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  1. Certainly will. I'll be letting you know of further developments via this thread. Watch this space!
  2. As I said before, I really don't have any idea about any of these things. I know that probably makes me look stupid to others, but in my eyes it's just a case of a debt that's owed and has to be paid and simple as. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be as simple as that does it? I'm now thinking that Moorcroft may have now shot themselves in the foot, as if they'd have just kept quiet and been happy with their £300 a month, then I wouldn't even be on here. As such, I am now going to be taking your advice and obtaining my CRA and contacting them for confirmation of ownership of the debt!
  3. The last payment to Natwest was in December 2011. The first payment to 'bounce' was in January 2012. It was around September time that Moorcroft got in contact. I made the first payment to Moorcroft on 14/09/12 and they have had 4 more since, so £1500 has been shaved off the debt to date. I have not checked my CRA file, how would I do this please?Thanking you for your assistance :o)
  4. Thanks for your replies guys. They're much appreciated. I honestly don't know the in's and out's of debt recovery and I decided to come on here as I felt aggrieved that, a company that I am paying just appears to want more than the fair amount being offered. I have read a few other threads on Moorcroft and noted that they are rather underhand and that ownership of debts can be questionable and so on. Should I write to them, stating that I only want contact in writing and nothing else?
  5. Hi, .A while ago, an old Natwest loan was transferred over to Moorcroft as I had missed several payments owing to personal circumstances. When Moorcroft contacted me, I registered myself on their internet page and made an offer of £300 per month towards clearing the debt (which is £8.2k). Personally, I find this to be a more than reasonable amount to have offered. They have had this payment, for the past 4 months, via standing order and everything has been tickety boo. However, just before Christmas, I received correspondence from Moorcroft, advising that they had been supplied with information from credit reference agency CallCredit to advise that my financial situation appeared to have changed and that they would like me to contact them as a matter of urgency. Now you just know this is not going to tell me that they want to REDUCE my payments, but probably pay more. Luckily, I am comfortable with paying this amount each month and, as a matter of fact, this will be reduced even quicker as I am paid every 4 weeks, which means they'll get 13 payments a year instead of 12. I suppose if they had any sense, they would have cottoned on to this, bearing in mind the date they receive their money changes every month?!? What I want to know is that if CallCredit HAVE given Moorcroft this information, have they breached DPA rules? Yes, it is true that I cleared a couple of smaller debts just before Christmas that saved me interest, but I was more interested in clearing these as I knew that paying off more to Moorcroft would not save me anything, as there's no interest/charges being added on to the original amount owed. I find it incredulous that a credit reference agency is, snitching on me for paying bills. If Moorcroft feel they should be having this money instead, then shall I just stop paying my rent, utlility bills and credit cards as well? That's a joke by the way, I'm not that idiotic. After choosing to bin the letters, Moorcroft have now called today and left a voicemail asking me to call them. What for? I could understand if I wasn't paying, but I am. Are these people never pleased? Could someone please advise on what my next step should be? Many thanks, Ross
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