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  1. A very good friend of mine has just revealed she owes wage day loans £6500 from an original loan amount of £200!! Not too sure on the details but I don't think she has ever made a payment. Are these amount of charges enforceable? What can she do? Regards, Rob
  2. I think the garage would also be happy in that case:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. Thanks matey:) Will do as soon as cheque appears! yep got the lloyds one which i'll be filing shortly! Hows yours going? I keep hearing peoples claims being stayed only until early Jan? Surely there will be appeals etc on the OFT case-although i'm not complaining!! Also looking into an old store card-creation/duet card? dont know if this might go back more than 6 years though? do you know the situation with claiming more than 6 years?! Anyways thanks for all the help-no doubt i'll be bothering you again soon about Lloyds:D
  4. Settlement letter received today! I'm sure you've all seen these before-few snippets-"without liability blah blah blah" "it is clear you have no claim against Capital One" (then why pay me?) "if you no longer agree to adhere to these terms,I respectfully request you consider closing your account" (beleive me i've tried!!!) I filed my claim after the oft announcement at Leicester court if this info is of any use?? Thanks for all the help-especially UK!
  6. Yes thats right-i've received intention to defend.Dont know if you've ever dealt with Cap One before but apparently they acnowledge the claim,say they are going to defend,then pay up! So i should be payed back any day now really I wouldnt put it past them to try and get this stayed-just got a bit worried with it saying on here that ALL claims in Leics are being stayed ! Thanks for the help.
  7. Cant beleive what i've just read-i received acnowledgement of service and intention to defend the claim from Cap One on the 9th Aug. I filed at Leicester CC does this mean my claim will be stayed??? i thought credit card claims were still ok-i'm soooooo close!!!!!!
  8. Great-i wasnt feeling so cocky when i read that i gotta tell you Uk,hope they dont pay it into my acc as balance is nil!! hope fully get a nice little cheque:D
  9. Acknowledgement of service recieved today- "The defendant responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim" "The defendant has 28 days from the date of service of the claim form (which i still dont know when it was served?) with particulars of claim,or of the particulars of claim,to file a defence."
  10. Well...1 week since I filed-heard nothing yet-apart from above...
  11. Notice of Issue received today-it says claim was issued on the 2nd but no other dates on it! (deemed served & defendant to reply) do i count the weekend or not? bit confused:confused: Do i need to send someone my litigation details??
  12. oh dont worry matey-i'll definately be filing!!! just as i read cap one bit easier to deal with kinda concentrated on this one first!!
  13. Ahh-relief-thats the word i was looking for. Whats the word you feel if you should've filed against lloyds about a month ago but spent too much money boozing on holiday and now you've got a possible stay of up to 2 years??? :mad:
  14. N1 Filed-i read most people get a bit nervous at this stage-i'm quite excited:D is this normal i wonder?
  15. great cheers matey-and belated congrats!! how long did it take after N1 for them to cough up? Hear Cap 1 not too bad??
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