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  1. Hi, Last Friday (18/1/13) my 83yr old mother who suffers from vasculardimenture, an illness that effects the decision making process and short termmemory, was noticed in our local *&* store by there security team as"acting suspiciously" that is to say she had entered the store two orthree times in a short period of time. They called the police and by the timethey had arrived my mother had left the store. The police looked at all thecctv footage and could not detect any criminal activity and were leaving thestore when my mother returned once again. One of the PC's approached my motherand asked if she was OK, as he said she looked stressed. After satisfyinghimself that no crime had been committed and that my mother appeared to bedistressed decided to take her home. Before they left the store my mother wasgiven a "Trespass notice" which she brought home. This notice states :- 1 You are not permitted to enter into any of our stores again. 2 Your right as a member of the public to shop at any of our premises is nowwithdrawn this includes shopping in our branches or online @*&*.com and orders will notbe processed. 3 If you choose to ignore this notice you will be asked to leave. 4 Failure to do so may result in police action This it seems is a standard letter given to all who "shoplift"from their stores. When they arrived at her house my father answered the door, he's 84, and asmy mother was so distressed he also became upset because of her state. Thepoliceman asked if they had any other family members and was given my details. I spoke to the PC the next day (Saturday) and had the above story told tome. He went on to say that he considered the matter closed as nothing illegalhad occurred and he now knew my parents situation was monitored and they werebeing attended. I asked him what the situation was with this "Trespass Notice" andwhy it had been applied if there had been no offence committed and he told meto just tear it up as it couldn't be enforced anyway. I thanked him for his time and the way he had handled this matter but toldhim I was going to approach the store and ask for this "TrespassNotice" to be "Officially Retracted", as being issued with thenotice is what had upset my mother in the first place and if no crime had takenplace why had it been issued? He suggested that it may be better if he approached hestore rather than me as they have a close relationship with the stores securityteam, as you would expect, and that he would be in touch later on. By Tuesday afternoon I had not had any contact with the PC so I gave him acall on the contact number he had given me and was told that the store had notyet got back to him. This information was given to me by another PC, as theoriginal one was off duty, but he had called him at home and asked what thesituation was. The second PC then called the store and informed them of myrequest.... Later he called me and told me that a letter of retraction would besent to my parents house in the hopes that this would put the matter behind us. Later that day the store representative contacted me and told me that nosuch letter would be issued for legal reasons but that they had destroyed theircopy of the "Trespass Notice" and that the matter was closed in theiropinion and that my mother would be welcome to use the store again. So, my question is can I insist that a letter of retraction be issued? Iwould have thought it was the least they could do after causing so muchdistress and embarrassment to my mother. Thanks for your time in reading this
  2. just an update after this long draw out case.... I finaly got Barclays into the small claims court and they got a right telling off from the judge for not having all the correct documents with them, I realy think they thought I wouldn't show up, the case was adjurned and the judge told their solicitor that on the next meeting he should allow Three hours to hear the case not the 30 minutes they had expected..... Later Barclays offered to settle for an intermedeate amount providing I signed a "Non Disclosure agreement", I declined. They made further increasing offers all with the Non Disclosure Agreement attached, I declined them all as I did not agree to the Non Disclosure.... I wanted to tell anyone who would listen about how Barclays had treated me and the damage they had wrongly done to my credit file, and about all the debt collectors they had given my details to who were harresing me for money I did not owe. The last night before the due court date late in the evening one of Barclays solicitors was still prepared to fax me an offer to sign and return to them, I belive to prevent a pressidece being set in them being defeated, the last offer I signed, it was payment in full and an undertaking to remove the incorrect information on my credit file. I would like to thank all for the input gleaned from this site, though I hope I don't need it again
  3. I came in contact with another car in a supermarket car park the other day, the other car was stationary in fact the driver wasn't even in it.The resulting slow speed comming together resulted in a scratch in the paint of the other cars bumper. I gave the driver my details, home phone, reg number and the name of my insurance company though I did not know the policy number... who dose? I asked her to get a price for the repair and give me a ring. I had intended just to give her the money to cover the cost of the repair however the price she had got which was from a "Toyota Main Dealer" was in my view excessive and included a hire car. The other driver was an elderly lady and I'm not at all trying to evade paying for her repair but I do feel as though I'm being ripped off... any of the "Chips away" type specialist repair companies could put this right at her home without the need of a hire car and I'm sure the £180 repair should have been nearer to £70..... What can I do to get a fairer price for the repair?
  4. Thanks for the info Slick, read the link about the FSO, seems like the courts are the way to go
  5. I made an appointment with my branch Personal Banker with the intention of arranging an overdraft, never had one before but knew it was the correct thing to do before spending the banks money and at the end of the day thought that an autherised overdraft would be cheaper to maintain than an unautherised one, I explained to the PB that I was in the middle of a costly project and was about to spend a lot of the cash I had available at that time and would like to know if I could have an overdraft. At this point I still had not commited to this course of action and if an ovedraft could not be arranged then the project would have to be put on hold untill Feb 2011 when I had two large endowment policies due to mature. This would be a bit of a pain and the inertia on the project would be lost. Remember at this time I was not commited to this cash spending spree, after the meeting with the PB I left the branch quite pleased that they had given me a £500 overdraft and set about furthering my project. Turns out I had been given a reserve facility instead of the overdraft they had agreed to. The mention of "Reserve" on my statement didn't ring any bells (apart from the high price of the fees) I was not aware that overdrafts didn't cost that much and was pleased I'd opted for the cheaper "Autherised" overdraft rather than just overdrawing. I am not a banker and had never heard the term Reserve, I just thought it was an "in-house" term for an overdraft... money in reserve! After a few months the bank informed me that they were going to cancel my reserve facility due to its high use (never got £500 once) but that any overdraft I had aranged would still stand, then mentioned the overdraft I was allowed was £50 When I totaled the cost up it came to £970, now I have never agreed to anything other than an overdraft and told them so. Three apointments later I'm still no further forward the FSA's ombudsman seems to think there is little evedence to back up what I am saying, even though I have a letter from the banks customer services telling me how sorry they are for this mistake and states:- That I originally visited the branch to apply for an “overdraft” and a reserve facility was “incorrectly” added by “mistake” and that they were sorry for any inconvenience that “they” had caused They have made a settlement offer of five fees (£110) which I have refused. So in short I have a letter saying they are sorry for there mistake and an offer of settlement, now is it me or dose that sound like I'm right?? The question is what can I do now if the FSA rules in their favour?
  6. Hi Lou, I had the very same letter returned to me, I just reminded them that the DPA covers all the records they have and worded it this way:- All the records you hold on any computer system or any other relevant system holding my personal data are covered by the act, you are therefore required by law to disclose this personal information to me, weather it is company policy or not. and the info came, along with somebodys statements and details other than mine, can't wait to hear what they say when I finaly contact them. I wonder how much of the DPA has been breeched here? Good luck secur-serv
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