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  1. Hi all, just another update and still after any advice on the Cabot default! Received a letter from Marbles which read exactly the same as post #72, no more contact from Cabot but default remains on Experian, should I send a letter to them asking them to remove it? I know it wont do any good but they have passed the account back to Marbles but have not removed the default!
  2. Hi all, it's been a while but nothing has really happened, had a letter again from Cabot to say they are looking into it but have to wait for Marbles to issue them with the original (Quite sure thats not gonna happen). Would really appreciate some advice too, on checking my Experian page it shows that cabot have defaulted me, Marbles is no longer on there! Can they register a default on my account when they weren't the original lender and have no paperwork to prove the fact? Is there anything I can do or write in an attempt to get them to remove it? I know that it's usually a futile attempt cause they do what they want anyway but seeing as they have admitted they do not have the CCA (Twice) and Marbles would have shown me it by now if they had it!
  3. Your not wrong there Johnny, every letter has the same content, threatening in the same way but with no weight behind it or any consideration for the law. Looking forward to their next response!!!
  4. Hi All, Received a letter from Cabot saying they will look into my letter, standard rubbish, will wait till I hear from Marbles again, just like the 1st Credit fiasco!! Hope everyone else is doing ok and not letting them get you down!!
  5. Hi All, Just an update to let you know whats going on, haven't heard anything for a while then a couple of days ago I got a letter from Cabot Financial saying they have bought the debt from Marbles (HBOS) and can I pay up immediately! Have sent them a similar letter to the previous one to 1st Credit informing them of the dispute!!! Will post any reply if and when it comes!
  6. Sorry to hijack but wanted to clarify a point in this thread........... Do they have to give you notice when they are applying charges? I went overdrawn today thanks to a direct debit (My fault entirely) and they apparently have charged me £28 already, so instead of being £20 overdrawn i'm nearly £50! Oh and it looks like they are returning the DD unpaid!
  7. Hi All, Can anyone help explain how my internet banking balance etc works cause i'm stumped! I understand that the running balance is not what I actually have in my account (Although I find that weird), the actual balance can be found at the top of the page where it also gives O/D amount and available balance, now heres the confusing part.............. This morning I had £-779.00 in my account, a direct debit came out for £48.00 which should have put me at £-827.00, my own fault etc etc!! My balance now says £-793.00 with an available balance of £-42.00 (I have an £800 O/D), which to me makes no sense. I tried calling them but they have no idea why it says that but I should wait till tommorrow! I know I should but I just dont understand where they get their figures from, they at least should. The annoying part is I had £40 transferred from other accounts last friday to try and avoid this but it takes 5-7 days, which I didnt know at the time! Surely there should be more tranparency with our accounts, why does it have to be so confusing? Theres no reason why the accounts should not be realtime is there? i.e what it says on your internet account is actually what is in your account so we dont have to guess!!
  8. Is it worth a letter reminding them that the account was in dispute before the buy out and that they have not sent a copy be it true or not of the CCA. The application they sent by their own addmission is not good enough. Neither are the current T&C's! Shall I request a time limit for finding it or addmitting they dont have it? Also remind them again that they cannot add interest etc until they comply? Feel like i'm not doing anything at the mo!!
  9. No they haven't, they gave me a signed application form last year, nothing else (No T&C's etc), then last week they sent the same application form but this time with the apparent T&C's on pages 2,3 and 4!
  10. Sorry it took so long, had probs with the scanner at work.............. Couple of things I noticed, firstly, they again confirm that the account was passed to them after they defaulted on the CCA request, and its not even addressed to me so I would imagine others will get this type of letter too!!
  11. I assume they mean they are within their rights to continue adding interest and late fees etc now they have complied to my original CCA request, or so they deem, since the letter continues to educate me on what a true copy etc constitutes!! I'll post as soon as ive scanned it, maybe it will be clearer then.
  12. They should be perfect seeing as they have had a year to make them up!!!! Had another letter from Marbles today, will scan and post tonight but basically it says they are aware that they have only sent an application form and current T&C's but they are trying to locate the original (Make up a forged original). Until then they say they will not enforce the agreement but will continue to collect money and file with the reference agencies!! Im getting a little confused as to whats going on now! They have already defaulted me with the credit reference agencies and closed the account. If they are not going to continue enforcement then what else can they do? (For now) One minor thing about the last scanned docs, does anyone think there is any relevance to the fact that the application clearly has Version 2 written at the top but all the T&C's have version 1 written down the right hand side (I blocked it out cause of the other numbers etc)
  13. They sent me the 1st page a year ago, been tring to get pages 2 to 4 ever since, they ignore all letters then almost out the blue send this!!
  14. As promised heres what ive now been sent................... Any help or advice on a next step would be much appreciated!!
  15. Hi all, finally time for an update............... Heard back from 1st credit two weeks ago, informing me they are passing my info back....................... Yesterday I got a letter from Marbles again saying they will look into my complaint??????????? (After months of denial and a default, and closing the account) Today I receive what they class as my credit card agreement, which consists of the signed application form and the terms and conditions on pages 2 to 4, as far as I can tell it has all the required info but I cant help being suspicious!! I will scan and post tonight. Any help will be appreciated on what to do next!!
  16. No probs FTC, hope you had a good christmas anyway and didnt let these clowns get to you! I'm just awaiting the next letter to drop on the mat, hopefully from 1st credit to say they are passing the info back! The one thing that worries me is after all this stalling by them gives them ample time to forge an enforceable agreement. I know it seems defeatest but MBNA sent an application completely void of any of the prescribed terms then 10 months later sent a 'back side' to the application which low and behold had all the terms!! Im sure they wont have an original to produce in court but, after reading some other threads, judgements have been made on the strength of copies! We will just have to wait and see......................Good luck to everyone in 2010, the end of 2009 has produced a few knocks for us (test case etc), lets start 2010 fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hi all, would appreciate some of your opinions on the phone call I just had with MBNA. They have offered a partial settlement of 37%, I have tried and tried for F&F but they wont budge. If I pay them tommorrow i will avoid being defaulted but that leaves me no time to get paperwork sorted to ensure they dont just take the amount off the debt and continue to harrass me. Would asking for email confirmation be any good (Quick to get) I'm sure they dont have an original CCA however they do have their own mockup which was enough for the solicitor to jump ship and hand the mess back to me. It seems a good deal for me as at the end of the day I did spend the money in the first place and I really am not the sort of person that would do well in court! I know it seems my mind is made up but I would really appreciate any alternative suggestions people may have. It may also be worth mentioning that when I have spoken to them about the CCA they quickly and blatently change the subject and will not discuss the issue I have with the authenticity of the two sides! What should I do now??????????????????????????????????
  18. I have been offered a partial settlement with a well known M type bank of 37%! Have till tommorrow to decide what to do. If I dont pay them tommorrow I will be defaulted tommorrow so i'm completely up in the air about what to do! I do not have the time or ability (Due to bank rules) to get the money into a third party account to pay it from so I would be paying them without written confirmation that it is a settlement payment! Does anyone think it would be a good idea to request email confirmation from the account manager prior to paying? Would that surfice as proof they accepted it as Partial? (Tried for ages to get F&F but they would not budge)
  19. except they sent a signed application form, then 10 months and many letters later sent a back side which had prescribed terms which do not tally up with the front side! This they say is a correctly executed agreement which on the face would be enforceable! I would like to come to an agreement with them and settle the account but I need some weight my way in order to negotiate with them!
  20. Hi all, Thanks for that Vint, I will have to make some small adjustments to that seeing as they have sent a back side (10 months later) identical to the 2001 mailer application on the MBNA agreements section! I have a question which i've been having trouble finding an answer too even though everyone has been havin the same problem......... I'm convinced the back side is a cut and paste forgery (big surprise) but who would I report this too? I want to send them a letter letting them know that I fully intend to report them to all possible bodies but I have no idea who to complain to about the forgery?
  21. Nothing as yet, but its only been a couple of days! Hoping for some advice on what to do next but need to get the CCA posted as it is first!
  22. Thanks Johnny, will be in the post recorded first thing tommorrow!!
  23. Hi all, Thanks Supa, great info as always, i'm now dealing with it myself and have had all information sent to me from the solicitor! Problem is the CCA (or apparent CCA) has been shrunk down to the point where it is almost unreadable, I'm going to call the solicitor tommorrow to double check that what they sent me came directly from MBNA. If so there is def a legibility issue and will allow me to request another copy from MBNA (Making their claim they have already sent a copy within the last 3 months utter rubbish) On checking the other MBNA agreements here..... http://www.consumerforums.com/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/609-mbna-agreementsapplication-forms It is the same as the 2001 agreement down to section 11 being different on either side, also mine has 2 fold here lines on the outside and 1 fold here line on the inside! Date wise, they have my signature dated 29 Nov 01, Their date stamp on the application side says 17 Jan 2002 and the date stamp on the letter side is 17 Dec 2001 (also says Southampton Mail Centre which is weird cause my main sorting office is Redhill) Will post scanned agreement as soon as I can, and only if it is legible enough to read!!
  24. Have an update today, received a letter from 1st credit in Reigate requesting the full balance............will scan tonight at work and get it posted asap, it is just a normal 'Our client has instructed us to reclaim the above debt...........blah blah blah' Interestingly the name of the debtor is HFC????? Have HBOS passed it back and actually acted on one of my letters?
  25. Hi all, To be honest I have sat on this for a bit now as i've been having developments in my MBNA fight which is not going too well. Is there any chance one or two of you could take a look and give your opinion on my next course of action? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/182506-hughs-mbna-cca.html I appreciate any help or guidance, I thought I wasn't doing too well at the Marbles claim now this is biting my arse!!
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