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  1. if I owed £500 on my defaulted card how can it show £800 on my credit report as a default? My card only had a credit limit of £500
  2. Thanks.... I have a default from capital one and the amount is incorrect by as much as £300. it is a 3 year old account.
  3. This is for another issue.... Theirs an item on my file that is incorrect hence the reason I was looking for a template letter to send to he credit agency. Hopefully I put this in the correct location
  4. Looking for a letter to send to the credit agencies to dispute a default on my file.
  5. Hi, Lowell Portforlio 1 LTD made a claim against me in the North Hampton County Court... To cut a long story short Lowell discontinued the case and it was set aside by the courts. There is no CCJ on my credit file for the case BUT it still shows as a default.... I would have thought that the CCJ and anything associated with it should be removed from the file.. I contacted the Registry and they informed me that they only can take remove CCJ's not the default.. Is there a template letter that i can write to Lowell to let them know i have a Certificate of sat
  6. Hi all.... i sent in the first letter to the bank with a £10 money order with request for my charges and statements.....3 days later i recieved a call from my bank which i open up the account. They informed me they recieved the letter and that its alot of paper to mail and if i would be satisfield to pick it up from my local hsbc in a week i said yes....it has been a week today and i will see if i can pick the statements up....Yesterday i recieved mail at home with the money order returned to my with the HSBC logo letter and it said with compliments.....Is that normal? Seeing that i coul
  7. hi, i might have not explained properly... If i have a personal loan and i want to add my credit card to my loan they will have to close the existing loan then start a brand new loan with the balance of the credit card and the balance of the persoanl loan to make a brand new loan. they charged me a fee for closing the persoanl loan early...i believe it was a month and a half interest.
  8. hi, i had a personal loan with HSBC i have consolidated the loan twice added my credit card to the loan and adding more months for a lower payment.....they charged me everytime i consolidated and even raised my APR the last time...i believe the charge was in the amount of a month and a half interest...can i claim that charge back? D
  9. hello, myself and my wife are going to start the process of claiming back our over-charges...we bank with HSBC....we'll let you know how it goes.. thanks
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