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  1. yeah right thanks for replys I was just asking if anyone else had received same letter ! I have rang them and they said there was no reason and if I had a grievance about the decision to fax a letter through , how can they say there was no reason specified and close account anyway , thats what I dont understand
  2. Hi , I was just wondering if anyone else banks with natwest and recenly received a letter like the one below , i have 2 step accounts with them and had no problems with accounts but this is the letter i have received dear ..... We National Westminster Bank plc , have recently undertaken a review of the banking arrangements that you have with us , we have, withregret , reached the conclusion that we will no longer provide these facilities for you. Consequently , we now require you to make alternative banking arrangements outside of National westminster bank plc , which includes the
  3. Just an update , I did what you advised ellen thank you , I contacted my banks fraud department and they investigated this and gave me a full refund of £480.00 and advised me that it was fraud as i never authorised them to use this card and it only took my bank 3 days to investigate and refund which i was very impressed with . so thank you once again
  4. I Will Do Thanks Odc , I Am Actually In The First Stages Of Sorting My Debts Out With Payplan ,so Just Waiting To See What They Come Back With Aswell.
  5. thank you very much for your help and advice , will email that to them now.
  6. HI , i have just received an email advising me to expect a doorstep visit at my place of work next week , is this legal ? is there any letter i can send them to stop them from visiting ? please need advice asap. thank you
  7. I took out a payday loan last year and got into debt and moved ect forgot to tell this company and to cut a long story short they have today took nearly all my wages and took £380 from my debit card , I did not authorise this is there any thing I can do , now i cant pay my rent
  8. i am just about to send this letter to this bloke from welcome finance , if there is anything anyone thinks i should change or add please advise me. thanks for reading. Dear ,,,,,, further to your visit to my home yesterday , we have today sought advice from an independant financial advisor regarding our discussion yesterday , r.e new credit agreements ect. We would ask that you keep everything in writing and by post , unless we specifically ask you to visit us at home . Therefore any new agreements or paperwork you require us to look over could you please post this to us in or
  9. So Is It Not True That Being In Arrears With One Agreement That It Could Jeopodise Our Hp Agreement Even Though Hp Agreement Is Up To Date.
  10. Thank you for your reply , I do think they are just trying to make more money out of us , and this bloke was from welcome he wasnt from a dca or anything if thats what you meant ?
  11. This is a long story but will try and keep short so you can try and get the idea of the situation and hopefully offer any advice. We were homeowners and took out a secured loan with welcome finance in 2005 , we have recently been repossessed from that property in dec 2007 and moved in to private rented accom , I had honestly forgot to advise welcome of this and the change of address and because we are in financial difficulties we had missed 3 payments with welcome on secured loan . Well today I come in from the school run and someone from welcome knocked on the door , how he knew our new ad
  12. hi , sorry to hear about your situation , the same happened to us , we were with scottish power and we just rang them and they came out and put emergency credit on until card comes through post they put £25 on to last , ring them back and be firm tell them you have 2 kids under 5 and you need heating esp in this weather , its not your fault there are no cards left to top up ect good luck to you
  13. Hi , My husband received a phone call from yes loans the other day as we were looking for an unsecured loan we done an application with them and they told us that we had been accepted and what the monthly repayments would be , the advisor asked my husband for his debit card details which my husband gave as he thought it was just part of the application process for verification purposes , Now i have checked my bank account and they have debited £49.50 from our account there was no mention on the telephone conversation of any fees or anything and my husband did not give any permission to debit a
  14. Thank you for your replies , i did attend cab and because of my situation they advised I went bankrupt as I have approx £20,000 unsecured debt and we have mortgage shortfall also of £17,000 there is no other way of paying this. I was just asking if i could tell creditors that i was petitioning for bankruptcy they might get off my case for a bit but I gather not . I just dont know what else to do am at my wits end now.
  15. Hi all , I have loads of people chasing me for payments that i just cant pay , they are phoning and writing everyday and I cant cope with it anymore. I am going to declare myself bankrupt but want christmas out of the way first . If a creditor phones can I say to them that I am struggling financially and that I am petitioning for bankruptcy even if I havent started getting the ball rolling yet. Please advise.
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