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  1. Thanks Penny, good that you got somewhere with them, I'll keep at them till they give me what I want
  2. Update: Finally recieved my full S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) today (including my £10 cheque). Unfortunately it also contains my original CCA so no line there:( . I called them today to say that I'm not happy with their current offer, apparently the Defalt Charges team are no longer taking negotiation calls and you have to put it in writing (I was going to anyway) and send it to: Default Charges Team Customer Advocates Office MBNA Europe Bank Limited PO BOX 1004 Chester Business Park Chester CH4 9WW (Not sure if that's a new address). Anyways I think I have calculated my interest now (£672.92 not sure if it's right but it's enough:) ) so I'll send them my initial claim and see how it goes.
  3. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (look it up it is a word )
  4. No I didn't, main reason was I couldn't get my head around working it out, but what they offered covered virtually the whole balance anyway so I'm happy (ish)
  5. Hi Kenny, I live in Wales, would this make any difference? I've read through most of the forum over the last few weeks, a lot to take in:eek: I haven't sent my LBA yet, I thought I see what they'd offer without.... I'll keep at them anyway and see haow it progresses
  6. Hi all, Got to bundle alot in here.. Sent the S.A.R off in march. The statements turned up just inside the 40 Days. Calculated my charges as £805 and sent first claim letter off. 25/5/07 recieved standard letter saying that their charges are fair and that they are unwilling to refund etc... Very worried about going to court so I thought I'd just give them a ring "to confirm their position before taking the matter further". Spoke to a very helpfull girl called Leigh on (0845 1241362 this number was on the letter head). who said that she'll elevate the claim to the next level and I should recieve an offer in about 7 days (probably not the full amount but we'll see). I'll Keep updating when I hear any more..
  7. I Forgot about this thread! I was claiming £976 in charges They rejected claim first of all, I called them to confirm, their position and they sent me an offer of £300 which I gave careful consideration for about half a second then rejected. Another offer of £600 which again was rejected.... A final offer of £976 with no court action or anything Bargain.. This is not as hard as it sounds! now to go after Abbey bank, Halifax and MBNA (A&L)! see what they come up with
  8. Right then now just got to try and get my head round Vamps CI spreadsheet:confused:
  9. That's what I thought So what do I do next? I've sent of a CCA request today, it'll be interesting to see if that turns up
  10. Just had a conversation with James Docherty ( 01244-672628 ) regarding my S.A.R (initially sent in March, and followed up with ID and a filled in form in May recieved by them may 14th). they've sent info back to march 2003 (account was opened in 2001). What he had to say was quite interesting, if you mention that you are intending to claim back the fees in your letters they will treat it as a complaint and instead of sending out the complete requested data will generally make goodwill offers instead. I pointed out that they are required to supply the information under the data protection act, and he just repeated the same thing...they treat it as a complaint etc etc. and that he'd speak to someone to get the information sent out! is this a new tactic?? I've been trying to work out contractural interest on this card but don't have the balances as they just send a printout of transactions. Is there any way to do it without the balances? Shall I just add 29.9% everyday from the day the charge was made:-|
  11. Hi, I'm a little bit lost with all of this, my claim from Marbles went through very easily with minimal haggling and the full amount repayed. But MBNA are a whole different kettle of fish! I've read up on a lot of the threads regarding MBNA (including the legendary Battleaxe saga!) and am unsure where I should go next.. I sent the orignal SAR off 17/03/2007 Recieved partial information back on the 4th May (only back to 2003) with letter saying they didn't treat it as a SAR etc. etc. and offering £390 goodwill. Sent copy of drivers liscence and their comleted form back 10th May stating that they had not complied and giving them a further 10 days to (1 recorded delivery & one standard delivery just to be sure). Sent another letter 25th May saying that extending their deadline again by 7 days (am I being too leanient??). Recieved a letter 16th June, with the same set of statements and offering a further £662 (calculated claim as £976 so their offering more.) includes the line: "In regards to your SAR, we are currently dealing with this and your requested information will follow". I have a couple of questions though: I know I have been completely c##p at handling this account, but the minimum payment goes out of my account every month by direct debit. Invariably I recieve a monthly letter stating that the amount has not been recieved etc... I have not had an A & L card for at least 2 years (they stopped sending them) and there have been no purchases on the account since 2003 (still a whopping great balance though!) What should I do next? Should I just accept the offer and have done, or should I enquire about my CCA as I know for a fact that I have never signed a credit agreement with MBNA! or recieved anything with my new cards (as I haven't had any for at least 2 years.) Help please.:?
  12. Hi, I have a question I know there have been a quite few charges on my marbles account which I would like to claim back. However, last year I noticed that I had been paying PPI which I had cancelled in 2002 (most of the time this was the cause of the charges!). I contacted them by phone in an attempt to get the money (plus any charges incurred) refunded after several days talking to them about it they refunded 6 months worth of PPI payments to my account (should have been 4 years worth!) claiming that they could find no record of the original letter I sent cancelling the agreement. Will this affect my claim in any way? I also have another issue with them regarding direct debit, they keep sending me the forms which I keep filling in and returning. Then the next month I get a late payment charge / letter again. When I speak to them they say that my bank (Abbey) has cancelled the direct debit. Abbey say that they have no record of one being set up!! I think this is just their way of ensuring that they get their nice big late payment fee off me every month!! (hope it come back and bites them on the [email protected]@e !!)
  13. :o sorry didn't see that ^
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