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  1. Thanks for your quick response. Will get it done and dusted tomorrow. Cheers Caroline
  2. Good evening all I am at the MCOL stage for Tesco Personal Finance (Credit card), can anyone advise me whether the defendent is TPF or RBS? Also the POC's in the library, can this be used for credit cards as well as banks? Many thanks for you advice Regards Caroline
  3. Hi Alison Completely bog standard reply - ignore it and carry on with your LBA. It does not seem to make any difference whether you send elsewhere or hand deliver it to your local branch - once they have it in their possession the onus is on them to forward it to the relevant department - not yours!! If you send it the advice is to do it recorded, if hand delivered ask branch for a recepit. Have fun Caroline
  4. Hi Justina There is no need to send DP letter, I would send the plim letter and copy the paragragh from the DP letter regarding the manual intervention and incooperate this into the plim letter, no point giving 40 days when you do not have to. I handed my letters into my local branch, but it does not seem to matter where you send it, once HSBC have it in their possession the onus is on them to forward to the relevant department not yours. Good luck. Caroline
  5. Hi David Yes you can definately claim for amounts under £12, as for the address it does not matter where you sent it. I hand delievered mine to local branch and got a response from Leeds. Where ever you send to the onus is on them to make sure it gets to the relevant department not yours!! Good luck Caroline
  6. Hi Natalie Glad you said that, I was beginning to think I had done mine too early. Caroline
  7. Hi Jody If your total claim was £4092 the daily rate would be £4092 x 0.00022 = 0.90p per day. The 0.00022 comes from 0.08%apr/365 days. Caroline
  8. Hi Cheryl If you go to the following links they should give the info that you need http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/15518-charges-description-statements-please.html - Tells you what you can and cannot claim for. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/24031-frequently-asked-questions.html?garpg=1 This is where I sent my letters to - whereever you send it the onus is on HSBC to forward it to the relevant department not yours. Colin Langdale Senior Service Quality Officer Arlington Business Centre, Milshaw Park Lane,
  9. Hi Natalie If you sent your lba on the 6 Sep giving them 14 days to respond why are you waiting until Friday to File? Even allowing a couple of days for posting you can still file now, unless I am missing something. I sent m lba on 7 Sep and have already filed. Caroline
  10. Hi Hi In the POC it seems the common practice to put the daily rate of interest in the claim. Also I want the money refunded by cheque so I have stated this in my claim. Caroline
  11. Hi Veronica This is a copy of my claim form, this was done on MCOL, I copied this from somebodies elses post who has now won their case. You just need to change it to your details (account number, interest, daily rate, etc). Also if you go to the library you will will find a templete in their to help you with the form. Claimant had accounts x and x with Defendant conducted on their standard terms and conditions. Claimant is claiming the return of money (£3678.20) taken by Defendant in charges over 6 years. The Defendant's charges are a disproportionate penalty and t
  12. Hi Yes the charges are automatically calculated and added to your total MCOL form. Caroline
  13. HI Do not think it really matters, I hand delivered mine to the branch, others leeds, London. Once they have the letter it is up to them to make sure it gets to the relevant department - not yours!! Good luck Caroline
  14. Hi No it will not affect you claim, just proceed using the information on here, stick to your guns and you will get your mony back with interest. Just a battle of wills now!! Good luck Caroline
  15. carolinee


    Hi The interest charges also went over my head. most people do not seem to bother claiming it as it seems alot of work for very little reward. Regarding the 8% you cannot claim until you file against them. To work the 8% interest out go to the library and there is an interest spreadsheet that will work it out for you. I used the simple excel to do mine (english) - but absolutely do not include this until you file a case against them. Caroline
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