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  1. Ok I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I plan on sending the Halifax a letter, very similar to this one, Remove Default Notices on a Credit File - We show you how I'm already to go (Just need to get a postal order) does anyone have any tips that I should know about before I send it? This is what the default looks like. Entry Number: C1 Name and address: ROBBO666 Date of birth: Early 80's Company name: HALIFAX CARD SERVICES Account type: Credit Card / Store Card Started: 05/01/2001 Default Balance: £3,219 Current Balance: Satisfied Defaulted On: 11/11/2005 File updated for period to: 10/06/2007 Status History: 8 I suppose that all I can do is keep my fingers crossed!
  2. How weird, The Halifax sent me another denial letter today, The same one as yesterday but with a different reference number. Stupid idiots.
  3. The problem is now, If they don't cash in your cheque, There is no reason why they can't deny that you sent your SAR. Lets hope that they are honest enough.
  4. Yeah I should have mentioned that I found the template, Thanks anyway. I posted mine on the 11th (Last Friday) so they have until the 31st not including weekends, hmmmm and then there is a Bank Holiday on the 28th of this month. Thanks for the interest calculator, I will bookmark the just incase.
  5. I give up ringing them, they do my head in. I rang 08457203040
  6. I presume that you sent the letter Rocorded delivery? And how did you pay for the SAR? (the £10 fee) Keep at them, Did they offer to send you a list of the Bank Charges? Also ask for your request to be forwarded to the complaints department. Don't worry it will come.
  7. lol, I got the same letter back today, with the same crappy leaflet, Only mine was from Heather Hollingworth. Don't let it hold you back though, continue with your claim. I believe that you may be at the same point as myself, You have asked for £XXXX back and they have denied you. You need to send this 3. Letter before action - Consumer version - asking for it back [edit] You could ring the halifax, but it would be a waste of your time, I have rung them endless amounts of time with no great sucess. But it doesn't hurt at the end of the day.
  8. Hey there guys, I have just had a reply back from the Halifax, I figure a standard letter telling me to **** off with a leaflet enlosed. Ok so my next question is, I sent my letter on the 11th giving them 14days today is the 16th It has taken them 5 days, less if you don't include the weekend, So what do I do now? Wait a further 9 days before I send my next letter or get it sent straight away? Also if you have it handy, a link for my next letter. Thanks guys.
  9. Ah, ok, It now says that I must spread some reputation around before I give it to you again, or something along them lines.
  10. Ok I recieved a letter last tuesday saying that they will send the relevant information within the next 2 weeks, Progress or a delay tactic?
  11. Alright there, Thanks for the fast reply, I have just used a calculator that my friend reccomended at "money saving expert" Charges value £944 Interest £316.35 Total £1260.35 I will get this letter sent today recorded delivery, The letter I recieved from the Halifax was funny, on one day I had £120 charge, totally shocking. Fingers crossed they will get back to me in 14 days lol and pay me everything.
  12. Ok guys I'm stuck, I have found the Pelim template, But it mentions interest on the overdraft. I have never had an overdraft with this account so how is this interest worked out? and where do I claim my SAR £10? Thanks guys.
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