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  1. This is their plan Dev, try to confuse and scare you into not continuing!! Did you send the "Failure to comply" letters? Maybe a short letter explaining the differences in your 2 requests to the name on the letters you have been sent is in order. I'm sure they know they are wrong but it may slow you up and confuse you!!
  2. Can anyone comment on the letter I recieved? Dont want to close the account if it will make my request for a proper CCA harder, but at the same time I dont want to pay 33% on the balance!!!
  3. Hi All, Received a letter from Marbles this morning informing me that they are increasing my interest rate by over double to 33%!!!! They do say if i'm not happy with this then I should close my account and continue paying off the balance as I have been!! My question is if I decide to close the account can I still pursue the credit agreement enforceability or is this their way of punishing me for enquiring about it? I have never missed a payment with them and therefore have no arrears or DN's, they obviously just dont want me as a customer anymore!!! Could this be because they know they do not have an enforceable agreement? Lastly.....I promise.......... with reference to the letter they sent me in post 15, can i reply with a letter along the lines of.... Dear Sir, I was a little confused with your response to my letter informing you that my account is in dispute, your letter states that you do not have to provide me with a true signed copy but you have previously sent me a copy of the signed agreement with both my signature and your own. The problem I have, which was stated in my previous letter, is that the the agreement is unenforceable as it does not contain any of the prescribed terms required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974........ Obviously i'd tart it up a bit but I want them to know they have sent me a signed agreement already and I know for a fact I didnt sign anything else!! Any comments would, as always, be gratefully recieved!! Thanks
  4. This is the letter I have recieved from Marbles last week. The thing i'm not sure about is the letter states they dont have to send me a document that has my signature on it but they did!! The application form does have both mine and their sigs but non of the prescribed terms. This was clearly stated in my letter to them but they seem to have sent a generic response!! What should be my next step? Should I send another letter explaining it again?
  5. Funny to see what they do when they get too pigeon hole for "bog standard letter 4" only to find there is no letter 4!!!!!!! Oh no........have to start back at 1 again.....they will never notice!!!
  6. I've finally had a reply from Marbles in response to my 2nd letter, seems like a generic one where they go on about how they have complied with my request and how I have no right to withhold money!! The funny part is they go on about not having to provide me with a copy of the agreement I signed but they already have........and it doesn't contain any of the prescribed terms!! I will post it as soon as I can get it scanned........will appreciate any advice on what to do next......still waiting for the SAR too!!
  7. Thanks for that johnny, I was going to ammend the letter slightly so that they are in no doubt that i'm requesting a copy of my cca!!! Roll on 40ish days!!
  8. Still no response to my letter, maybe its time to SAR them then CPR!!
  9. she is indeed............ maybe the only employee that actually deserves a bonus??????
  10. Haven't had a chance to do anything about this yet but wondered what people thought about the SAR or CPR route? Is it worth sending a SAR request knowing they wont give me anything just to explore all avenues before using the CPR route?
  11. Can anyone clarify for me if what i've been told by A&L is true, I have been charged with going overdrawn several times this month and on each occassion I have made cash deposits in the A&L branch prior to the DD going out. My statement shows the money in the account (not pending or awaiting clearance) so as far as my records look the account is not overdrawn. I've also been charged an exceeding o/d limit of £5 per day for each of these on top of the £25 for the privelage of the DD being returned UNPAID!!! The lady on the telephone told me that it takes a day for CASH paid directly into a branch to clear, surely this cant be right??? I have hunted for T&C's but cannot locate any such rule!!!
  12. Finally recieved a response from Crap one, seems to be the same as Mightyacorn's!! On Davey's advice I guess i'll try the CPR route now!! Anyone else in this process with Crap one? Any success in actually getting a proper copy of your CCA?
  13. Thanks Pete, Have started to read throught it, its slow going but i'm getting there!! I keep having to go back a para and read again slowly!!!
  14. Thanks Pentax, Will watch your thread with interest!!! Your correct about the arrears!! I think its coming to point where everyone is getting so sick of the way banks treat their customers, and the way they use the one rule for them one for us!! Personnally I've had enough of them sending letters saying 'In line with our terms and cond we're going to charge you another £xx you haven't got'. Its now my turn to hopefully say 'Seeing as you couldn't be bothered to get your paperwork in order, I do not acknowledge this so called debt' Good luck, and I look forward to hearing how you get on!!
  15. I've finally managed to get the letter scanned, is this what everyone seems to be getting? Sorry they appear to have come out of order, not sure it matters though and i'm sure you'll get the gist!!!
  16. Hi mightyacorn, I'm still not 100% sure on all this but this thread makes interesting reading!! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/173201-why-you-shouldnt-use.html Does anyone know if you need to send payment for this request and if so how much?
  17. Hi Pete, Thanks for the info! On the application they sent me it does say 'Credit Agreement regulated by the Blah blah blah' I assumed they were incorporating the two together as they do have both my sig, their sig and a cancellation clause!! Will it matter that my letter said account in dispute?? I'll have to read through and learn the difference, ha ha!!!
  18. If your sure its fraudulant use, contact the police and report it, get a crime number then write to crap one again stating the crime number and asking what they intend to do! Unfortunately theres not alot else you can do about it, its a funny area fraud, apparently you have to stand guard at all cash points to ensure no one uses your card illegally. Had my MBNA card robbed a little while back, in all honesty though MBNA sorted it quite quick, they have since put my APR up from 14% to 35.9% in one month so I still think they are ar**holes!!!
  19. Thanks Rory32, I thought 42man's letter was really good and straight to the point. Wanted to make sure I was understanding the 6 year thing correctly!! Thanks again
  20. From reading others threads it seems this is what HBOS are sending out in response to CCA requests, think I may just send them an 'Account in dispute letter' but not withhold payment yet, i'm not that brave!!
  21. Hi pmw1971, I decided to call their bluff and send an 'Account in dispute' letter. Was going to SAR them but from reading other threads even when people specifically ask for the CCA they still dont send it!! After our chat the other day i'm still reluctant to stop payments though, not just yet, will see how they respond first, if they dont reply I might stop payment to get their attention!! It seems to have worked for others! Keep me posted on how you get on!!
  22. Hi Andre, I've decided to call thier bluff and have sent an 'Account in dispute' letter today!! You managed to get your T&C's? Thats more than they managed to send me!! Will keep you posted when and if they reply!!
  23. Thanks Pete, Do you know anything about the ref to T&C's at the bottom, could the info they have to provide be on them? Even though they didnt send them!!! Trying to think ahead and second guess what might come next from them!!
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