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  1. There didn't appear to be any strict conditions if I accepted the offer however in the letter it did say My account is currently a student account with an interest free overdraft.
  2. WAHOOOO!!!! The full £816 went into my bank account today! That's only 3 working days after they will have received my acceptance confirmation. And they gave me back the 2 charges I had received while waiting for their initial reply, that I asked for at the bottom of the acceptance letter. Thanks for all your advice hedgy!! And thanks to this forum for providing me with so much info, I shall def be donating! James
  3. I tested my e-mail address and it worked perfectly so I told my host exactly what was happening and this was their responce: "It appears that the sender mail server does not support the callbacks the our mail server is performing. When a message is sent to our servers, our mail service will call back to ensure the sender exists. During this, the mail service uses a null sender. It appears that the sending mailserver does not support this null server and so the call back fails. All of our servers perform the sender verification callback. This is a feature that reduces a large amount of spam from falsified e-mail addresses. We cannot turn this feature off due to a mail server not conforming to RFC standards." Thanks James
  4. Ok, here's what happened: I dialled the number marked Customer Relations in the leaflet (0800 015 4112), Option 1 was if you wanted to make a complaint, Option 2 was for anything else, so I chose option 2, as I wasn't complaining about anything. Guy answers, I tell him why I'm calling - That they should ignore the last letter I sent them and asked about getting 2 extra charges refunded. He told me I'd need to speak to Customer Relations and proceeded to give me the number I had just dialled and told me to go to Option 2, I said "Err, I think I've just done that." - he said, you need to go to option 2. I presumed an error had been made somewhere, so I thanked him and proceeded to dial again, and went to option 2. Upon answering I again explained my reason for the call again, to which he told me I needed to speak to customer relations, he also told me he thought it unlikely that I would be able to claim back my 2 extra charges without making a separate claim, as "a lot of work goes into working out each claim". This time he told me he would but me through to customer relations, so I held the line while he put me though. Upon answering I explained my reason for calling for the third time , to which he replied "You will need to get in touch with customer relation about this"!!! (do you see a pattern forming here?) I told him I thought I had just been put through to CR, to which he gave me the number I had just dialled, but this time he told be to go to option 1, even though I wasn't making a complaint. So I dialed again and hit option 1. I finally got through to a woman, to whom I explained my reason for the call to again. She took my account details and made a note to ignore the last letter I had sent. When I asked about getting the 2 extra charges refunded as well, she told me to just put a note at the bottom of the offer form and the claims department would see what they could do. So I got somewhere finally, and it seems promising that I may get the 2 extra charges refunded as well. I shall send off my offer acceptance confirmation and let you know what happens! Roughly how long do they normally take to pay the offer back into your account? Thanks again, James
  5. In the NatWest forum, I have my 'jcwacky vs NatWest' post, but I do not receive updates whenever a new reply is made. - I have checked in the User CP and the thread is listed as subscribed with 'Instant' e-mail notification. - I have tested my e-mail address it is fine - I do not have any spam filters which could be stopping it. What could be the problem? Thanks James
  6. Ok, I'll give them a call tomorrow, there isn't a telephone number on the letter, but in the complaints leaflet that was sent with it there is an 0800 number next to the Borehamwood address. I'll try that and let you know how it goes! Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for the reply hedgey, I'm not sure if they'd even listen to me on the phone would they? Not sure if it's worth delaying things by sending another letter. Hmmm. I can't decide!
  8. Please? What should I do about the extra 2 charges? Is it worth it? Don't worry I'm definitely going to donate! Cheers James
  9. Exciting thing happened today! Let me fill you in first: I sent the LBA as Hedgey said. This was sent by recorded delivery on Monday (2nd). In the letter I said the normal stuff, but also added 2 more charges of £38 each onto the total, stated they were new charges since the last request and added them to the enclosed spreadsheet. This brought my total up from £740 (Not £745 as I said in my first post) to £821. However, today I received a letter from NatWest stating all the usual crap but offering me the full original £740 to be paid into my account. Obviously the 2 letters crossed in the post (As I have just moved house and it had to be redirected, I notified NatWest of my new address on Monday). So should I accept the £740? Or should I try and get the 2 new charges of £76 as well? Would asking for the extra £76 put the offer at risk? Also to consider is as I am in Scotland the maximum claim in the Small Claims court is £750, the new charges push me over this limit, so I might not even be able to claim for them if it goes to court. Many Thanks James
  10. Thanks hedgey, I'll get that done straight away!
  11. On 2nd May I sent a letter to NatWest requesting a total of £745 in charges. On 10th May I received a letter saying they were currently investigating my request and would respond as soon as possible. I have not heard anything since, what should my next step be? Thanks James
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