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  1. let me know how you get on as we were also mis sold the ex warranty we were told that we would be paying a total of £185 per month with it or without the ex warranty we would be paying £160 per month we have since found out the ex warranty is £56 on top of that we are not very happy with carcraft will not be going back there to get another car !!!!!!!!!1
  2. i've recived a letter from HSBC today with an offer in my credit card a/c for the full amount they want me to sign & return a form that has my bank A/C no on it which is still an out standing claim ?????
  3. who has heard of these people???? we have had money taken out of our account by these people and we do not know who they are! The bank are being extremely unhelpful and have told us to call the company who we can only contact monday to friday 9-5! :evil: :evil: now got to wait until monday to get this sorted out. as the bank won't give us any other details!
  4. I still havent heard anything from Natwest when I put my claim in the court can put both my A/Cs in the one claim or will I have to put 2 claims in
  5. dont worry I dont think they reply to letters hoping that you will go away I've sent both my prem& lba letters to that address & I still havent heard any thing I'm about to start the court stage
  6. the LBA if for my bank account which I havent heard anything about yet
  7. I've just had a reply to my prem letter from a Katy Griffiths with refarance to my credit card A/C & still nothing with refarance to my Bank A/C copy of the letter "Thank you for your recent corresponce. I have fully investigated the matters raised(what in 3 days since the prem letter was recived) Default Charges are charges payable if customers do not make the required minimum payment by the payment due date, if they exceed their credit limit, or if a payment to their credit card account is returned unpaid. The amount of these charges, and the circumstances in which they are applied, is set out clearly in the HSBC's credit card agreements. We believe that HSBC's Charges to Customers are fair and reasonable. The OFT has recently published the findings from an enquiry into default charges on credit cards. HSBC has carefully considered the OFT's publication and does not accept its findings. However, the OFT's investigation has led to a change in the market practices and HSBC has therefore decided, for commercial reasons and in the intrests of customers, to reduce its credit card default charges for the future. These changes do no affect that have already been applied. However, notwithstanding the above I would very much like to acknowledge that you are a valued customer of our bank. Therefore, have aranged for a goodwill payment of £40.00 to be credited to your bank account which represents a 50% reduction of charges payable. The payment is being made on the basis that you agree that you will not make any further claims or take legal action on this matter. This gesture of goodwill is without prejudice to our right to impose and recover default charges in the future. I hope that our offer of a goodwill payment will settle this matter to your satisfaction and that you will continue to use your HSBC credit card with confidence. (that a be good if I still had the credit card the account was closed over a year ago) Whilst I hope matters are now resolved to your satisfaction, if this is not the case please let me know, as complaints we cannot resolve cn ultimately be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If I do not hear from you within 8 weeks we will consider the matter resolved."
  8. still no reply to the prem letter but the charges have stopped LBA goes out tomorrow with a prem letter for my mastercard with them
  9. I've sent SAR 10/03/2007 I spoke to them 25/03/2007 abd was told that I will be reciving my statements in the next 5 days still nothing yet I think another phone call
  10. that same here I sent mine on the 10th 1st class, did a follow up call last week & was told I would be reciving them in the next 5 day still nothing & the cheque has been cashed I might go in to the branch & see if I can get them inbranch
  11. i've just sent LBAs for both my A/C
  12. has anybody had any dealing with park motor finance? we want to end an HP agrement we have with them & return our car to them. they want to charge us £141.84 for this when it says in the HP argeement(If you have already paid at least 1/2 plus any over due instalments, And have taken reasonable care of the good you will not have to pay any more.) which we have done. What do they mean by reasonable care? i have serviced it myself there are some problems with the car this is from wear & tear which you would get on a car that has done over 100K miles
  13. natwes has put further charges on my A/C since I sent the prem letter can I add these to LBA letter
  14. I spoke to natwest today as I havent heard anything yet as the prem letter was recived 15/03 !!!!!!!! get this the guy I spoke to said that they will be writing to me in 21day from reciving the prem letter (ya I gave them 21 days:rolleyes: )
  15. I’m in the process of claiming back bank charges from abbey & Barclays both of these have now been passed on to debt collectors. I’ve heard that this is illegal is this true ???
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