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  1. well would you believe it, only filled my claim with mcol late last night and in this mornings post i get an offer through from barclays for £500 (my claim is £735), now had i had this offer yesterday morning before doing the mcol i would have accepted, but now ive filled im going to carry on and claim the lot (i know its still not to late to cancel my claim, i have until 10am on monday morning, but feeling confident enough now to go for the lot), my orighinal claim is £735, interest at 8% is £98.35, plus my court fees means the total i can now claim is £913, which is a damn sight higher than their offer of £500, so gonna go for it!! Feel a little odd about turning the offer down, and today ive been back and forth with changing my mind over it, but im going to take my chanes and try for the lot. Im guessing this is going to take me an extra four months or so now though or are these claims getting sorted sooner now?? thanks for everyones help so far, but im prbably going to need a lot more of it over the coming months!! but will do my best to offer my experience and advice back to those that need it.
  2. cheers for getting back to me - in the statment box bit, i just copied and pasted the particulars of claim info on here (changing the bits in red to match my own details though), it all fitted on - please tell me i have done this correctly??? if i have i guess the next step is to send my soc to mcol now? starting to feel nervous now as i havent a clue what im doing, i can see now why barclays hold off on making the payments as i bet loads of people back out when it gets to this stage, i really dont want to be one of those....................
  3. Im no expert, but from reading loads of other threads i think what you have written above is the correct course of action to take, do nothing until the cash is in your account!!
  4. ohhhhhhhh nooooooooo just a thought, i didnt need to detail each charge with my mcol did I????? like the schdule of charges thing or anything?? or do they ask for this at a later date??
  5. ok found my way to the chat room got the info i needed, mcol is completed, the submit button has been hit and paid £80.00 with my debit card. So whats the craic now then, i take it it will say something like served to barclays in a couple of days?? and then they have 14 days to acknowledge - am i right? to anyone yet to file with mcol, it actually was not anywhere near as bad as i thought it was going to be, especially with the information i found on here, so go for it!
  6. i dont mean the total amount i mean the bit where it says amount to be claimed, the bit before i add on the cour costs..
  7. arghhhh im stuck and cant find the chatroom, directions would be good please!! if anyone is reading this jsut need a tiny bit of help before i hit submit - im at the very last bit of the mcol form and it says the total amount to be claimed - now in here do i put my total charges 735 or do i put my total charges plus the 8% interest which would make it £833 odd - just need the answer to this one and i can hit submit!!
  8. just about to file with mcol - wish me luck
  9. had another letter from barclays saying it will now be the 14th may before they can get back to me after looking into my complaint.......... looks like they are not even going to bother making me an offer........ anyway time to file with MCOL on friday, but just some questions on that In my original request to barclays i requested just £735 which was my total charges without the overdraft interest, when i file with MCOL can i now include the overdraft interest or is that one now too late, as i had not mentioned it in either my original request or my lba? Thought that maybe Barclays would have made me an offer especially as im only claiming a relativey small amount, but looks like i will be going down the small claims route afte all!
  10. yes they are really helpfull when you ring, really positive about your claim etc etc i dont want to put a dampner on it but when i rang i was initally told five days, on the fifth day i was told ten days, on the tenth day i was told 21 days, i eventaullay received my statements on the 30th day!!! But at least i got them in the end!! Hopefully you will get yours in the timescale stated, if not keep badgering them like i had to!!
  11. phew panic over, rang barclays said there was a problem with the online banking which is why i could not enter, nothing to do with me entering wrong details but all sorted now, or it will be as they need to send me new log in details now - hope to god no one was trying to get access to my online banking stuff - girl on the phone didnt know just said it was due to security issues - so even if someone was trying to get access its been denied and new details have been sent to me - so i spose i better take back the shoddy comment i made re the online banking looks like its quite good after all!! Anyway back to the matter in hand, just about to head off to the post office with my LBA, so the clock can start ticking again for the next 14 days............ so by my reckoning allowing them two days oto recieve it then my 14 days deadline they have until the 27th April to respond with all my cash or ill be filling my claim with mcol - now might be a good time to have a read up on all that i think!!
  12. not sure if this is related to claim against barclays or not BUT i have just tried to log in to my online banking thingy and got a message up saying i have been denied access due to security reasons!! - i know for a fact that the details i entered are corrent as i have them written down in front of me, i also tend to log on once a day to check my balance etc and they are the same details i have typed in every other day!, its not saying my log in was incorrect or anything though?? Please tell me this is just a conincidence and not them being bloody awkward just becuase ive threatened to take them to court!! Oh god i did get halfway through setting up a parachute account but didnt bother sending my forms back, i think now would be a very good time to be sorthing out another account pretty quick. Even if its not to do with my claim then its pretty shoddy service, i mean the log in details were 100% correct, my account is well in credit so why would i now be denied access, im certainly not a security risk!! anyway the 14 days is up tomorrow morning so will be sending off the LBA first thing then ringing them to complain at the shoddy online banking service they offer!!
  13. just an update - received letter from barclays this morning, the standard rubbish about how their sorry i feel the need to complain etc etc and will get back to me with an update by 27th april................ due to send lba on the 11th april, so only another 7 days to wait before i can move onto the next step, certainly not hanging around for them and allowing them extra time as requested. I have read enough on here to know that im in charge and i set the timescales, its just a matter of a waiting game and reading up on my stuff for the next step. bex
  14. i really dont know about the default notices, but im sure someone else will be along soon with an answer for you. the information they sent me were the full six years of statements which i requested, although i was carefull to check they were all there as i have heard of people on here getting the statements through but missing a few months here and there, so thats something to bear in mind and have a check through yours.
  15. the sar is the very first letter you send to request all statements for the last six years. from personal experince in the last 12 months i was charged £395 but in the previous five years to that the total was £230, as you can see one in one year i totalled a lot more in charges than the other five put togeter, just because the last three months you have received a lot of charges does not mean that you have been for the past six years!!! If this were to reach court stage you would need to detail each charge, barclays bank and certianly no judge will take this claim seriously on estimates alone. I know it feels like it adding to the whole timescale of the process but i believ it is an important step that you should not miss out especially if you want to be sucessfull. good luck, have a good read of the FAQs, i have found these invaluable in helping me.
  16. thanks for the reply - will give the 14 straight days, im pretty sure if the situation were to be reveresed they wouldnt be so understanding towards me!!
  17. ok statements double checked, also got oh to check them too and nt found any fidden extras prelim letter sent by recorded post this morning, to which i understand they have 14 days to reply, allowing them 2 extra days in which to receive it so this would make it the 11th April by which they should respond. Now is this 14 working days or 14 straight days (got a feeling its 14 straight) and i dont have to worry about allowing them extra days for the weekends and the easter break?? If im wrong will somone let me know, dont want to go getting all bolshy on the 11th if its too early?? thank you
  18. hope they dont keep you waiting too long, i got my statments through today, took exactly four weeks. good luck
  19. im at exactly the same stage as you, requested statements on the same day and also recevied mine today - calculated mine at £735, i also found that intrest calculator thingy at bit daunting so just going for the £735, letter all prepared and ready to post recorded delivery on monday. Will keep an eye out on this thread, so i can compare!! good luck
  20. ok got my statements back this moring - took exactly four weeks from the telephone request. Anyway been shifting through all six envelopes, and 1 realise i spend an awful lot of money on a load of crap and 2 that barclays owes me £735, (i was kinda hoping for a lot more than that but hey ho its still a lot of dosh!!) Right so now im off to read the FAQs (again!!) just to make sure im doing everything correctly (i should know those FAQs off by heart now!!) and will get my request letter sent this weekend. Anyway does anyone know that becuase its only a realtively small amount im claiming are they more likely to pay up quicker without all the court threats etc or is it a case of they are more likely to hang on to becuase they dont feel ill bother with court for a small amount?? Whatevre the case if i have to go to court then so be it, just would like money sooner rather than later but must remind myself that its money i was never expecting so whatever the wait it will be woth it!! Feel like i can really start joining in on all the fun and games now!
  21. stick with your own timescales, if you wait for them you will wait forever!!!
  22. thats terrible!!!!!!!!!! why did they just not balance the atm?? I worked for barclays about 10 years ago, and people would regularly come in and state the atm hadnt paid up, we ALLWAYS would balance the ATM to see if these was the case and yes quite often the atm was hanging onto the money. Obviously this is too late for you to request now but they should have balanced it as a matter of course. It may be worth contacting the bank as records are kept of all ATM balances and your dispute should show with the day you requested the money the ATM should have been over by your £300.
  23. still sat here waiting for my statements, has been 21 days now since barclays received my telephone request and 14 days since i sent the SAR thingy, got a letter from barlays this morning returning my cheque and stated due to being inundated with lots of requests my statements may take a few more weeks - i dont think so, you have 40 days matey, and if nothing through by then ill be kicking up a fuss. I really really cannot see what takes so long anyway, so what if they are inundated its not my problem, surely ordering these statements cannot be any harder than a couple of mins for someone to type someting in a PC!! Anyway, still waiting, but reading up on everyone elses threads, by the time my statements get here, ill be somewhat of an expert after reading everyone elses stories (well i can hope at least!!) Well let you know when i get them.......................
  24. sorry to butt in, but you know if you send the lstter stating you will accept what has been offered but will continue to reclaim the full amount, do they acualy still give this part payment or do they withdraw their offer?
  25. thaks for that, so its not a matter of will they or wont they, its a case of they have to! glad to hear it too!! well lots hope its sooner rather than later, so then i can stop lying in wait for the postie each morning!!
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