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  1. Hey all. In addition to my last (rather excited) couple of posts i have finally received an offer in full to settle YYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! Does anyone know if there is a template letter to ACCEPT their offer and state i will cease court case etc etc? Ive looked in the library but cant seem to find anything suitable... Or is it just a case of sending the one i've put together myself?
  2. Thanks trucker There's an email address to i can send it too - i dont want to stop court action till i get the money, do i enclose a copy of the letter to the court and tell them i will send it once funds are in my account?! Im still rubbish at this!!!
  3. HELP HELP HELP!! Guess what guys.... i just received a letter offering the FULL AMOUNT yaaaaaaay! I WIN!!!! However need some advice they want me to cancel court action and send a copy of the letter to them with this signed letter and then they will give me my money... but i want the cash first! In fact the letter says: As you will have seen from our defence, we disagree with your legal analysis that the charges levied to you account with Barclays amount to penalty clauses and are unfair. We do, however, recognise that it is not cost effective fir either party to take this matter to trial. Therefore, in order to acoid the inevitable time and cost associated with pursuing the claim to trial, we are prepared to settle your claim upon payment of the charges applied to your account, together with any statutory interest you have claimed and costs totalling (x) subject to the terms set out in this letter. This offer to pay (x) is in full and final settlement of your claim and is strictly without any admission of liability on our part. By accepting this offer, you also agree that the existence and the terms of this offer are confidential between us. If you agree to the terms of this letter, please sign and return a signed copy of this letter to me at the above address within the next 7 days. You will also need to notify the county court in writing that you have discontinued your claim against us. Please forward a copy of you letter to the court when you return a signed copy of this letter to us. etc etc What do i do?! Do i enclose a copy of letter to the court and say i will send it when i have received the funds? And are the terms in the letter standard?! PLEASE HELP!! :D
  4. Hi dar3n Bit of a pointless post really but just having a read an im really interested to see how this goes for you... And also to show support as you have been a mine of information for me!! Right im getting my pom poms out now GIMME A D, GIMME AN A, GIMME AN R, GIMME A 3 GIMME AN N, WHAT HAVE WE GOT.... Lol
  5. Hand delivered and yep got a receipt - my brain functioned momentarily on that day! I showed the letter to someone who claimed (hmph!) they knew what was required and advised me accordingly... Lesson learned!!
  6. [email protected]~T!! I've sent a spreasheet of charges, all my correspondance and the court bundle thingumie from here to my court - Im confused (yeah yeah doesnt take much...) i need to send the letter addressed to mcol from your link to my local court in addition to the bundle? Sorry bad day and ive got a raging headache and need to pack my daughter off on holiday in an hour so stress levels raging and my powers of understanding are fading fast...
  7. See this is where im a tad concerned now (!) because i dont appear to have received anything vaguely resembling a date to attend court?! The letter i received states (and i quote) GENERAL FORM OF JUDGEMENT OR ORDER Dated 14/5/07 Before district judge perry sitting at (my local courts address) IT IS ORDERED THAT The claimant shall within 14 days of service of this order sen to the defendant and to the court: a) a shedule setting out each charge repayment of which is sought, showing the date, amount and reason given if any for that charge being made; b) copies of any statement or other document relied upon as showing that each and every charge has been made; c) a statement of evidence of all matter relied upon as tending to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalites or otherwise; d) copies of decided cases and other legal materials to be relied upon. If the claimant fails to comply with this order the claim will be struck out without further order. The defendant shall within 14 thereafer file and seve a reponse to the claimants schedule stating in respect of each item claimed: a) pursuant to what contractual provision such charge was made, producing a copy of the contractual document relied upon; b) whether such charge is accepted to be a penalty, and if not why not; c) if such charge is alleged to be a pre-estimate of the defendants loss incurred by the claimant's actions (whether or not such action is treated as a breach of contract between the parties_, all facts and matters intended to be relied upon as showing that such was a proper estimate of such loss, and all evidence to be adduced at trial as to what the true cost of dealing with the matter was; d)if such charge is not alleged to be pre-estimate of the defendants loss incurred by the claimants actions then facts and matters intended tp be relied upon showing the basis upon which the charge was calculated and all evidence to be adduced at trial to show that the charge was unfai and reasonable. e)any witness statements f)copies of decided cases and other legal material to be relied upon. Dated 09 May 2007 and thats it?
  8. I'll put £1 on 3 weeks for you... (lets not go crazy here!) lol. Is it just me or does it feel like it will never end?!
  9. we meet again... For any of you who are following this avidly (and i know you are!) thought id better keep you upto date... Bundle sent to barclays recorded delivery 21/5/07 (delivered 22nd to be precise) and handed in person to the lovely lady who works at my local courts on 22/5/07. as i am led to believe barclays have a further 14 days to do the same... im starting a sweep on how long this has got left to run, and takers?! lol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Why thank you indeed! Now be off with you on this friday eve and have yourself some fun!
  11. Hola amigos Can i just check im sending this court bundle to the right address for the lovely (ahem) barclays? Barclays Bank Plc Litigation and Disputes Level 29 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP Wouldn't like it to go astray in the post..... I've got that friday feeeeeelllliiiiinnng!!!! Tra Laa!
  12. lol only just read the last 2 posts, oh how i laughed!! Just a quick one the link in the court bundle thingumie for the oft summary (summat like www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/reports/financial_products/oft842a.pdf) brings up credit card default charges - is this the right one? I so want this to be over now i've spent the last 2 days solid getting all these sodding papers together! Whose round is it?!
  13. Phew! Im still going... Just about.... Lol! Thank you (for what must be the hundreth time!) again for your support! Just getting my teeth stuck into preparing the documents to send to the court. Ive already got a huge pile of photocopying to amuse me tomorrow Still need advice (i say advice, what i probably need is it translating into good old plain english, possibly including some sort of example to set me on my way!) as too what i should include for: c) a statement of evidence of all matters relied upon as tending to show that the charges are irrecoverable as penalties or otherwise; d) copies of decided cases and other legal materials to be relied upon I think d) is covered under the court bundle template from this site? c) is still the scariest one! Answers on a postcard too... :grin:
  14. No i cant tell you why participants have to use such stupid language as i am not entirely sure what you are referring to as 'stupid language' langwell. My english is fine, however i personally like to use abbreviations for speed, and the use of as many apostrophes, commas, colons, ellipsis, exclamation marks, guillemets, hyphens, question and quotation marks as necessary to give warmth, humour and emotion to everything i write.....
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