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  1. Thanks once again, but, which MOD shall I PM?? I was gonna PM the administrator but I wasn't too sure............. Ta.
  2. Success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a letter today saying they still defend their charges etc BUT on this occation they will refund my money! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Thanks to all on here who helped me get through this
  3. Well, the 2 weeks have now passed. No responce to my LBA this time, strange I thought as they DID reply to my first letter. Anyway I spose it's time to start the Court Action?
  4. Thanks, Do you think I ought to start over again with the first letter as the amount I am asking for is less than what I asked for originally or should I send the LBA with the revised amount?? Thanks in advance!
  5. Oh right - making a right pigs ear of this! Grrrrr So I guess it's only the O/D Excess fees which vary between £20 - £30 and the Unpaid S/O Charges which vary between £32 - £60. I'm real sorry about this - I though tI understood it all til now!
  6. Thanks for that, just to clarify I only need to add the - Account Charges - Excess Fees - Unpaid Standing Orders I'm not going to add the interest on the charges... Hope this is right!
  7. Hello again, I'm a bit concerned about what I put in my first letter. I said that I want to claim back my charges INCLUDING the O/D interest. It seems that I shouldn't have done this so when I send the LBA should I sent them the schedule WITHOUT the interest this time?? Thanks!
  8. Thanks very much guys, will check the links out TA!!
  9. Hi there Barty, In the attached you said I cannot claim for all the interest, I need to use a spreadsheet. What spreadsheet is this?? Sorry If I'm doing your head in !!
  10. Hello again, When it says add schedule of charges in the LBA, does it mean just the bottom line on each charge or do I need to add the date for each charge etc?? Thanks!
  11. Leech, I am going for Standing Orders, O/Draft Charges, O/Draft interest, Excess Fees. I take it that's what you mean?? Thanks for the reply!
  12. Barty, Thanks for the reply - your're a STAR!!!
  13. Hi there, Received my first response today from LloydsTSB - basically justifying their charges. I spose the next step is to threaten legal charges? If so is there anyone out there that have done this already and been succesful/unsuccesful??? I'd appreciate any ideas/advice on this matter - Thanks in advance!!
  14. Hi there, Just received a letter from LloydsTSB basically saying that the charges to my account are OK. So I guess the next step is to send another letter but this time telling them that I will be taking them to court if I don't get my money back this time. Anyone have any other ideas or is this the next step??? Any help on this would be appreciated......TA!
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