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  1. Hi Plum - yes this is just a standard letter. Keep on going and ignore them - it pays - I got confirmation that they're paying all of my claim today. Good luck! Moggs.
  2. I certainly will!! Big takeaway curry and wine for tea tonight to celebrate methinks!!! Trying to think who else has fleeced me over the years now - this could be addictive!
  3. Thanks! I still can't believe it. Hope everyone else gets good news too - Sare, how about you? Mogg (Purring loudly).
  4. I decided to work from home today, just in case the postie brought good news and... ...he did!!! I WON! I WON! I WON!!!!!!! So happy - can now afford to repair roof, buy food (!) and pay off some bills. :D Thanks to everyone on CAG for their support! I've done a lot of browsing and gained real inspiration from the success stories on here, so thank you, thank you, thank you! Over 4 grand - wa-hey!! The letter says it will be paid into our account within the next 5 days - can't wait!
  5. Nothing yet, but am keeping fingers crossed! I have a leaky roof that needs repairing and that money will come in very handy for that! I have a horrible feeling it might actually go to court, but am really hoping it doesn't....
  6. Hi Seaside Lady, Yes - it was deemed served on 29th May and they acknowledged MCOL on 1st June with intent to defend. Mogg
  7. Thanks for all the supportg guys. I filed my MCOL claim on 24th May, so now I expect it is just a matter of waiting for Mr. Postman to come...hopefully with a lovely settlement from Halifax! Mogg
  8. Hello Everyone, I got a letter two days ago dated 11th June from Halifax. I'm pretty sure that it's just one of their scary 'bog off' letters, but just wanted to check...in it they say: "the guidelines issued by the OFT do not apply to bank account charges, therefore I cannot comment on it in connection with your concerns." They also say they may be able to help by providing us an overdraft - pah!!! They've never wanted to listen to us before when we've pleaded for help/buffer overdraft during times of bereavement, redundancy etc. They also say, "I am sorry to advise you I am declining your complaint" and "If I do not hear from you in the next eight weeks I will assume you are happy." Oh yeah, super thanks, seeing as you've nicked four grand off me in 3 years... Anyhow, I've been through the whole LBA process etc and started with MCOL. They acknowledged and now have until 26 June to file a defence. What are the chances they'll settle before then? Am a bit scared in case they do file a defence and I have to go to court... My timeline is: 10th April - sent initial letter 4th May - sent LBA to Ewan Penticost 24th May - started MCOL claim 29th May - deemed served 1st June - Halifax acknowledged to MCOL with intent to defend 7th June - sent copy of statement of charges to halifax (Mr. O'Brian) 11th June- letter from Halifax saying they are declining my claim because I knew T&Cs. Halifax have until 26 June to file a defence
  9. Thanks Everyone - all your advice is great. I refuse to be intimidated by these immoral people any more!!! MoggyLover
  10. Hi all, I filed my claim on MCOL a couple of days ago for unfair charges on our joint account. Today, the Halifax have called my husband twice saying we must immediately pay in £330 today or else - the thing is, we've only gone this much overdrawn because of their charges. It's all charges - nothing else! We haven't used the account for 2 weeks as we knew we had no money in it (plus we've been on holiday so no need to use it_ but the letters keep coming - another £28 here, another £39 there. They've also just left a message on my phone and my home phone - so that's 4 calls in just one day demanding we pay in the money now. Neither of us get paid until next week so have no money to pay in as the nasty so-and-so's have nicked it all and my husband and I have said this to them. Plus, for two months now they've bounced our mortgage payments, even when we've had the money in the bank. They have said it's because they allocate the funds the day before the payment is due (ie: the day before we get paid). Surely this can't be right? They have said the mortgage will be bounced again next week too as even when we get paid, because of this £330, we won't have enough money to pay it. It's quite stressful really, but I'm going to hang on in there. Should we keep a note of the calls - I think it could be construed as bullying, especially after that harrassment case this week. The thing is, ever since we opened the account we've asked for a small overdraft limit of just £50 and they've always refused and this has cost us thousands. I'm not too well at the moment and if they call me again I might snap. Any reassurance gratefully received. MoggyLover
  11. Hello, Hope someone can help me. I sent my prelim and LBA letters to Halifax - both times I have had letters basically telling me to go away as they weren't going to bother responding before 18th June. Apparently they're too busy to try and keep their customers happy. Hmph. Anyway, I understand that my next step is to file a claim on Moneyclaim - is this right? I called Halifax today to say that I received their latest 'thanks for the letter no go away' note and notified them of my intention to go to court and they basically said (over the phone) that they can't help me, they can't move complaints forward and they are sorry I'm a tad cheesed off at being ripped off over three grand in charges. Am I right to go to Money Claim now or should I wait until their June deadline after all? I'm getting a bit nervous as HSBC settled far earlier than this and the whole going to court thing is a wee bit scary.:o Any advice gratefully received. MoggyLover
  12. Thank you everyone, you've been a fab help! I shall get writing right now and hopefully get what's rightfully mine very soon - grrrrr! I'll try and keep you all updated in the HSBC forum. Thanks again! MoggyLover x
  13. Hello, I'm a newbie and could do with a bit of advice from all you experts! I sent my letter off to my bank (HSBC) asking for my money back and have now had two letters saying they acknowledge receipt of my letter and they are investigating my complaint. Just wondered what to do now - it's past the 14 days now, but wondered what I have to do as they have sent those letters? Do I wait? I can see what to do if they haven't responded and what to do if they have given an offer, but not what to do if they have send a bland non-letter to me like they have! Help! A pointer in the right direction would be great. Thanx, MoggyLover
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