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  1. Could somebody please mark this thread as a *** Success*** now that I have received all the payments from Lloyds. Many thanks
  2. Well finally I received the last cheque from Lloyds in June and I can at last close this chapter!
  3. Hi intend Yes sure, I told FOS that I had employer's life cover including long term sickness cover that would have covered any payments and also proved my existing medical condition that would have made me ineligible under the payment cover anyway. I hope that helps.
  4. Thank Andy, I really appreciate your help during the court case in late 2011 I really couldn't have done it without it. It's reassuring to have that kind of help over a complicated things like the law for first timers like me. It's amazing how people like you, ims and the other Caggers never attache a precondition for payments before any advice is given. I will make a donation to keep the people power here going and It's a pleasure to do so. Many thanks for all your helps over the years.
  5. Hi ims thank you for you quick reply as always. Yes it's excellent news, it took me 3 years since I started my PPI claims against Lloyds, so it's good to see the light at the end of the tunnel finally. Now I can't wait to get the payments from them after keeping my money for almost 17 years.
  6. Finally as of Thursday all my 3 claims (2 CC and Loan) against Lloyds dating back June 1998 have been upheld by FOS. Lloyds have accepted FOS judgement to the 2 credit cards and now waiting to hear the personal loan and the payments. Hi IMS and Andy, could you please inbox me on how to make a small contribution to CAGGERs for all your help along the way I really appreciated.
  7. Well after just over 2 years since starting my claim against Lloyds, FOS finally upheld 2 (Credit Cards) out of 3 of my claims due to existing medical and I'm only waiting to hear about the personal loan now. Whoa I'm ahead of myself, lets go back to the court date as per post 71. On 12/01/12 I went to the court 30 mins early, only to find that Lloyds solicitor was already waiting. As soon as I check in with the court clerk, he asked me if I wanted to see the solicitor to negotiate to our differences before we see the judge. I agreed thinking that she will finally acknowledge the outstanding documents. I know I was hopeful, because she just repeated that they only keep records for six years and mine were 12-14 years old. I told her if Lloyds were able to send me the account notes from my old current a/c, showing when I applied the loan and credit cards (Jul 98), surely they should also be able to provide me with the transactions history. Suffice it to say that we agreed to disagreed, so off we went to see the judge. The judge read my defence point by point, then asked the solicitor about the missing documents (in firm tone), which she replied that they already provided me all the records they had and that they don't keep records more than six years. The judge took a pause for a moment and it was my turn now (uh-oh!). First, can I say that it was my first time ever in a court (let alone in court chambers), so I was so nervous to the point that my mouth was dry as a desert. Tried to compose myself (to no avail), and I said to the judge that the ICO to told me that access to personal data is not only limited to six years and if the organisation (data controller) is in possession of them then they should provide all the data (since 1998). I showed him the account notes and said "since they have already provided me the account notes surely this shows that the records exist and they should be able to provide me all the transactions history". I felt that the judge believed the six years cap (like everybody else) and I was losing the argument, then I said that the bank decided just being selective with the data to provide me your honor (in frustration). He laughed and said you can't say 'they being selective if you don't have the prove that they are' perhaps seeing how experience I was in court. I apologised to the judge and I rephrased it 'that the bank provided me some data and not all of the data as specified by ICO under the Data Protection Act'. He paused again and said some legal terms about sending a letter requiring me to list point by point all the information I require. I didn't understand it so I asked the judge if he wanted me to just list all the info I was requesting. He laughed again and glanced at the solicitor then repeated the same legal stuff again with a smile. I sensed that maybe he was telling me something that I was missing, so I thanked the judge and left it at that. Then we left the chambers and the court drama was over (phew!) Less than a week after my court appearance and whilst still waiting the letter from the judge, I received the two big brown envelops containing (you've guest it) the transactions history. But only for the two credit card and only going back to Jan 2000, I was still missing the credit cards transactions history from 1998-1999 and all of the personal loan. But I was relieved because at least I had some data and that I can always use an average of the charges for the missing two years for the credit cards for my SOC spreadsheets and the account notes showed the personal loan amount and with PLPI. I photocopied all the records and attached a covering letter to the court to show that records existed all along and handed in to the court so I won't liable to any cost before I received the judge's letter and that I didn't want to proceed with my court proceeding now. Then after receiving the rejection letter from Lloyds, I sent all to FOS to deal with them in Oct 2012 and have been waiting since. I would like to say that going to court is not easy and after that drama I wouldn't like to go through it again let alone recommend it. if I don't see the court chambers again for the rest of my life it will be too soon but that's just my experience. P.S. Could someone please move this thread to the PPI section, it looks like things have changed since I was last here many thanks.
  8. Hi Andy, Today I received a Case Management Conference taking place on 12/01/12 from the court, after sending my reply to the defence. Is this the correct process? I was expecting allocation questionaire before any hearing according to the post I read on the site. Do I need to prepare something first before the hearing? I read that I need to do a case summary containing a chronology of the claim to assist court?
  9. Thank you for all your help Andy really appreciat it. I'll send it tomorrow to the solicitor and hand delivery to court. Will keep you informed what happens next.
  10. That's my goal, to claim the PPI once I get the information I need basically (breakdown of transactions). I feel that I don't have the info to do that yet, since they being obstructive from the beginning,
  11. That's right I've completed CPR Part 8 since I wasn't claiming any cost just compliance and I hope court fees later on. Is it Ok and ready to send the reply tomorrow?
  12. Hi Andy thank you for reply. I'm trying ltsb to send the statements first (or transactions list) detailing all the transactions which they haven't done yet. So no PPI figures are included in this claim yet, but if I win I will ask the DJ for court fees to be refunded. I hope that's clear and makes sense.
  13. Hi Andy, I just tried to pm you but your email is full. I'm hoping to send the reply as soon as possible and would really aprreciate your input. regards hass
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