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  1. For the reason I stated, regardless of them having any proof to the debt they still mark your credit file and this has knock on affects on your ability to get loans/mortgages etc at decent rates, it ends up being cheaper to offer them a settlement to clear the alledged debt and move on. Also if you did not come to an aggrement with F&F and all correspondance was marked 'without predjudice' how would they prove that in court? They are not able to produce it as evidence.Dont get me wrong i'm not disagreeing with you, i'm asking for clarification.
  2. Can anyone comment on this? I know most would say dont pay them a penny as there is no CCA (Confirmed by Marbles) but it has always been my intention to pay back at least some of the debt, just didn't want to let them get away with changing T&C's at their wim.
  3. Just for clarifiaction, your saying that if you send an F&F letter it resets the SB clock? Even if you state in the letter that you dont acknowledge it and you mark the letter 'Without Predjudice'? Surely having a default against your file could cause more problems than simply paying the debt off without the correct paperwork? I know its certainly cost me more money to fight the debt than it would have to just pay it off, but its the principle!
  4. Also is there a reason why my default balance is different from my current balance? The current balance is showing more than the default amount?
  5. Interesting to know, my last payment was April 09! Have just been through all my paperwork again and found a letter from Marbles stating that my default date was the 27th Nov 09 so again another date, only 3 days different from the experian date but 3 days in my favour!
  6. Thanks for that fast reply, I was just curious as to the fact they sent the letter on 10 Nov 09 stating that I had already been defauted but actually hadn't. So my 6 years started at 30 Nov 09. Thanks for clearing that up.
  7. Hi All, I have a question about my defaulted account which is now with Cabot Financial. I do have a thread running (Quite a lengthy one) Here I was sent a DN on the 10 Aug 09 which stated my arrears had to be paid by 31 Aug 09, on the 10 Nov 09 they sent another letter stating that they had recently defaulted me. This was all through Marbles and the debt has now been passed to Cabot (still no valid paperwork). On checking my credit file the deafult, which is now in the name of Cabot, is showing as 30 Nov 09. My question is obviously what date should it have been issued and is there anything I can do about the fact they told me I had been defaulted and actually hadn't been? I may be clutching here but its worth a try. Thanks Hugh
  8. Hi All, Another update, although there is not anything to update. I have come to a stalemate where Cabot refuse to pass the debt back to Marbles even though they can not get the CCA form them, (they send me letters every month or so to tell me they are still trying). I have however been offered a full & Final settlement figure with the balance set to zero but marked as partially settled, I'm in two minds as to what to do................. If there is anyone that can offer clarification on a couple of points I would be very gratefull; 1/ If I pay a reduced sum to clear the debt, will the payments on my credit file show for 6 years from this date? (I know the default will go after 6 years from its issue but will the partial settlement show for 6 years) 2/ Marbles have all but admitted they do not have the CCA so what will the benefit be of me paying anything to them if they will not remove the adverse entries? 3/ My default warning stated a date at the end of August 2009 but they didn't send me the default letter till quite alot later and this did not have a default date on it. What is the actual date I was defaulted on? Is it the date they entered it with the CRA's? 4/ As I have stated a few time on here my balance owed is very different from the balance at the time I disputed the account, this is due to them adding interest and quite a few £12 fees firstly for late payment (Once I stopped paying) and then for overlimit (As a result of the interest and charges) Is there anything I can do about that? I have to decide and pay by the 31st March and I've heard they can be funny with payment dates so the sooner I make my decission I suppose the better. Thanks Hugh
  9. HB, I called ACAS information line and spoke to someone about it. She confirmed that this is quite normal and there is very little an employee can do about it. Gbarbm, this particular company does not recognise a union and none of the staff are members. The airline industry has taken a massive beating over the last 10 years and the ones suffering are the employees. I suppose you cant expect anything else when your cab fare to the airport costs £20 and your flight to Spain is £4.50. The bubble will have to burst eventually...............
  10. Hi guys thanks for the replies. The contract states that the work roster would be published with 14 days notice and is subject to change within 72 hours so I guess thats my question answered! They got her to sign the contract at the begining of her training which was 14 days, then at the end they changed the shift pattern to 6 on 3 off. Really they have tricked all the part time staff into signing a 4 on 4 off contract which allows them to change the pattern by the time they actually start work. Guess we will have to bite the bullet on this one, just a shame that now days employers can get away with misleading potential employees who, like my wife, are desperate for employment! Thanks for the help
  11. Hi All, Not really sure if this is something people on here could help with but I figured it would be a good start. My wife started work for a company back in March. When she accepted the job it was for a 4 on 4 off shift pattern with part time hours with a contract duration till Oct 2012. She had to complete 2 weeks training and received a uniform. She was also made to sign a contract at the begining of the course which stated that if she left before the end of the contact she would have to pay them £200 towards training and uniform. At the end of the course she was given a 6 on 3 off shift pattern with 4+ hours a day consisting of 3 early shifts (0330-0745) then 3 lates (1400-1815). This shift was nothing like what she was told in the begining and she has tried over the last 3 months to make it work with my night shifts and our 4 year old but its proving far too difficult especially now she is pregnant again. My question is are they entiltiled to take the money from her minimum wage pay despite the fact they didnt give her an information on her work pattern prior to her signing the contract? Also as she is paid in arrears and has not earned £200 this month yet, what are the implications of just not turning up anymore? Thanks for any info you can provide.
  12. Hi all, this appears to have come to a conclusion so thought I would let you all know whats happened over the last few months...................... After receiving the disappointing offer from Sainsburys and then, as expected, not having the scrapper returned to me. I decided the only option was to take them to small claims and let the courts decide who was right. Within two days of them receiving the papers I received 2 letters offering me the full amount plus fees. I'm happy they have finally paid up but seeing as I was only after a contribution towards the repair they have ended up paying out more! Still I'm not complaining!! Thanks to all who offered advice and support, its really appreciated.
  13. Ok that last reply may have been a little long........................... Can someone just tell me if I make an offer to pay a certain amount of the debt as F&F, and they refuse it, what happens next? can they use the letter with my offer as indication that I accept the debt without a valid CCA? Thanks
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