them (branch and customer services). The overall impression I got was:- not our problem. Tough luck. However, I will give it another shot tomorrow.
  7. 'Joanna Elson at the British Bankers’ Association disputes claims that customers are dissatisfied. “We are not complacent, but we think customers get a very good deal,” she said.' Black's white, it don't rain in indianapolis in the summer time and 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman'.....
  8. Sorry if this subject has been addressed before. Couldn't find it anywhere. If it has, perhaps someone would be kind enough to post a link. I'm a self-employed courier with a rapidly deteriorating bike. I work under contract for one company and my money is paid into my bank weekly (mandatory). Running costs escalate all the time as you can imagine. I have to have access to funds to keep the old heap on the road. The point is, the most recent spate of charges I've incurred will almost swallow up next weeks' money leaving me with none to cover the above. I'm in the processs of opening a bas
  9. Complete and utter waste of time. Having imagined an in depth report I missed the first couple of minutes and just settled down to watch the rest and that was it. What a load of rubbish. I should think the banks are quaking in their boots knowing that this kind of hard-nosed journalism's got them in its sights.
  10. Don't think so. Came from (I think) Wanadoo website or could have been something else but it wasn't just picked out of the air
  11. Absolutely. My point is they were always illegal so increasing them by more than the rate of inflation should make them even more illegal than they already were. Hypothetical, I know, but even more unjust than before.
  12. 'To accuse of theft they have to prove that she intended to permanently deprive the bank of it' So not only are the banks taking money from our accounts to which they aren't entitled but, in the eyes of the law, they're thieiving as well. Well, we knew that already but if the banks were jointly and severally hauled into court by the CPS for ongoing and continuous theft then somebody should surely go to prison?? Or a free Caribbean holiday at the very least
  13. Probably someone has raised this before but I was thinking about the banks' claims that their charges are fair. Well, even in the fantasy land they exist in, if they were once long ago, they have continued to rise far in excess of inflation so how do they make sense of that and how well would it hold up in court? Sorry I haven't put that very professionally but I think you can get the gist of what I mean. And I'm not a professional.
  14. Better than the poxy morons that make up the current lot?
  15. What's even more astounding is the 'spokesman' from Trumpton Town Council or wherever the noxious creep issues from is actually trying to justify this outrage. If I were the bailiff I would say, 'Now hang on a minute...'. Also, any official statement that begins, 'We apologise...' needs binning, preferably along with the bubble-head who made it. At least they didn't say 'We regret...". Anybody want to help form the UK's latest political movement, The Common Bloody Sense Party?
  16. Probably not the first to post this but:- Bailiffs coming knocking for 5p A bailiff has been sent to a granny's house to demand rent arrears of 5p. Alice Nelson has lived at the same address for 45 years and has never knowingly been behind with her rent. The bailiff told Alice, of Wigan, Greater Manchester, she had to hand over the 5p there and then. The gran had received no prior letters about the demand. Alice's daughter Julie said: "We couldn't believe it. She didn't know who this man was knocking on her door. He could have been anybody. "We didn't know if it was a jok
  17. Thanks, Both, I did wonder about that. Best not let the weasely toilet-drinkers have any excuse for prevaricating, eh? Any more observations eagerly awaited....
  18. Hi Folks, hope we all had a good Easter despite the best efforts of the blood-sucking corporations. Before I send this letter off to NatWest, just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the content. Thanks:- I refer you to a letter I have received from Mr Ian Marshall, Manager of NatWest Newtown Branch dated 12 April 2006 in response to a letter which I had delivered there as the most convenient branch at the time. The envelope carried a request for it to be forwarded to Customer Services but apparently it was opened in Newtown branch by someone to whom it was not addressed.
  19. Sorry if this subject has been posted before. I've looked through the forum but couldn't see anything. If the bank bounces one of my cheques as a direct result of a previous charge (not if it's due to insufficient funds on my part), and the payee then applies their own charge to my account (£20 to cover costs for example), what is the likelihood of getting that money back from the bank, either voluntarily (hmm!) or later in court? Just wondering if anyone's tried this.
  20. What about an invitation to voluntarily donate, say, 1% of any refunds obtained as a result of using the site?
  21. Thanks for the replies. As I said, I'm a newbie. i've now read the FAQs and will avoid repeating any of them in the forums
  22. Most of the information on here is at worst useful and at best stunningly brilliant there are a couple of points that worry me about going ahead and threatening court action. When I phoned the Financial Ombudsman they told me that they thought the bank was acting within its rights to make their charges. No mention of them being unfair or excessive. Also I looked on Lloyds TSB's site this morning and they clearly state their charges on the pre-application page for current accounts. Surely if they were aware these charges were illegal/unenforceable they'd ke
  23. Hello, first timer here I had a current account for years with Barclays which was subject to charges which esclated out of control and they ended up cancelling my overdraft facility and passing the account on to a collection agency. The amount owing is around £4000 and I'm certain that most, if not all, of this sum is due to charges. Is it too late to pursue them for this money to be returned or are they still liable despite having passed the buck? I'd be interested to have some feedback on this before I make a chump of myself by firing off a preliminary letter. Many thanks in antici
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