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  1. I've a question that hopefully someone can help me with??? I have 2 accounts with RBOS that I'm claiming charges back on and the bank recently paid me the full amount on one account but I've have heard nothing on the other account?? The 14 day period is just about to end before I start court proceedings and I'm just a bit wary of proceeding as I've been told that if you make 2 claims the bank will definitely close your account and give you a bad credit score?? Would this be classed as 2 claims even though all the correspondence has both account numbers on. Is anyone else going through a similar thing?
  2. Hi All, I'm just starting the process so its all new and exciting, waded through all my statements on friday night and just filled in the spreadsheet and done the letter ready for posting tomorrow. I'm getting a bit nervous because my friend was going on about the bank closing your account and you not being able to get another as you are blacklisted?? Do I really need to open another bank account before I send off the stuff, I know a few people already who have successfully got their charges back and nothing has happened to them. Can anyone give me some advice please........ Thanks Sam
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