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  1. Hi there I have recently been for a job interview, unfortunately I was unsuccessful and I am now finding it difficult to find out why. I understand that I have rights under the Data Protection Act to see information written about me. Would this information be covered by the act, and if so what sections? I have spent hours trawling through the act but cannot find anything relevant.
  2. Fair one Mike. It is Barclays Nominees (Monument) Ltd. I put that I would file under Monument as that is the creditor on the card. Sorry if I have given you duff information. I was pretty sure it would be Monument. I wouldn't have thought it would matter as it was Monument who issued the card. I had a Monument card and did not find out they were owned by Barclays, until I defaulted and realised that correspondance is sent to the same address as Barclays.
  3. Feedback can only be left within 60 days of the orignal transaction date.
  4. One more thing... I keep getting telephone calls, pressuring me to find out what I want a copy of the agreement. They also say that because I have made payments I have legally acknowledged the debt.
  5. Thanks for the advice. The original creditor did default me, but I received a further default notice today.
  6. Hi Dazzle Connaught have sent my husband the same threats. I sent them a CCA request. In my opinion they are the only DCA that I have had dealings with that actually understand what I am asking for. They sent me a response saying that I had numerous options, cease payments and pay missed payments once the agreement is produced, carry on paying or pay it off in full once they produce the agreement. I chose to continue paying. 12 days passed and a few weeks later I sent them a letter explaining that in my opinion of the CCA 1974 they had not only defaulted but they had x number of days to produce the agreement. I received a letter back from them asking me to stop making payments until the agreement is produced. Not sure if it helps any...
  7. Ok the 12 working days and 32 days have passed and no agreement. I have received a default notice today from the DCA. What do I do now? I have a default notice regarding this on my credit file. Can I report them to OFT? Is so would it be my local one, or theirs? Is there anything else I can do? Any advice is much appreciated.
  8. I would put the defendant as Monument, because although they are owned by Barclays. Monument is a company in its own right.
  9. I spoke to the DCA on the telephone today (I know this was not a wise move). But they are saying that because I have made payments on the account, I have admitted that I owe them money and the balance remains due still. The DCA told me that I sent a CCA request in to "try and get out of paying it". Where do I stand on this?
  10. I have spent hours trying to find answers... I have sent a CCA request to a DCA, and they have not produced a credit agreement. Now they will commit an offence in 2 days time. What happens next presuming I get no response? Do I need to write to them? Report them to Trading Standards? Please could someone advise me...
  11. Just came across this thread... I received a letter from Bryan Carter on 20th April 07, not only on headed 'Bryan Carter' paper, but also threatening enforcement action if I did not settle... Don't know whether it worth passing to any one... BACKGROUND - CCJ on capital one card, paid every month on time since it was issued. Thought I would try my luck trying to get charges refunded. Here is what they sent me... "outstanding balance £198.33 We acknowledge receipt of your recent communication. We note that you have raised a dispute with regards to charges applied to your account. Our view is that whilst you may be partially successful in this argument it is certainly not the case that all charges levied are irrecoverable. In an attempt to bring this matter to a conclusion we confirm that on a without prejudice basis we will accept £99.17 in full and final settlement providing that payment is received within 28 days of the date of this letter. If you choose not to accept this compromise our instructions are to take enforcement action against you without further notice." Hmmm. Please could someone advise???
  12. Yeah Cheese, Its a box standard letter. I got it 3 times, "as a gesture of goodwill" Good luck and keep me updated
  13. Ok, received a letter from Littlewoods and an alledged credit agreement, which is not signed, infact it looks nothing like an agreement. Also received a letter from Moorcroft stating that there is no credit agreement and they will be sending the account back to littlewoods.
  14. Hi Cheese I dont about adding them all together. I received a letter from Monument offering half the amount, I accepted it as I am persuing another 5 companies and its proving to be very time consuming. I am at work all day and come home and I am sorting stuff out all night. I received £216, but as the account is with a creditor they just took it off what I the creditor. Good luck Cheese.
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