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  1. Hi thanks for your reply, this is what is on their email telling me i have defaulted.
  2. Hi, Please could anyone advise me? I have items in storage with storage giant from a house move following my divorce. Due to loosing my job because of coronavirus, i could not pay my monthly payment. I contacted them explaining & advised them i could pay at the end of the month when i get my benefit payment i recently applied for. They advised they couldn't assist me & that now a fee of £12 per week will be added. Also they have stopped me having access to my items until my balance is up to date. Im worried i am going to loose m
  3. I have direct debit with bt gas every month and have always pay for over two years now. In may they took a random £332.65 via direct debit and when i asked why they explained that i had asked to cancel my supply. I have never asked of this at all and told them so. said they would refund me but nothing still and i was left in a mess with other outgoing because of this. the reason was that sometimes other suppliers get hold of people's details and try to do this on their behalf to get their custom. My direct debit still gets taken every month as usual even though
  4. Hello all! I have recently joined, so trying to take this all in at the moment. I HAVE HUGE PROBLEMS WITH NATWEST-THEY ARE NO HELP AT ALL! They keep adding bank charges when they know i am in financial difficulty,yet again i have gone overdrawn as a result of their charges.So fed up with them! I have just paid £90 charges & now they have just took neally £60. The worst thing is that i have a private bank account manager,i thought i may get more support, but getting none! Have rang in the past but i am just told to handle my account better. Has anyone else had similar probl
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