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  1. Hi Had a letter from Equidebt saying my 'Financial situation has improved' claiming they have seen my credit report (although they haven't asked permission to look at my credit report so would thought this is a breach of data protection?) I have had a debt I have been paying off with them for as far as I can remember, going back more than 10 years, I pay them £10 a month, have done for the whole duration, have £2000 to pay off, but I can't remember if it was a ccj or just a payment plan with them to pay the debt off. What I would like to know is if I should just ignore the lette
  2. ok, I did complain, both to firstcrud and the train operator, I'm not one for just ignoring it and waiting to see what happens next. I wrote a letter of complaint to firstcrud, basically calling them a bunch of idiots. I have reported them to office of fair trading I also emailed the train operator, they replied very promptly and apologised for a debt collector chasing the debt that did not belong to me. They have instructed firstcrud to not contact me again and have written off the debt. So a good days work all in all.
  3. Hi Revenant Thanks for that, that's what I thought, shame the name they indicate looks nothing like my surename! How wrong can these mugs be!?
  4. Good morning one and all. My wife opended a letter yesterday that arrived at our address but was addressed to someone we have never heard of before. The letter is from First Credit Management and they are chasing a debt of £68.00 concerning a non-payment of a a train fare during July 2008. I do use the train line concerned but do not travel between the train stations they indicate, I am a seanon ticket holder on the train line so there wouldn't be any need for me to dodge a fare in the first place, so this is not me. My wife does not use the trains she drives so this has nothin
  5. Ignore the mugs. As they are claiming that you can reduce the amount you owe if you pay them within a certain time frame is a very good indication that they know they can't persue the debt in court, they always use the reduced payment routine when they know this. You will normally get another 1 or 2 letters from them claiming to be passed on to their legal deptartment, which is normally the same person printing a different letterhead from a different folder, then you may get another letter from another debt collector claiming to be collecting for the orginal debt collector, when in f
  6. Hi All Bit of advice please. Back in the early 90's up to around 95 my debet problems were really bad, no need to go in to details, but i defaulted and got many CCJ's on credit cards and loans. Since the mid 90's I have been paying around 4 CCJ's off at around £5 a month for sums of around £2500 - £5000 each. I have moved house several times during those days and all have fallen off my credit reference files many years ago. I have not contacted any of them since the CCJ's but all paymens come out of my account via standing orders each month. I now can't even remember w
  7. I personally would send a letter mocking them and indicating what idiot's they are, and how you are going to spend the money that you have saved not paying them, but that's what I like to do doesn't mean you have to do the same of course!
  8. AngryAndy I like your idea best, I often send letters from here but with a few added lines/paragraph's of mine indicating what fools they are, it makes me laugh and if sending a letter like this makes you smile then send it!
  9. Stop paying these mugs If they have no CCA then you don't have to pay any money to them unless they produce one in the future.
  10. Jed If the ****** comes back, and if you have one, use video recording on him. Film him with a phone even if it doesn't have video capability just say you are filming/recording everything. This type of filth don't like to be filmed or recorded and will change their tune if they are.
  11. Tell them you don't know the person in question, tell them you will find out where they work, put them on hold, then every couple of minutes ask if they are ok to hold as you can't locate the person but will keep trying, keep doing this until they go away, hopefully they will stay on for a long time at cost to them, welcome to the world of 'how to annoy the DCA as much as possible' it's a fun game!
  12. Hopefully he will find some big buddies in prison who will like him as a playmate!
  13. Problem with these clowns is that the calls are generated by an automated call system, the fool at the other end is not directly phoning you it's the system so when you pick it up it alerts an operator in the centre and they then begin to speak to you, I'm afraid they were not asked to have brains when they were interviewed for their pointless job so when you tell them not to phone again they don't have the intelligence to be able to update the system, that has to be carried out by a more senior person, and so the cycle will continue through the system with the constant mundane phone calls.
  14. The only thing is that the credit card debt goes back many years and when I asked the DCA for a CCA they closed the account saying that the original creditor did not have one, therefore there's no sighned CCA by me which should mean I never even gave the original creditor permission to check my file as they don't have a signed CCA. The reason for the check on my file is that they sent a letter to me at my address asking if I was MR xxxx xxxx with my first name mis-spelt by one letter, I told them that the person does not live at my address, that's when they did the check on my file to get
  15. It's not that important to the fact that it will not stop you from getting credit. It's a check to see if someone lives at a certain address for instance. I noticed it because I pay for the alert service of experian so knew about it within 24 hours of being recorded. My gripe is that is was carried out by a DCA for a credit card debt to find out if I lived at my address. I did not give them permission to do this, they didn't ask me, and it turns out that the DCA does not have a CCA for the debt either. I don't see why they should have access to my records if I haven't given per
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