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  1. The article my daughter came across was the solicitors notice for the Pursuant of the Trustee Act 1925 in a local paper. I've done what you suggested on that link and (as I knew it would) everything has been left to the cousin. The money I don't care about, it's the thought there were very few there to say goodbye to her which is hurtful.
  2. My daughter was doing some research for her boss yesterday and came across an article which showed my aunt had died last year. No one had got in touch to inform us of her death or funeral arrangements. The fact she was quite well off may have had something to do with it and was the reason we hadn’t spoken for a while as I had told her what some of my cousins were doing behind her back but she didn’t want to believe it. I now have a week left to make an interest in her will to the solicitor’s dealing with it but I don’t know how to write the letter. Could anyone help me please?
  3. Ok will do, and if they can't provide it , what then?
  4. They didn't provide any proof just a letter saying money was owed. I would presume normal procedures for collecting debts still apply to DWP?
  5. Apparently the law has ben changed so they can use the direct earnings attachment. But if I do a SAR and they cant provide the paperwork where do I stand if they can't provide proof that it's owed?
  6. I was informed about it about two years ago and when they told me how long ago it was owed from I told them it was statue barred.
  7. I received a letter today from DWP that they have taken out a Direct Earnings Attachment on me for debts which are over 15 years old! Looking through some of the threads on here it seems that it is legal but is there anything I can do to stop it? Would a SAR be any good to see if they can provide a copy of the agreement or am I just screwed?
  8. I have been surfing the net for the last few days and can't find the answer to an issue I have concerning private members clubs. Is it legal to be on the committee of two separate private social clubs when they are in direct competition with each other? Also could anyone tell me if there are any laws or acts which cover private clubs and their running?
  9. Do they push it more with the threats etc with these new laws and has anyone been tried in court yet with them?
  10. Received a PCN today which I would just ignore but it has something about Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 Schedule 4 stating that as I am the RK if I don't tell them who was driving I am liable. Is this correct or just another piece of law they are bending to suit their own end?
  11. I could understand if it was for everyone but none of the restrictions apply to anyone above the basic customer assistant. Surely it has to be a blanket ban rather than just the lowest staff? They have no idea where the stock is going from and picking on just one level of staff must be wrong?
  12. A friend of mine works at one of two Wetherspoons we have where I live.Recently one of them has had stock disappearing. The management’s response isto ban all workers from using either of the Weatherspoons socially. Also theyare only allowed to have their breaks in the staffroom rather in the publicarea if/when there are friends or family in the bar, except managementthemselves who continue to have their breaks where they want. I know management of a licensed bar can stop anyone using their premiseswithout a reason but surely Weatherspoons are being unreasonable towards theirown staff especially, as they are treating the management differently?
  13. BAVY, you are just as dispicable as your employee who harrased the lady and her family. All you are concerned about is the crime number, nothing more. The fact you decided to PM her even after she asked you not to shows how much you care about her current situation. You need to back off and also ensure your staff do the same and wait until she decides to contact you. Some things are far more important than the cost of your TV!
  14. :-)Well the letter is sent and if they send one back full of lies again I will send one to them which the admins won't allow as a template on here.
  15. Thanks for that Brig, in the envelope ready for the morning. One thing, isn't trying to obtain money through deception a criminal offence?
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