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  1. after months of silence I received an offer of £5k plus £250 costs - no interest - on 22 feb 08 which I rejected on the same day. I have today received an increased offer of £7k plus £250 costs - again no interest - which i have again rejected - have they woken up to the fact that business claims are not stayed? Or is this part of having to deal with them?
  2. hi sorry but this is new thread i think i have just received an offer from yorkshire bank for approx 30% of my claim for bank charges - i thought these has all been frozen pending the result of the test case - am i wrong? any other claims had similar offers recently
  3. I sent an initial claim to Yorkshire Bank on 11 March 2007 for them to reply within 14 days so I am still waiting for the expiry of that period later this week
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