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  1. Hi and welcome! PLEASE don't give up, we've all doubted ourselves at the very beginning and we've all had the letters telling us that they (the Bank) are right and we are wrong.....but it's not like that AT ALL!! I am currently (well, I was) claiming on 3 Halifax accounts; two of them Cardcash and one current. Success stories on two so far: One cardcash - paid up the full amount claiming without going to court (£3500) One current account - paid up the full amount claiming, again without going to court (£1430) Am ongoing with another Cardcash at the moment, and that's being reviewed at the moment, so no doubt an offer will be in the post soon. Also, am sorting my brother's HSBC out for him Everyone here is so friendly, helpful and there for everyone else, so please ask any seemingly silly questions and someone will know the answer. Cn only reiterate what SSL (superstar) has said above - read the templates, the timeline and everything you can....it's honestly not as scarey or as difficult as you think, and remember it's your money! Hope this helps, best of luck and keep posting. Purps xx
  2. And another update --- As per previous post, we got the first part-payment of the full settlement amount (no court...) into the FIRST bank account two days after the initial letter. Good news all round Hubby Account Number 2: got a part payment paid into the account before we'd even got the letter to advise us they were offering this. Rang them, spoke to a very nice man and got the FULL amount offered there and then. Went on holidays - had a very nice time! Returned from holidays, two letters from the Halifax; one re the larger amount stating that the remainder of the settlement would be in the account within the next 14 days (letter dated 2 July). One re the smaller second account amount - again stating would be in account within the next 14 days. This letter dated 3 July. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been deposited as yet, and I am sure the 14 days MUST be up by now (even if it's working days)? I know deposits usually go in after 4pm, so keep on checking, but it's more frustrating than anything.....any ideas anyone? Mnay thanks Purps x
  3. :grin: Whoo! :-D After what seems like forever (but not really....life somehow got in the way), we got a letter from halifax this last Wednesday in response to Hubby asking for the matter to be reviewed. Letter was an "offer" - whoops, I mean gesture of goodwill and was for 51% of the claim. Hubby was most put out as the fateful "full and final" was mentioned. However, stuck to my guns and he called them back today and said he was sticking out for the full bit ....quick conversation later along the lines of "what were you looking to settle at..." "full amount please"..."okay sir, that shouldn't be a problem...will be in your account within 14 days" "thank you very much" = end of conversation! So, we got the full amount of charges back - no going to court (we couldn't afford the fees), and there we are! Also, have just checked online banking, and the initial semi-offer has been credited to account today (two days after we got the letter!) which is great news as we are off on holidays next week!!! Whoo.....and he said he wouldn't happen! Honestly, couldn't have done it without help and support from here and donation on it's way!! Onto the second account and my account now (both being reviewed as I type!) Huge thanks and hugs Purple xx :-D
  4. Thanks Money Have just called Customer Relations and they have referred it to their Review Team, however they are "dealing with claims in date order and have a backlog on these at the moment"...so they will respond no later than 8 weeks (could be a lot sooner, but give themselves 8 weeks as a safety guard). So, I said hmm.....if I have had no satisfactory response within 14 days of the date of my first letter, then I'll be sending LBA next week. Their response - we will see what we can do and try and try and get a "satisfactory offer" out to you by the end of this week. So, upshot being, it's been referred for further review BUT if I hear nothing by next Wednesday (14 days since prelim) then it's LBA time! Purps xx
  5. :-| Letter received in response to my prelim (sent 5 June) which is the standard "we think we;ve been fair in taking lots of your money from you unlawfully", and I know this is standard. However, letter also states that they want to resolve the matter, and I should contact them so they can assist. My question is, do I send LBA (even though technically it's a week early as I gave them 14 days to reply and they replied within a week) OR do I telephone and ask for it to be referred? Help!!! Purpls xx
  6. I *will* sort this out..... Update as at today - Hubby Account ~ 1: He spoke to Customer Wotsits last week, stating he wasn't happy about the letter he received (charges are fair etc etc..) and he asked for it to be reviewed -- 10 seconds later, "that's fine sir, and expect to hear from us within the next 10 days with an offer...." Ooops, should the man have let that slip!? Anyway, we're ready with the N1 all filled in and ready to file next Friday (pay day) for when the offer doesn't materialise! Hubby Account ~ 2: LBA off today, but again ready to file when they don't respond positively Me - Preliminary letter off today....but LBA already drafted! Should all be over and done with soon I hope. PTB xx
  7. Update re HUbby Claim #1: As above, have received the "we think we're being fair and you're not getting any money back" letter; he is going to call them tonight and tell them he's not happy with that response and can the decision be reviewed please? Either that or we sent another letter similar to LBA (like an LBA Mark 2 I guess) giving them another 7 days to review the situation and then it's court (cos we can afford it in another week!) And A teeny victory to me --- albeit v small, but made me feel better! Had a charge put onto my account for a transfer to another bank account (different organisation) that I did online, after chcking my Hfax balance, making sure there was enought there etc etc. Gobsmacked to see I had een charged for unpaid item when the money was there when I transferred it! So -- rang the normal banking line and spoke to a person who almost admitted it was their fault (but not quite) and when I asked why the charge was there, she mumbled something about charges only being taken at the end of the day so what was showing on my online balance wasn't really there and so on and so forth. Anyway, upshot being that she was able to cancel the impending charge AND removed the charge that had been applied to the account the day before to stop the agreed payment going through. So, all in all, £78 up thank you v much HAlifax (well, really only £39 up I guess, but at least I won't have another £39 going out tomorrow). I am sooo glad I made that phone call! Prelim for my account goes Friday....but I already have the LBA written! PTB xx
  8. Thanks SSL...most helpful (as always!) We;re thinking of next week (as opposed to this...) at least then it's another payday with more chance of having enough ££ to pay the court and make sure some of our DDs don't fail..... PTB X
  9. Me again Went to collect N1 forms from local County Court on Friday afternoon (I was passing....) and lady behind the counter smiled at me and said "ooh, I sense another bank charges case coming....", apparently they haven't had all that many coming through, but she said "enough to keep people busy!". Not quite sure whether that's a good or bad thing to be honest! Anyway, will scrape together the £120 fee from somewhere and will be filing either Friday this week (depending on funds) or the Friday after...can only do on a Friday as it's the only time one of us can get to court, and we want to pay cash to avoid any chance of a cheque bouncing and yet more charges!!! So - N1 here we come. Am about to send my prelim for my account and LBA for his other account (even though we know what the outcome will be now, but guess we better follow protocol). Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan once we have filed the N1. Just a question, if we manage to get it all sorted for this Friday, am guessing that it will be held up for a few days due to Bank Holiday? Should we wait until the Friday after the Bank Holiday? Apologies for sounding daft, but I am sooo scared.... Huge thanks PTB xx
  10. I could kick myself.....have been so pre-occupied with other stuff going on that I haven't had time to think. Anyway, Hubby got the new standard letter this morning. You know, the "we think we've been fair and applied the charges correctly so you can go whistle for YOUR money..." letter. A photocopied letter at that (although was singed in blue so you have to look at it like a proper copty). Oh, and some bedtime reading in the form of a PHOTCOPY of their bank Charges leaflet....methinks they need to order some more stocks. So, we now have to progress down the Court route but am unsure as to which route - N1 or MCOL? We still haven't got the £120 Court fee, but we have to find it from somewhere (and add on to the charges...) Really should have dealt with this sooner, but I can only handle one major thing at once at the moment. Am aiming to get LBA for His account 2 and my prelim for 1 off in the next 7/10 days. Any support/advice appreciated PTB xx
  11. Could be interesting if I went for everything from the birth of the account (eek...when I was a student!), but I didn't have the outgoings then that I do now I was a good girl!! Am determined to fight this one... PTB x
  12. Another update -- not too sure how frustrating this is/isn't, but it's helping me to keep a track on things..... Hubby ~1 - LBA deadline been and gone and nada from Halifax. As previous message, we can't afford the £120 Court fee (due to, guess what....bank charges), so are hanging fire and simply waiting. I KNOW we shouldn't but we have no option on this one. Hubby ~ 2: waiting for Account 1 to get sorted, then we can get moving on Account 2 (at least we'll have the ££ for court then!) Me ~ FINALLY received something from the Halifax yesterday re my SAR (sent at the beginning of March and chased 7 days ago).....not a bundle of statements as anticipated, but a list of charges for the period I asked for which totals £2000ish. Another £120 charges to be added next week when I'll send Prelim. However, charges go from March 2001; can I claim March/April 2001 to date (May 2007) or do I have to go from May 2001.....charges for March/April come to £56, but I s'pose it's MY £56!! Advice/support always appreciated PTB x
  13. Further update -- Have just spent 15 minutes on the 'phone to a lovely Irish man who was more than helpful in attempting to track down what's happened to my statements! Poor love was passed to Trinity Road, then to Leeds, then back to Halifax, then to Leeds again and then finally....to the person sitting next to him!!! In his words "I'll cut to the chase....saves a lot of hassle for you and me, I'll order all your statements now, refund the £10 postal order back into your account and there will be no further charge...and the statements will be with you by the end of next week!" Hmm - I'll believe it when I see it, but it made a change to speak to someone willing (and to a certain extent able) to help! PTB x
  14. Update again.... Hubby Accoun ~1 - LBA sent and 14 day deadline is Monday. Received standard (or seems like it anyway) letter from Leeds "sorry we haven't yet responded to your complaint...we will do, by the 18th May at the latest" yesterday. Silly people sent the same letter twice! Crazy thing is, can't afford the £120 court fee, so we may have to wait for their deadline and see what happens. I really don't want to, but it's a case of not having the £120 easily available. Hubby Account 2 - in process of getting ready to send LBA on this one, but again may have to start process again due to lack of pennies to take through court proceedings (but we would ahve the money if they didn't keep charging us stoopid amounts for stuff) Me - SAR deadline was yesterday, and NOTHING! Any advice on this one? Getting completely frustrated and disheartened by the whole thing, but absolutely determined to see it through! PTB
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