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  1. Follow up to my case. I send last week a grievance letter and document regarding the incident against my manager (sent it next day delivery). I had my disciplinary meeting today. The person who dealt with the disciplinary meeting hasn't read the Grievance document I sent. I was dismissed today following the meeting and I said that I want to appeal. They refused to give me the information on how to appeal. What can I do ?
  2. Thank you for your answers. Today I have had to think about what happened and i was able to draft a more detailed account of what occurred yesterday and which I have included below. Apologies for this long reply but I felt it necessary to clarify the matter : What is your point of view of this ?
  3. I have been working at [company name removed] Glasgow since September and, since the very day I set foot in this company, I have been lied to, misled, treated as if I was nothing. Double standard is very rampant in this place. But today they crossed a line that upset me very much. I realised this morning that my bag was moved without my knowledge and without my consent. I did not know where it was moved to and I began to worry about being stolen. I always put my bag at the same place every morning, like everyone else at my workplace (including my team leaders and managers). I have a locker but it is too small to put my bag in it. I made a strong written complaint to my supervisor regarding the displacement of my personal belonging at work. the operation manager assistant asked to have a word with me. He then told me the following : - my email to him was out of place, - he asserted that if my bag is too big or my locker, I had to bring a smaller bag, - he said literally "when your bag is on my "floor", I can do whatever I want with it" (the fact that he said "I" instead of "the company" and "my floor " instead of "the company floor" distressed me and intimidating a lot), - He then was unable to tell me who displace my bag. I became very upset. I told him I disagree with him. I pointed to him that all the staff on the floor leave their bag at the same spot as mine. some staff bring large suicase and leave them at the same spot as mine. After my bag was removed from the spot, other people put their bag at the very same spot and they did not encounter any issue. I told him that if the company wanted me to move my personal property, they simply had to come and see and notify me of their request I told him that if the company wants me to put my bag at a specific place, they should inform me and every other member of the staff in an informal way. It came to a point when I felt that I was talking to a wall, I just stood up, told him that there was no point continuing this discussion and I left (i was very upset and I was shivering at this point). I felt like he had absolute power over me and my property. I felt threatened. I went to complain to my direct team leader and ask her to talk to him about what happened and that I was very unhappy about the situation. The operation manager assistant later asked me to come again for a talk, this time in a meeting room. Once I came to the meeting room, I find myself facing him and another supervisor. He then stated that he was starting an investigation about my behaviour. I felt like I was been ambushed. He told me that my behaviour was threatening. I asked him towards who. He said nobody in particular, which was a contradiction. I asked him how my behaviour was threatening as I left the discussion. If my behaviour was so threatening, why did they not call security ? Why did they not call the police ? I requested several time to have my direct team leader present so I would not be alone during the discussion. They finally agreed to bring her. I explained to him that I had felt very much distressed by his attitude towards me and I had felt threatened. Especially since I have had a long history of grievance about abuse of power and failure of the company to communicate properly and effectively with the staff. I explained to him all the issues of the past and the several instances (pointing the fact that despite talking about those issue with my team leaders and sending several email, nothing was done). I have been suspended with full pay until the end of the investigation and he told me that i can face disciplinary. I am distress of the fact that, after the incident, he was the one handling the start of the investigation, despite an obvious conflict of interest. During that situation, I have been unable to speak to HR despite strenuously requesting to. I was escorted out of the building as if I was a common criminal. My work email have been rescinded despite the fact that this was my only channel of communication with the company. I don't have any contact from the company to who I can talk to except a mobile phone number from a HR I tried to reach without success. I feel very lost and don't know what to do. Any advice please. Sorry about this long post which may looked confused. But I am in a state of panic and I do not know who to turn to or what to do.
  4. Does anyone have a template letter to accept an offer of ppi refund ? Thanks in advance.
  5. I do not see why I should get any trouble by stating the fact of what happened to me and seeking advice, but I modified my post accordingly. I would appreciate any input.
  6. I apologise for the long thread. I have been working an ITI2001 (it would have been 10 years on September 21). From September 2001 to August 2004, I was employed with AGENCY A. From August 2003 to November 2008, I was employed with AGENCY B (I had successfully applied internally to another position within the IT company which was under the purview of AGENCY B). In the summer of 2008, we learned that the desk on which I was working would be moving to Eastern Europe within a few months. Among other things, I applied externally to AGENCY A for a job within IBM. For a long time, I didn’t hear about it. Then on Friday 14 November 2008, I was told that I had been successful (I learned as well by that time that the job was paid £1000 less than my current job) and that I would start on Monday 17 November on the condition that I sign a resignation letter from AGENCY B. It was Friday evening, I was tired after a long day at work, Knowing no better and fearing for my future, I complied (coincidentally, a few weeks later, my current desk was gone and my colleagues collected redundancy money). In the winter of 2009, I was informed again that the desk on which I was working would move to india. I feared again for my job. I applied to several positions within the IT company, but I failed at the interviews and I was not successful. By March 2010, however, I was told, at the last minute again, that, after all, I was accepted on one of the positions that I applied earlier and which interview I failed (see above). In April 2011, I applied for another position within IBM (a rotational 24/7 desk with night shift and weekends). I was selected for the interview but failed the interview). In May 2011, The same position opened again and I reapplied. This time I was successful. I started the new job in the last week of June and thought that my worries would be at an end. The new job was all that I had dreamed for in a job. I was settling very well within my new team. However, last Thursday evening, When I came to start my night shift, The hammer fell again. My AGENCY A HR told me that the IT company was having budget reductions and that I am one of the people being asked. This information was given to me at 19h00 on that day, but they already drafted the letter. The letter does not include any reason why I am laid off and it tells me that my assignment is terminated on September 30th 2011. When I applied for that new position, in may, I was never told that the position was only for 3 months. I find it hard to believe that nobody knew before that there would be budget reductions. Last week, My IT company team leader had approved my holiday request for christmas 2011, apparently not knowing that I was to be terminated in the end of September. Apparently there is another position within the IT company opening with Adecco, obviously with a lesser pay that the one I currently have. I am told that I am slated for an interview on Wednesday. In my current state of mind, I am not sure that I will ace the interview. I have the feeling that I have been taken for a fool (than they knew all along that there was going to get budget reduction but never told me anything). Do I have any ground to contest their decision ? I am scared that in case I am successful for the AGENCY B position, THE AGENCY A will trick me into signing a resignation letter. What if after I have been terminated (on September 30thj), they assign someone else to the position I currently hold ? And Finally, Am I entitled to redundancy money ? Even though I am successful with Adecco position (after all, I am employed by AGENCY A, not the IT company or AGENCY B, as they eloquently say). If AGENCY A terminates my work I should be entitled to redundancy money. Bear in mind that even though I have, in effect, been working on the same site, within The IT company, every time I “switched” from one agency to another, It was as if I started from scratch (all previous employment history was wiped out). If fact it was as if I was starting a whole new job each time (at least that is why I was told). Your input would be very much appreciated as I feel very much desperate at the moment.
  7. Well the Royal mail proposal on july 29 will definitely open a can of worms : http://www.psc.gov.uk/latestnews/2011/latestnews/2011/royalmailstermsandconditions/
  8. my girfriend has a issue with scottish gas that she is unable to resolve : In December 2008, I cancelled my account with Scottish gas. However, since then, she received many letters trying to lure her back or welcoming her back to Scottish gas. she received her last bill from scottish gas on December 24th 2008 and she paid it. However, she received another bill on 31 March 2009 for the period of 27 January to 17 February 09 (a period in which she was already with another EON), and she received, once again, a new letter stating that Scottish gas will start to supply her electricity from 29 April 2009. following a phone call from my girlfriend, Eon said they will reverse the charge. In the meantime, she also received a bill statement mentionning a cancelation fee (apparently scottish gas contacted Eon to say my girlfriend was going back to scottish gas). Eon Did not even bother to contact my girlfriend to confirm that information. On Saturday 18 April, at 10h30, she phoned the customer service department and she tried to explain her unhappiness with the situation. The agent told her that in order to have her account cancelled, the other energy supplier would have to contact scottish gas to get permission for taking my girlfriend account with them. Ishe started to express her frustration and disagreement and the agent hung up on her. she was able to get another agent on the phone. she explained again the situation. the agent told her that it was caused by an erroneous transfer process by Scottish Gas. She stated that the Erroneous transfer department will contact her within 5 working days to make sure that her account with Scottish Gas is indeed cancelled properly. she also said that scottish gas would not contact EON in any way. my girl friend sent a letter of complaint to scottish gas on april 18. Scottish gas did not bother to reply to the letter or even try to phone muy girlfriend. However, my girlfriend received another letter from scottish gas (dated 20 april) stating that they welcome her to scottish gas again, and they definitey contacted again, as well, eon to tell them my girlfriend was going back to Eon. Once again, Eon did not bother to contact my girlfriend for confirmation of the information. I do have the feeling that Neither company is caring for the customer her, they seem to consider the customer to be a pawn in their big scheme. this dealing behind the back of my girlfriend is taking its toll. she already have had bills from scottish gas after the december 08 cancellation, as well as bills from EON with which she s now. She wants to remain with Eon and she wants to see the end of the bullying practices from Scottish gas to get her back with them. Is there not a law that protect customer against such practice from both company. Does nt she have a say on which company she wants to be ? She is at a loss at what to do. this issue has been going on for almost 6 month now and she is fed up with it (she has receive at least 25 letters from scottish gas since she cancelled her account) Would anyone has any advice on how to resolve this issue ? any advice would be very much appreciated.
  9. 10 weeks ago, i claimed back a penalty charges refund from rbs. as of 21 may 2007, my RBS account account was credited with an amount of £3,059.85 and after they took the money for the overdraft i owed them i have the remaining available amount of £1,454.61. • I phoned on that day (21 may) and was told that they must wait 10 days before closing the account and sending a refund check of £14,454.64. • I phone back on 31 may to enquire about the refund and I was told that the check would be sent on 01 June. • On 01 June, I phoned back and I was told that the check would be send by the course of the following weeks. • I phone back on 04 June and I was told that the check would be sent either on 05 June or 06 June. • I phone back on 05 June and o was told that the check was being sent on 05 June. • Finally, I was told today, 06 June that it could take up to 28 days before sending me the refund check. • I try to express my utter disappointment and dissatisfaction at being given incorrect information several times in the course of the last few days. Nobody gave me a name so I do not know which agents told me those obvious misleading information. Now i am left with not choice but to wait 28 days (at the earlierst, as i do not trust their word anymore) before actually getting my my money back. I evemtually ask them their address to send a complaint letter. Howver, i am not sure of how to draft the letter to claim the money. Could any one help me please. i am at a loss and i do not know what to do. :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall:
  10. 8 weeks ago, i sent a letter to RBS claiming the refund of penalty charges. My current account with RBS has been frozen following a debt management agreement with DCM money solutions to repay an overdraft of £1,595.00. I received yesterday a letter from RBS telling they offer the refund amount of £3,059.85 to be paid direct to my RBS frozen account. I would like then to send me a check instead. How can i draft a letter to ensure they send me a check instead of paying directly nto my account. Help would be much appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. since they refunded me £336 and my initial request was 1069,70, then when i go to court, i should claim for the remaining amount, ie 733.7. Is that the right course to follow ? advice appreciated.
  12. my initial claim for a refund to barclaycard was £1069,70 (penalty charges of £397.70 and interest of £672) i received reply from barclaycard telling me that their charges are fair but nevertheless, as a good will gesture they are crediting a refund of £336. i sent them a letter telling them the following : "Thank you for your letter dated 15/03/07 I respectfully decline your offer as Full and Final settlement and request, once again, that you return to me all charges imposed on this account totalling £1069.70 I will accept the sum offered only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that I will pursue recovery of the remainder, with a County Court claim if necessary. My Request for Repayment letter dated 24 FEBRUARY 2007 indicates that you have 7 days to respond before I proceed to the next stage of my request . My deadline remains the same despite this offer. If you do not accept my conditions, or you do not respond within 7 days, I wish to stress that I do not accept your offer and the money transfered to my account should not be viewed as my acceptance. I hereby authorise you to remove this sum accordingly. I trust this clarifies my position." they replied to me that their position remains the same and that they are not willing to settle for the full amount refund i am requesting. i want to open a small claim, however i do not have a clue of how to do it. Which amount do i enter in my claim : the full amount (penalties amount + interest ie £397.70 + £672 or only the penalties amount ie £397.70). Help would be very much appreciated.
  13. could you tell me where did you find the template to calculate the 29.9 % interest rate ? i looked for it on the website but i did not find it.
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