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  1. Thank you all. sequenci, i have read that advice in the link and have now asked the council to take the account back and put a hold on further proceedings while i sort out my DRO. I amazingly got proof of my NCD after emailing admiral asking for an upto date balance on the account so i can add it to the DRO and if they could send my NCB proof which they did. One new thing that has come up is I owe Tesco Petrol Stations around £600 (non payment of fuel while i was going crazy ... i wouldnt ask) can I add this to the DRO as it is currently with a debt collection agency but at the bottom of the letter it says failure to pay will be deemed as intent to defraud tesco stores. I am currently paying £20 a month to them which leaves me with £28 a week from my ESA benefit to live on!
  2. Hi, I am considering applying for a DRO to sort out my financial situation out. I am currently in the assessment phase of claiming Employment & Support Allowance so I only receive £51 a week (I cant claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Rebate as im a non-dependant which means i have to pay about £10 a week towards the rent/council tax). I have around £12k of personal unsecured debt and I own a vehicle with a value of less than £1k so I think I am eligible for the DRO. My main concern is my old Council Tax bill as the DCA keep sending me letters saying they will send round the balliffs to seize goods etc. Is there a letter or something that I can send them asking them to freeze action on the account while I sort out the DRO? Another question is that I owe an ex car insurance policy (with Admiral) that I defaulted on and now they are refusing to release proof of my no claims discount until I pay what I owe to them even though the NCD was earnt with another company. Can they do this?
  3. Thanks for the reply I received a letter from work yesterday saying they are terminating my employment for gross misconduct with 30days notice, that they do not want me to work. So what do I do now? ... can I just goto my GP, get signed off sick and the apply for ESA straight away, or do I have to wait till the "30days notice" to finish before I can claim? also is there some sort of waiting time like i think there is with JSA where you have to wait 6weeks or so after being sacked or voluntarily leaving
  4. Hi, I need some advice. I have currently been suspended from my work due to alot of issues which goes back to when my mum passed away unexpectly 3 days before my 21st birthday. I know I am severly depressed and have tried to commit suicide a few times, the police attended once so they would have it on record that a friend was very concerned about my welfare etc, that night after the police left me I took a months worth of strong sleeping pills and lots of other pills. I had an investigatory and disciplinary meeting with my employer and they are very concerned about what I have been doing to my self (excessive drink and drug use). at this meeting I basically told them I don't really know what I want to happen next whether I want to return to work or leave to sort my life out. The past year has made my life go totally down hill and I think I have now finally hit rock bottom and feel I have nothing else to live for. Before my mum passed away some would say I was on the top of the mountain, 20yrs old, rented a 2bed luxury flat, had a great social life, earnt 22-29k a year and was highly thought of by the management, the MD actually told me that I was indispensable. Here are the events that happened over the past year briefly Mum passed away, the youngest and only child out of 3 to sit with her before the coroner came Work gave me 3months fully paid sick and compassionate leave Arranged the funeral on my own, without the help of family members Grandparents fraudently received Death Insurance and lied to me and my siblings Started heavily drinking, doing drugs and totally unable to sleep Got evicted from my flat for rent arrears, moved in with my sister Got Carbon Monoxide Poisioning Got arrested for accusations of fraud Had an informal meeting with my work due to the excessive absense and fraud accusations Started counselling for "Employment Retention" Then got suspended for the above and looking at confidential information I personally feel that I need to take a break from my job of which I have been there for 3 years now to get my life back on track. My role in the company is very stressful and puts alot of pressure on me. I am considering leaving employment due to my depression as I really feel I need to concentrate on getting through this bad spell. My sister currently claims benefits so I would be added to the Housing Benefit Claim but I am wondering how I should really go about this to be able to claim ESA ASAP as I can easily get a sick note from my GP for 3months and I should be able to extend it constantly. Thanks in advance for any advice
  5. Hmmm.... Well, couldnt we just make a complaint to the ICO that the CRA's are processing data without the correct consent from the individual? I'm sure they will love the extra work, ontop of the DPA/SAR complaints they are receiving lol
  6. Hi, We received our statements today for our previous mortgage, just wondering whether any of these charges are recoverable. I have no idea what they are, but ill try and find out around 9am today when they open lol. Basically, we had court date for reposession on 15th Oct, completion of the house sale was 18th Oct, so they ajorned it to november i think. here are the charges i'm not sure about : also, is this a exit fee, as i got the direct number to the redemption department who im going to ring at 9am to try and get some atleast repaid, as i dont really want to goto court for this
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