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  1. HSBC had until the 30th August to Submit their AQ to the court. The court in turn issued an " unless " order trying to get HSBC to submit their AQ by the prescribed date. HSBC submitted an Application Notice asking the court to set aside the Unless order - This is due for hearin in BOW magistrates court on the 19th November. I have received in todays post a " Notice of Hearing Application " telling me that the defendants ( HSBC) application for set aside order will take place on the 19th Nov. Question is do I actually have to be there for this hearing, I have already submitted a letter to the court along with a N244 telling them of my objections..
  2. HSBC have applied to the court for a stay of proceedings - they previously FORGOT to submit their AQ by the allocated time which the court was none too pleased about. I have submited a N244 application along with a letter to the judge pleading the unfairness etc etc ( got template from library) I am now told that a hearing is to take place on the 19th Nov to hear HSBC application for Stay of Proceedings. ( Im out of the country on holidays ) can I ask the court to change this date as it doesn't suit me and If another date is approved what papers if any should I take to the court on the day ? many thanks in advance everyone.
  3. D.G has until monday 17th sep to submit thei AQ or their defence will be struck out. Low and behold I received the FIRST ever letter this morning from DG solicitors going on about OFT test case and saying that they would be applying to the court for a stay pending outcome etc etc. So Should I send in a N244 and hope for the best asking for the stay to be removed?
  4. Hi all my claim is going ahead as planned, well as far as I know. Bow magistrates court tell me that HSBC have until the 17th Sep to file their AQ defence - can anyone tell me what happens next if they don't file or what my next step should be ? Many thanks in advance baboy:)
  5. HSBC claim number 7QZ58844 to be heard at BOW magistrates court - notice of transfer 4th June 2007 Amount claimed £ 1765.93. I am told by the court today that AQ WILL be required for this case - awaiting AQ and further details in the post
  6. I have today spoken with " bow " county court who advise me that AQ's for my case is NOT being dispensed with - a court date and AQ will follow in the post. Can someone please tell me on preparing my court bundle - namely T&C's - I have been a customer with HSBC since 1995 ( old Midland bank) am I currently to use T&C's from 1995 or should I used more up to date T&C's - to be quite honest I don't know what T&C's im even on - perhaps someone could shed sone light on this for me. ( 2 nudge letters sent to DG ) no response to either .
  7. can someone please help me - I applied to egg in March for a s78 (1) and a s77 (1) and enclosed a £1.00 cheque. today I received a signed copy of my agreement,a statement of the account however, I also asked for a signed, true and certified copy of the original default notice. They state in their letter " whilst we are under no obligation to provide a copy of this default notice, We have enclosed a copy of the computer screen confirming details of it's issue " can someone tell me if this is correct, if not can I press them to provide such a default notice ?
  8. After my initial letter sent asking for refund of bank charges - ( No response from HSBC) and my second ( LBA ) again no response I have today filed a MCOL - lets hope I get a response from HSBC to this one - Does anyone know what happens now ? thanks in advance
  9. I sent off my request for repayment on the 21st March 2007 (recorded delivery) - the bank did recieve this and gave them 14 days to respond- gues what no response. they said on the phone today that a letter was sent out to me however, I did not receive it. I then advised them that a LBA dated the 10th April 2007 sent recorded delivery was sent to them - gues what they say they never received it.... I told em that I have proof they received it. Anyways I told them on the phone today that they have just a few days left to respond to my LBA - they then said they have 8 weeks to proess the matter , can somene tell me what do I do next after their 14 days are up and no response to the LBA - Do I go straight to submitting a claim ???
  10. Hi everyone, hope someone can help me with the following. I had an egg credit card which I was in defauly with. I paid of the full amount in Jan 07 and asked for a copy of my credit reports to find that egg had registered a default notice on my account. Although it was marked "settled " but default. I wrote to them asking for the default to be removed and issued a notice under s.78(1) cca 1974 s.77(1) and provided them with a £1.00 cheque ( which they cashed a week ago. I still have not got any respoinse from them - what should my next step be if they do not provide me with the information I have asked namely, a true copy of the original credit agreement and a signed and true copy of the defauly notice. Is there a template letter for the next stage of their non compliance ? Bearing in mind that this account has now been settled in full, I simply want them to remove the default. Thanks ,......
  11. Can anyone please help- Today I tried to withdraw cash from my barclaycard at a local ATM- Declined - so I rang barclaycard as I new there was some £3000 availabl balance, asked why transaction was declined was told that I was notified via monthly statment in January that from the 05th Feb 2007 I would only be allowed to withdraw 50% of the credit limit through a cash advance- then she said " Oh that facility was removed from you on the 7th FEB and a total Block had been placed on my ccount for cash withdrawls in the UK - Barclaycards Official line was they had placed this block on 95% of all it's UK customers - can anyone confirm this is actually the case. Does 95 % of barclaycard customer have a block on their account and thus not allowing them to withdraw cash ?????
  12. I have today send my prelim letter to HSBC asking for £1700 in bank charges back also a separte claim to them regarding charges on my Gold Card- all sent under seperate recorded delivery - Also a recorded delivery letter asking why since december 2006 they have not update the history markers or a correct balance of my loan account,and gold card to the 3 big CRA's. Telling them that they had a legal responsibilty to send accurate info to them. will let you all know how it goes..
  13. Hi everyone just a quick one on HSBC and info sent to the Credit ref agencies- HSBC from december last year have been having problems with the info that they send to the CRA's. Their Computers are not linking up properly with Experian and the others - so you will find that most of the information that you see on your credit file is some 3 months out of date - I am in the process of bringing this to HSBC attention. The Copy of the credit file in the middle of the file shows ^^^ Last info udate on - December 2006 bring this to their attention as they have a legal right to submit true and accurate informations to the CRA's hope that help a little
  14. Can anyone help ? I have successfull asked and got all information from HSBC with regard to the information they hold on me, however there seem to be some things missing. Can anyone tell me is there a different section of the DPA that I can access to get them compelled to send me information with regard to internal messages that different dept send each other with ref to different complaints etc or can compel them to send me a copy of all their recorded telephone converstaons ? please help The recent info that was sent to me under Subject Access has not included any internal memos or anything relation to telephone calls I have made to them. This information would be beneficial to me as I am currently in dispute with them over thei decision to closed my GOLD CARD Account even though the Balance of £6500.00 has been paid - The decision aparently was taken at branch level app.... although prior to me finding that they had cancelled the card 5 days before India ( call centre ) card services told me the card was still active and thanked me for my £6000 payment. Since then they have been nothing but obstructive and I cannot pin thm down as to who took what descision and why. Have got 2 computersed letters to date. and they have not responded to my 3rd.
  15. Hi Everyone, please be aware that HSBC have been having trouble with the information they send to the 3 big Credit Ref Agencies. Apparently their " Computers" are not talking to the relevant computers at the CRA's So there are lots of incorrect entries on files. eg: if you have been behind with a payment with HSBC Loan, Credit card - say in december it will still show as of todays date that you are still behind with payments. it will also show on your file an incorret balance.for expample if you have made three payments to them for a loan/card from december it will not show this information. Even if you are not behind with a loan payment or credit card payment with them it will still show an incorrect balance as they have been unable in a lot of cases to connect their Computers to the CRa's computers - so my advice would be to get a copy of your files and check everything from HSBC - you thoughts on this would be great- cheers ....
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