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  1. I think I will need to send a sar to Provident to find out all the details.
  2. Yes it was a doorstep loan. I could not afford the payments at the time and I foolishly ignored them , then over the coarse of time I forgot about this. The outstanding payment was £250, it was passed over to Cabot and I Ignored them. The CCJ is now for £371.
  3. I have checked my credit file and there is no information about the Provident account. The only info on my file is the CCJ from Cabot.
  4. Cabot did a search on my credit file in Nov 2014 , so they were fully aware of my current address.
  5. I have recently checked my credit file and noticed a CCJ from Cabot I knew nothing about. I moved house in sept 2014. the ccj was recorded in august 2015. I would like some advice on how to get this CCJ set aside . I have received no paperwork whatsoever and I thin the provident account might be statute bared.
  6. If you have to apply for a permit then NCP will allready have all your details, surely?
  7. My reply was meant to be tongue in cheek, I meant a sports coach or music coach ect.
  8. How do they know if the driver is a coach or not? Would he have to show them is qualifications?
  9. I live in rural cornwall, there are a few national cycle routes around the county, a lot of the cycle routes are incorporated into the footpaths. I drive a car , I cycle and I also walk, I rarely see the problems you get in the citys!
  10. it is not! Debt recovery plus are just a toothless debt collection company. they will send you a series of letters, some will even have red ink writing and CAPITAL letters in them !
  11. You paid for a ticket for the time you were in the car park, so there is no loss to the car park owner. In my opinion they will not be going anywhere near court. If you have not sent your POPLA appeal yet then have a read around this and other forums to get an idea of what to put in the appeal. Its not a FINE so do not worry!
  12. I think a complaint to the manager of the retail sore is called for in this instance. Was an appeal made to Parking Eye at first?
  13. It is good that they have put that to print should they ever try court! Fools!
  14. Just been down to this store. the signs do say that you are required to spend a minimum £3 but they are in small print on the signs halfway up the light posts. It does not mention the minimum spend as you enter the car park.
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