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  1. The lease was renewed in my brother's name in 2007 father's will was signed 2010. The property had been holiday home since the 70s There was no will for uk asset that I am aware of
  2. The probate was not granted in the UK But the name of my brother appeared at the land registry as the legal owner contrary to father's will as he maintained ownership Yes the property in uk was sold , contrary to the wishes, and without my knowledge neither did i received benefit from it. Should take a claim against both my brother, my stepmother? to explain why property was sold and where the proceed has gone?
  3. I. The undermentioned are my wife and children: 10 names 2.I charge my personal estate with the payment of my debts, my funeral expenses and legacies and annuities bequeathed by this will or any codicil 3. In furterance of this charge, I direct my wife to take much funds as may be necessary for my funeral expenses from the account in our joint name at Mickeymouse Bank 4. I direct my wife to transfer and merge this account with account I hereby directed to be created by the trustee. 5. I thereby declare the following as my real and personal Property: 2 houses and One holida
  4. My understanding was that the property was in my step brother's name who is still alive, Although my Dad will says otherwise.
  5. I grow up with my dad with three sisters. I was 9years old when my mother left, the youngest was about 2years. My dad never introduced anyone just brought women home believing to be minder over the years. When I was 18 I came home from the college to see a pregnant Woman in the house. Dad did not introduce this lady and we never asked but assumed to be another girlfriend. Then she had child no2,3,4,5 plus bringing other children from previous relationship eleven in all. Then started to address herself as Mrs My Dad name. I had no idea they were married. My dad died aged
  6. Have you omitted the fact that the amount admitted by the defendant was not offered for payment until after over four years when my claim was issued. Defendant was not ready to reconcile account I submitted in 2015 or pay what they owed until my case was issued. Yes, my accountant made mistake but my action was no frivolous. I believe they are responsible for my cost if not all but some, interest, and probably restitution damage. All I get is inconvenient for delay of 4years of less than £300.
  7. The previous account was calculated badly in 2015. The recent accounting by my new accountant similar to the defendants calculation. When 4K was demand in 2015. they responded only £415.00 was owing but failed to release statement to clarify the issue of payment until i issue my claim in 2017 when they sent me their own figures They failed to pay either £415.00 admitted in 2015 nor honour my demand for £4k. In 2017 when i issued the claim, that was when they admitted owing £415. Had they dealt with my request in 2015, I would not have taken
  8. I have decided to accept the defendant offer £700.00 on condition, consideration is given to court cost and advice advice sort on the matter since totalling £1500.00 from the beginning of this claim in August 2015 but they are not bulging. Attached 2copies CagNov19.pdf
  9. Will this make any difference if I have been responding back in the time they have been sending emails to me on this matter
  10. From my last contact with them years ago before this claim and it was my work email not personal email.
  11. This application has come to me via my email address. Should I wait to receive notice from the court first before response as no notice from the court has been received by me yet.
  12. This is a follow up of thread stated in September. The defendant now making application to strike out my claim because I am not accepting his offer of settlement to i want your help. See attachment above
  13. Attach the defendant  application to strike out claim please help:

    Strike appl.docx

  14. Meaning, I shouldn't accept their offer to meet to discuss without prejudice discussion?
  15. Thank you the reason why I seek your advice. What about the defendant suggestion of a meeting?
  16. I have a recent contact from one of the defendant and have prepared by draft reply. Could you advice before I send my final reply please.? SENDIN Oct19.docx
  17. it did not request a fee on Form N180. sorry I read it wrong and thanks
  18. I am now filling direction Questionnaire in a small claim court The forms ask for fees. Anyone knows How much as i already paid court fees of £185.00
  19. How do I deal with the defence issues of Limitation Act. given that the money was paid in error?
  20. Sorry, I meant, to file PC. Forgot to tick the box to file PC
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