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  1. I am likely get any goodwill from here given the length of service of 30years if I am found myself losing my job?
  2. Yes I am on sick pay now. I had full pay while on suspension and now on sickpay. Yes I am going on a long recovry
  3. Emmzzi Thanks. I have been in the same company for 30yrs. I was suspended for health reasons, because they feel I could no longer do my job again. My circumstances has changed since my suspension as I had stroke three months after my suspension
  4. Yes Rebel 11, I am being dismissed on health grounds
  5. I have a private pension and I am not in the trade union if that is what TUPed means.
  6. I have worked for 30years in the same position. I became sick 10yrs ago for few months and returned back to work. 7years ago my company was bought over by a contracting firm. I still remain in the same site I have been 30yrs ago. Five months ago I was issued a suspension letter due to health reasons for one month. I was recalled back after one month to defend why I should not be terminated and my GP responded with sick note that I am receiving treatment. The threat of suspension and losing my job had followed me through. I have now suffered stroke and may not be able to work again. My employer is now aware of my health problem and on my case to be interviewed.- I need all help----- what my entitlement are and what to do.
  7. Slick132, Thank you The test case stall the process on the Bc. will update soon. This a new issue: this is business rate with the local authority and they have denied liability or ready to pay loss of earning.I have asked for record of payment and it turned out that I have overpaid the LA between £200- £300 pounds every year in the last 3years to date. I pay every month not aware that the payment for council tax and Business rate is 10months of the year. I pay 12monthly and they never alert me at anytime I was in credit as the overpayment could have helped paying other bill. Can I claim back the cost of liability order and court summons they obtained without letting me know? If I knew of any court summon I would have moved in quickly before any of this happened. Even the copy of liability order I requested from then after the event did not have either my name or address on it nor court stamp. Is this normal?
  8. Bailiff in an effort to collect the debt became destructive of my business premises because I said I was not going to pay because I did not owe. He left behind damaged equipment even after he got paid and left me with massive repair work unable to work for weeks. He also sabotage the cctv camera but had another camera that capture him going crazy. Who is responsible? They have now taking double money as I never owed.help
  9. Bank staff only help you with your money. I made a mix up, the account in question is egg not Barclays Do you know anyone there?do not
  10. My time is runing out still cant find help Anybody out there
  11. Any input from anyone.Time is drawing near Thanks to you shane
  12. The warrant issued against Barclays was not executed because Barclay had made application to set the judgenent asside, on the ground that the the judgement was inconsistent with the direction made on the 15 may 2007. Barclay did not defend the claim but apply to strike it on onCPR.22.1(6) onthe 17/4/07, but I had no knowledge of this. only new after my petition to the court by which the court had already given judgement. Here are the procedure to request judgement and warrant: 1. Claim was issued for £3367.02 . 2. After a month and 3days I applied for judgement and was I written to as judgement rejected. 3 Almost a month after rejecting the application for judgement, I wrote a petition to the court that the defendant had not defended the claim yet, this was on the 30/05/07 4. On the 11th june 2007 the judgement was granted and a copy was faxed straight to the defendant for payment which they ignored. 6.On the 13/07/07 I rang the defendant that if payment is not made by 4pm of the that day I will apply for a warrant which I did. 7. This was almost 30days after the judgement. 8. The warrant was issued and sent to bailiff 9. Barclays now have a new solicitor appearing to represnt them in order to set aside the jugement 10. I have now received order from the court for the date to hear it. 11. Help the date is 22/08/07
  13. barclaycards failed to defend the claim, judgement was requested and rejected. I then rang the court in Nothampton and was told to wait. It been over a month now. I received an order yesterday " The application to strike out the claim be REFUSED" Shocked as i knew nothing about this. The order goes on to say what both party should comply with within 21 days for claimant and 42day for defendant. It goes on to say that any party affected could have the order set asside, varied, or stayed within 7 days of service of this order. Should I go with the court or have the order set aside........ Help anyone Order made 15/05/07 Order drawn 25/05/07
  14. I disagree that this thread is valueless. Every opinion has value because we can all listen and make up our own mind and possibly learn from it. Thank amber2508
  15. Vampiress, I just can not open the spreadsheet. Is coming as the page cannot be displayed What am I doing wrong
  16. My mbna, all paid off, but have charges, purchase interest and insurance in the past. I did not request insurance yet it was loaded on. I know from my statement that the charges affect the amount of purchase interest as well as the insurance and since the charges are unreasonable both insurance and interest are also questionable. I do intend to put this to the court and let them decide or am I been unreasonable myself.
  17. Livelylad sorry my last reply has been mixed up. The card to which you reply was RBC similar to mbna except that I have paid off mbna. and have 8k to pay up on RBS. I have never stop paying @£120.00p/m Hope am a bit clearer now
  18. Livelylad Thanks a lot Re credit card, 1.the card was mbna 2. i paid off the card. the limit was 5k which was paid off 2years ago? 3. yes made of charges, retail int., purchase int. and insurance i never asked for. 4. Zero 5. Never ask for ( PPI ) ? supposed it means :Purchase interest?
  19. Hi everyone If judgement by default the the total claim is pushed over £5000.00 at the small claim court, will it be a problem? I believe that if this happens the court 8% will will push the claim to £12000.00 can I still claim this or reduce it. Any help
  20. Hi, The total penalties amounted to £255.00 and the interest was calculated to be £169.00, the total amount being £424.00. There were also retail interest charge for between £40- £120 par month and insurance for the same amount par month. This does not look reasonale to me espectially when I have stopped the use the card almost three years ago.
  21. I have a total charge of £250.00 on my credit card account and over £4000.00 as purchase interest, retail interest and insurance. i did not request insurance. I have not purhased in the last 2 years as the card was requested back two years ago and still paying. Can I claim back purchase interest, ratail interest Plus insurance? Iam being charged between £70 to £120 par month on purchase interest and insurance respectively. simeon
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