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  1. Sorry to butt in again Fingers, 42man - With your letter does the age of the account matter if its still open? Was confused why you asked how old Fingers acc. was??? Sorry to be a pain, I know its just me missing a point!! Seem to be doing that alot at the mo!!
  2. Anyone with ideas on this? Was wondering how I stood with the missing pages??
  3. Anyone? Would love to hear from anyone with same/similar paperwork as this from crap one!! Might help to bounce ideas if there's no one with any advice!!
  4. That must be so frustrating! The letter you recieved on the 6th Feb says that they never charged you the original £140, thats obviously not the case if you went over your arranged O/D, have you mentioned this to them in a written letter to the name on the 6th Feb letter? As I said before I ended up with £400 or so in charges in one month cause of A&L's mess up. It took ages but eventually all was sorted! Keep your chin up although its easier said than done!!
  5. Good luck Tinkerbell, Have subed this thread as i'm a few weeks behind you with Cap 1!!! Got all the same docs from my orig CCA request so will be interested to see how you get on!!
  6. Hi Fingers, My OH recieved the same standard HBOS response too so i'll be interested to see what people have to say!!! Its good that you have your orig CCA, that little gem can come out later!! Good luck although you may not need it on this one!!!!
  7. Ramblings that make sense though!! One thing though, surely the mockup CCA would still have to be enforceable otherwise they are inviting you to take action. I'm not convinced that they dont send a proper agreement on purpose to bait us!! If they cant be bothered to undust a box and get your legally requested paperwork out then they shouldn't expect to be paid!!! Rant over, thanks for listening!!
  8. It sounds like you have been right through it with this one. I had a similar problem with A&L although after 4 months and countless letters and calls I did get my money back. I'm a little confused with your explanation though, you said Halifax took £140 in charges that left you over your arranged O/D, but the letter they sent on 6th Feb says they never imposed the £140 on your account in the 1st place so how did you go £140 over? I'm sure i'm just not reading it right, i've got to say it is the longest thread I have ever read!!!!
  9. I fully expect a fight with them over it but hope when all is clarified, either way, any notices should be removed!! Which actually begs another question........ if we dispute the debt because the credit card company wont send a copy of an enforceable agreement, then we dont pay anymore monthly fees etc until its resolved, if they then produce a valid CCA, are we expected to pay back all of the missed payments even though it was a legitamate dispute??????
  10. I'm a little unsure of this too and i'm sure some clarification would help form people who have been through this or understand it more!! If you have an unenforceable agreement then the account is in dispute. If the account is in dispute then the creditor is not legally allowed to demand payment, add interest, sell the debt or put anything on your credit file! This is how I understand it and clarification would be great!! I'm sure you agree fergal71 that it is worrying that they can potentially stop you getting anymore credit at a resonable rate from lenders that do adhere to the rules they are supposed to........... although i'm yet to hear of any such lenders!! Good luck
  11. Firstly apologies if this thread is in the wrong place, if anyone can suggest a better place or maybe a mod could move it!!!!! I have CCA'd Marbles and the lovely people have replied with the following... They also sent me my last 6 statements which was nice considering I didnt ask for them!!!! The second copy is obviously an application form, although there is a statement at the top that it is an agreement. It does have all the relevant signatures but from what I can tell doesn't have any of the other required info. There is a statement at the bottom (In a bold box) that refers to Terms & Conds being on page 2, 3 and 4 but they did not send any of them!! Whats my next step? They have sent a copy of what I asked....sort of....but is it enforceable or do they need a "you haven't complied letter"? Any info would help no end! Thanks
  12. Hi All, Starting another thread for my Capital 1 CCA request. They have replied with the following which i'm sure has been pretty standard for everyone!! Can anyone suggest my next step based on what they have sent? The next 2 were front and back of an A4 paper!! Interesting that the charges are listed as £12 showing that they are not the same as when I took out the card!! The following was a folded leaflet and is obviously current T&C's Any help will be appreciated, I'm not sure where to go now, obviously a "you didnt respond to my request correctly letter" but do I stop paying them my monthly amount until the dispute is resolved?? If I continue to pay as I have been and send the dispute letter i'm worried that they will do nothing as they are still getting thier cash on time, on the other hand I want to make sure i'm not doing anything wrong by stopping payments!! Thanks
  13. Hi all, I sent off a CCA request to Halifax for my other half and yesterday recieved a response!! They have sent a copy of the agreement (4 pages of typed info on the consumer credit act) and a copy of current credit card conditions. They also sent a header letter with info on the account status with a statement on the bottom which reads... "Please note that the information we have provided you with is all the information we are required to provide you with under Section 78 of the consumer credit act. Please also note that we are not required to provide a copy of the original signed agreement under section 78 of the consumer credit act" From reading other threads I see this has cropped up before, can anyone suggest my next step? Do I sent them a default notice and wait for them to make the next move or write to them and tell them I want a copy of the signed agreement and give them another 12+2 days to comply?? For info the account was opened in 2002. Thanks
  14. I have started a thread in the store cards section but not alot of people view that subsection so thought i'd post a link here and beg for people in the know to take a look at the CCA and give me their comments..... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/store-cards/182508-ge-money-topshop-cca.html Thanks in advance!!!!
  15. Managed to get it done, has come up a bit small but may still be ok, if not i'll have to try again!! The other part they sent me was a 4 page copy of the credit card agreement T&C's!! I can scan and paste this is anyone thinks its relevant. I havent signed these parts, I think its just standard T&C's!!
  16. Hi all, I have recieved something from GE money after my request for the CCA. From my untrained eye it look like it has all the required info but was hoping someone clever out there could cast an informed eye???? Sorry about the orientation but i'm not good with this stuff!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  17. Hi all, Prior to looking on this website I read an advert by Ratio money saying they would, for a one off fee of £250, check my CCA for MBNA and if it wasn't right would get my balance wiped etc. Thinking this was a good idea I paid the money and they got to checking the paper work....... I received a report from a solicitors which I do not entirely understand, it is in two parts and both say that the agreement has not been properly excecuted, the first says that on the application form certain information was not written on the form I signed including credit limit, rate of interest and any info on repayments, frequency dates etc. The second part states that the CCA does not contain a signature box with my signature in it. They conclude to say that the whole agreement is improperly executed. I have now been contacted by another solicitors who have been instructed bt ratio money to take on my case. They have sent me a form to sign saying I agree to pay them a basic fee, disbursments and a success fee! Now to get to the point, I was under the impression that I would recieve 100% of any claim and that Ratio money would be dealing with it. After reading many threads I see that people are sucessfully carrying out their own claims and wonder if, given the info I already have, I could continue with the claim myself??? I dont want to end up just owing money I dont have to someone else!! Any advice and guideance would be appreciated, especially from anyone who has had a similar journey so far!!!! I will scan my agreement onto this thread and would appreciate any opinions!! Thanks all!!
  18. Firstly I must apologise if this is a repetative question asked but I have checked the FAQ and General section but havent found anything!! (I'm sure i'm just not searching for the right txt) I want to check that the credit cards I have are enforceable (Like most people) but have no idea where to start. Is there a sticky for clueless people or a thread by someone that others think is good? I've read lots of threads on the subject but people seem to have already recieved agreements or are sending follow up letters for non-compliance!! Any advice would be much appreciated as always and sorry again for repetative threads!!!
  19. Thanks for that info. I can do a little better than the £4!! I went £2.50 overdrawn and ended up getting charged £375.00, I did negotiate the money back but it took months of phone calls, letters and conversations where I was made to feel like a criminal!! I'm beginning to think switching to A&L was a mistake, they are ruthless with their charges, even when its their fault!!
  20. Your not wrong there HSBCrusher, I went £2.50 overdrawn and ended up getting charged £375.00, I did negotiate the money back but it took months of phone calls, letters and conversations where I was made to feel like a criminal!!
  21. Hi All, Been reading through my T&C's for clarification on this but I cant find anything relevant. Are the banks allowed to take money in so called charges without notifiing you first? A&L have just taken 2 lots of charges from my account for being overdrawn which ironicly has put me overdrawn again and has incurred more charges, the thing thats annoying the most is they didnt even send me a letter to tell me they were taking any money, they just took it the day I went overdrawn!! Its like vultures around a carcus!!!
  22. Just an update on events, have now recieved a letter with a title "NOTICE OF DOORSTEP AGENT VISIT" I haven't sent the Statute Barred letter yet as I wanted to see if they were just fishing. Is this another scare tactics letter or is it time to send a response??
  23. I know first thing I said was did you tell them who you were and your address!!! I've looked at the template for the statute barred letter but was worried that this could be interpretted as her admitting she owes the money???? She could never have ordered or recieved the stuff as she moved from that house 10 months previous!!!
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