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  1. I changed my mortgage about 4 years ago from Woolwich to BoS but of course can't now find details of the original mortgage. I have the redemption statement but it doesn't make any reference to an exit fee. Can i make any claim if i don't know what the original exit fee was or what i was actually charged? Grateful for any help.
  2. I changed my mortgage in 2003 from Woolwich to BoS but of course can't now find details of the original mortgage. I have the redemption statement but it doesn't make any reference to an exit fee. Can i make any claim if i don't know what the original exit fee was or what i was actually charged?
  3. Success Ulster Bank didn't wait for a court date. Paid up in full - charges interest and court fee. Thanks for the help LTWF.
  4. Hephalump You may have worked this out already but if you go to the Other Institutions main page then scroll down you 'll see a bow entitled Sub Forums then a box called Threads in Forums. Between these two there is a button marked New Thread. Just hit that and away you go. Good luck
  5. Hephalump i'm not sure where you stand. If i was you i'd contact the Information Commissioner and get their advice. There are some details attached to the DPA request letter in the templates library. This could then be followed up by a quick phone call to the bank. Good luck. You should start your own thread so that more experienced members than me can see your posts and give you better advice.
  6. Good on ya Hamishcat. I'm still at the ominous silence stage but remin hopeful
  7. Good luck to you too Hamishcat - Keep me informed of how you get on. Been reading some of the posts about collating court bundles and it all seems very complicated. Hoping Ulster Bank will go for early settlements
  8. Just completed the online small claims forms. Like probably everyone who reaches this point i have a sense of foreboding that I will be the one my bank will take all the way. Well its in the lap of the gods now
  9. Sorry for the late reply Nuala. I haven't been able to find an address for Ulster Bank in England. I have been writing to my local branch here though the last letter i received from them was from their Customer relations unit at Group Head Office, 11-16 Donegall Square East, Belfast, BT1 5UB. Their number is 028 9027 6025. Good luck.
  10. Thanks Hamishcat and good luck. Yes please do keep me and everyone informed. I had a quick look at the Small Claims website before and it looks pretty straight forward (hopefully). Can i check - what is the date the claim arose? Is it the date of my first letter to the bank requesting statements or the date of the first charge? And what date do i claim interest to?
  11. Can anyone advise which of the interest spreadsheets can be used to claim on bank charges in Northern Ireland. The library has versions for England and Scotland only.
  12. I'm about to go to small claims. Can i ask how long after making the application to court did the letter arrive from the bank?
  13. Sent my LBA off last friday 23rd and today received a letter dated 22nd from the bank's customer relations unit. Apparently the charges are fair, reasonable and transparent and they will not therefore be making any refund. Can i now move to start court proceedings, or, as my LBA was sent after they issued this letter, do i still have to give them the 14 days to consider that?
  14. No Hephalump I sent for the statements at the end of January and received them after about 5 weeks. There was no acknowledgement letter or anything. They wrote to me telling me my statements were ready for collection at my local branch
  15. Is it ok then to just delete this amount from my LBA letter saying i understand these charges are ok and proceed to claim back the balance or do i need to start again?
  16. Ok i'm going to stck to my own timetable and will post my LBA tomorrow unless anyone can advise otherwise. Just out of interest what i am claiming back are direct debit create and cancel charges, irregular account charges, unarranged borrowing fees and referral charges. A total of almost £800 over the last 6 years. I take it i'm entitles to claim all these?
  17. Thanks Nattie. There's no address. Just says my concern has been escalated to the CR Unit whose job is to help those who would like a further review of their concer and they will be in contact shortly. Also mentions additional info in an enclosed leaflet but the numpties didn't enclose it.
  18. The letter was from my local branch though it said the matter was now with the customer relations unit.
  19. I wrote to my branch of Ulster Bank (Northern Ireland's version of RBS) on 7 March asking for my charges back. Got a reply today which says they are acting on my letter which they received on 14 March. I can't believe it took a week to get there. Does this mean i can't send off my LBA until 14 days from the 14th or should i stick to my own timetable and send it 14 days after the first letter was sent?
  20. I sent off my first reclaim letter on 7 March to my local branch. Received a reply today from my branch thanking me for my letter which they claim to have received on 14th - a full week later. Do i now have to wait 14 days from 14th before sending off the second letter or can i send it 14 days from the 7th? I was intending to allow a couple of days lee way but not a full week. My kind caring bank manager is sorry i have found cause to complain but welcomes the opportunity to address the issues i have raised. Their customer relations unit will be in touch shortly and they are committed to handling the matter quickly and effectively as i will seef rom their enclosed leaflet - which they didn't bother enclosing :-|
  21. Thanks Sarah. I'm typing it as we speak The schedule is a pain but i know it'll be worth it.
  22. Thanks Seboyle. I've just added up my charges and it comes to £800 which asn't as big as i'd thought. Don't know whether thats good or bad. Is the court system easy to follow?
  23. Just introducing myself really. Sent off my data request at the end of January and going today to collect my statements. If anyone has any experience of the Ulster Bank please feel free to share especially, what stage they might settle at or if i'll need a parachute account. Thanks
  24. Thanks bitingback but i'm afraid i'm even more hopeless when it comes to technology than i am with my finances. How do i post to the relevant forum? The money grabbers in my case are the Ulster Bank.
  25. As a newbie myself to this site can i just check something too. I am going this afternoon to collect my statements from my bank. I'll use the template letters but in attaching the schedule of charges that i'm reclaiming - do i just list every charge that they've taken off me over the last 6 years?
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