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  1. **UPDATE** I'd got a letter last friday telling me a home visit was arranged for today and a named person would be calling between 10am and 4pm. He has just left. All very straightforward. Asked what benefit I receive and for what condition but he did stress he didn't need too much information as he is not a doctor and it was simply for me to confirm what I'd written on the claim. Asked how many people live in the house and who they were, do I get out much and how do I cope with shopping. He filled in just one form with my Name D.O.B etc and wrote a short paragraph condensing the life-history I gave him (as you do) and asked me to sign to say I had read it and it was a true representation of everything I had said. I asked what happened next...do the office contact me again and he said no nothing happens now...that's it...thank you for your time. After 3 months of worry and so little of anyone else's personal experience of these visits available on the net I am relieved it's over. I hope that by posting my rather boring straightforward experience for the next person googling on the subject that it might help alleviate someone else's fears or curiosity. It really was just a check-up and there was no juicy fraud allegation for me to defend. I'm almost disappointed by that to be honest
  2. Just a little update: I rang up and spoke to the person named on the letter to query what their "query" was and asked if I was under investigation for Benefit Fraud. I was told the letter is standard and whilst some people take exception to that ( I said I did not) it means basically that, in my particular case, they want to check the details of my claim to ensure they are up to date and that I still fulfil the criteria for claiming. I was assured emphatically that I am not under investigation for benefit fraud. I also asked whether reclaiming travel expenses is applicable since the office is too far away to walk to and was told bus fares can be claimed. No direct bus route so that is a problem for me I was told that if mobility is a problem then a Home Visit can be arranged so there's no need to go on Tuesday now and I just have to wait for the letter confirming it. Soooo...I'll update as and when.
  3. Again, thanks. I'm not worried since I haven't broken any rules and..frankly...if I've been maliciously reported for a fraud it will amuse me to see what the best story anyone could come up with is. My appointment is Tuesday so I'll post back the experience once it's over in case it helps someone else.
  4. Caledfwlch thanks for such a quick and detailed reply it's much appreciated. It is a letter "inviting" me to office interview. It states in the first line "We need to see you in order to discuss the benefit we are currently paying you because a query has arisen on your claim. We need to ensure your payments are correct and it is essential that you attend this interview to discuss the matter". There follows the usual blah about your benefits may be suspended and to show up on time, present this letter blah blah blah and the only documents requested are to ensure Proof of ID. So...I'll turn up on time, take the letter with me and since a passport fulfils the Proof Of ID criteria then that is all they are getting ...and as much trouble as I am prepared to go to....until I find out precisely what this is about from them. If anyone has any further info on their own experience though I'd be grateful. Forewarned IS forearmed, after all.
  5. So what happened ? I've gone looking all over the internet for info on these letters and in pretty much every case not one person follows up and provides information that will help others in such a situation. Plenty of assumptions made by people trying to help or a smattering of information from those who do the job but hardly any actual experiences. You could change that, please.
  6. If you have not made any written statement giving permission to take it straight out of your benefit then its a blatant lie and I would certainly dispute it. Not sure if this applies to you but according to: Problems paying your water bill when you are on benefit? "Rules are in place to make sure that payments taken do not exceed a specified proportion of your benefit income." Personally I would make full complaint to Ofwat at the handling of your account. Good luck
  7. Just wondering if there was any justification for the £50 admin charge for a letter forthcoming from Drakes after it being requested ?
  8. Hiya sea-sidelady Currently banking with Halifax and successfully (and easily) reclaimed two single charges of £39 each from a little while ago. Abbey National, Capital One, Barclaycard and Littlewoods catalogue are under fire at present. I've staggered them and theyre all in various stages but are in hand at the moment and plodding along nicely. I had successfully argued the point with Abbey National last year and got charges refunded but their delay in doing so incurred further charges. Exasperation and a bit of googling on the subject brought up the fact it could be done lawfully and is not simply reliant on my eloquence to do so. So here I am, knee deep in legalities, and happy as a pig in the proverbial
  9. Hiya I am Twinkly. I registered here a while back and have only just got around to introducing myself, for which I do apologise, my manners are usually a bit shinier and more prominently on display than this. My only excuse is that I am usually usually dashing around looking for something and hurrying off again to complete my task. I just wanted to say a big big thank you to all on this site who have provided invaluable information and resources on the occasions I have come here looking for such and for the laughs I have had in reading through threads. The camaraderie shown here is fantastic and proves a lifelong theory of mine that it is not whether you can fight ... it is HOW you fight that will determine success. As always a little humour goes a long way and there is plenty of it to be found here even in the most desperate of troubles. Thank you all for the vast wealth of knowledge and experience shared here and long may it continue
  10. Could you please post linking to or provide more details regarding this ? Thanks
  11. Could someone please repost or fix the above link ? I get a 404 here, thanks
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