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  1. HI not I am not on benefits but I filled in the deferred amount form from the Court as they wanted the full amount paying, I had to fill in income and expenditure pay £35.00 to the Court I offerred the £20 a month as I think this is what I can afford comfortably a month, the court accepted it and I was sent confirmation and when I was to pay it from the Court in September 2010. Apparently Arrow Global did not accept this amount and sen another form to the court to reject this offer and apparently the court lost the form and this is why it has taken so long for them to inform me. I have got c
  2. Hi thanks for the advice Martin, no Arrow Global have never asked for an income & expenditure sheet, the only one I did was for the Court to reduce the payment for the full amount, I have a copy of this to take with me I cant believe I have to go to court I really dont want to go but am dreading it but I suppose I will have to all this for a debt of less than a thousand what a waste of time.
  3. Hi does anyone have any ideas please I havnt got a clue and attending court is making me ill, I have contacted Citizens Advice but I am still awaiting an appointment what will I have to do at this meeting it has been allocated 10 miutes I cant afford to pay the £90 they are asking thanks Karen
  4. Hi, I was originally chansed by Arrow Global in May 2007 for a Capital One debt of £1075.00. I requested a copy of my CCA and sent the £1.00 as a postal order with the letter. No CCA was ever returned but they did cash the postal order which they took off my oustanding debt as the balance chaned to 1074.00. This was the last correspondence for this debt I received until August 2010 when a CCJ appeared for the same debt owed to Arrow Global. As I wasnt sure if I had kept the paperwork for this debt I admitted this debt and sent it back, but seemed too late and judement was entered against m
  5. Thanks again Mr Marmite, I have sent a copy of the CCA letter to Bryan Carter along with a letter telling them that I have asked for a copy of my CCA on 31st May and that until this is produced they should take no futher action, but they have already gone over the time line so will have a look for that letter but I know I have had trouble dounwloading these letters before I haven't got the correct software on my computer and I am not able to look at them. I think I will make a complaint to the OFT about these two companies because I have got a feeling they will issue Court Proceedings an
  6. Thanks Mr Marmite, They have already had one request for CCA sent on 31st May to Fredrickson they cashed the Postal Order and took the £1 off my debt! They said they had not received the letter though strange as it was in the same envelope as the Postal Order? Unfortuantely didn't send it recorded delivery or if I did I cant find my slip, stupid I know but have sent a letter yesterday to Bryan Carter recorded delivery saying that their Client was issued with a CCA request on 31st May and until they provide me with the paperwork no further action should be taken by themselves I put a cop
  7. Thanks for the advice, so if i send another letter requesting my original consumer credit agreement with Capital One what is the time scale for them to reply please and if they do take me to court I can defend the whole amount or only part because most of it is made up of charges which I want to claim back. Sorry for the questions but after the phone call yesterday i really want get it right. I cannot down load the template letters on here for the debt collection section dont think I have got the software, can anyone help with the correct wording, quotes etc. Many thanks again.
  8. Please can someone help!! I have an outstanding debt with Capital One which was bought by Arrow Global LLC, but I was informed by Fredrickson International that Arrow had taken over the debt. So on the 31/05/07 i sent a £1 Postal Order and a request letter for a copy of my Consumer Credit Agreement proving my debt to this group and up to today heard nothing. Then this am I have had a FINAL NOTICE from Bryan Carter & Co that unless I pay £1075.00 by 10th August I will be going to Court. I have just phoned them explaining that I have not received anything from Fredrickson (they cashed th
  9. Hiya, Your next step should be to send your request for your charges back which you give them 14 days to reply, you dont add interest on until you actually fill in your court claim. The nationwide usually send you a standard letter saying no sorry you cant have your charges back. You then send them a Letter Before Action again requesting you charges back if after this letter you still do not get anywhere (which you dont) you then file with court after the 14 days are up, then you add on your interest and court costs. You should read the FAQ's on here it explains every step.
  10. Hiya Haybaby, The nationwide take it to the wire unfortunately and they will probably enter a defence right at the last minute just to draw it out even longer, some have suceeded with e-mails to Eversheds ey=tc, my claim was for nearly £6,000 and they paid up 4 days before the 28 days were up without contacting their Solicitors then others have had to wait even longer its judt pot luck at moment when they pay up, but providing you have done everything right they will pay up, eventually, Good luck:D
  11. Hi Kaf1310, Sory but unfortuantely the Nationwide are not so accomodating and I think you will have to take them to court for the full amount of what they owe you, plus interest and court costs. They are hoping that you will give up and let them keep YOUR money! Why let them get away with what is rightfully yours. They rely on people just giving up and letting them keep your money plus interest. Read through some of the threads on here and you will soon see that you CAN and WILL win back what is rightfully YOURS. Good luck!
  12. Hi Micheboo, I havn't heard from court yet, but have found the interest and court costs have been paid into my other account (which I dont use anymore, and which I wasn't claiming on) very clever, luckily still had a cash card for this account and when I checked the balance, just on a whim there was the rest of my money!! So will be writing to the court to say it has been settled and am going to sent for the last 6 years statements for this account now as I had forgot about it, so really the Nationwide did me a favour about reminding me I had another account and I will be claiming the ch
  13. Congratulations SittinPretty71, I have recieved the rest of my claim as well so am all paid up now and looking forward to spending it!!!!! My neighbours are claiming from Barclays and they are having a far more tough time than we did with Nationwide. They started their claim the same time as we did and they are now waiting for an actual court date as they do not want to pay up!! Hopefully everyone will get their money eventually.
  14. Hi Micheboo, I am having a bit of trouble getting all of my claim from them as well. They paid the charges outstanding on the 7th June, but not the court costs or interest. I received a letter from Nationwide today stating that they had paid the charges, interest and court costs, but after checking my account still no interest or court costs. I phoned them and spoke to rather snotty lady named Tracey, who said they had paid the charges, to which I replied yes but where was the remaining interest and court costs. I could hear here tapping away on her computer and she then said it was n
  15. Hiya Skeggsy, My case is not finalised yet they only paid me on Friday (8th June) and the interest and court cost are on the N1 form submitted to the court so they still owe me another 1,400 yet. They have until 13th June to put in a defense which I'm guessing will be Claim already paid so waiting to see what they do first.
  16. Hiya all, Yeh I just think they cant keep up! Hopefully they will pay the resy of my claim tomorrow, they have until Wednesday so will be carrying on if no more gets put in before then, I think I will ring the Nationwide first though just incase it is lost in their system, but it does seem to be the norm for them to put in the charges owed first then the interest and court costs later so keeping on eye on my account. Hopefully there will be a few more paid tomorrow keep my fingers crossed for you all.
  17. Thanks Parkvale, I will fill in the survey once they have paid the intereest and court costs as these have not been put in yet, expect they will be put in soon. Otherwise I will be carrying on with the court claim, they have until Wednesday, so not quite over yet........
  18. Hiya, Just wanted to update you on my claim have received 5 x corrections today into my account totalling the outstanding charges. Jusy waiting for the interest and court costs now. My date was the 13th June so they have paid up before the 28 days (providing the pay the rest). Cant beleive it myself thought I would have to go all the way but they have paid out beofre time havnt heard anything from the court or Nationwide just keeping on eye out for the rest of the money now. Hope you all get your money soon I'm sure you will keep your chins up and remember all good things come to thos
  19. Hi Mars 32, Just to update you on my claim have received 5 x correction payments into my account today toalling the £4,595.50 charges so just waiting for the interest and court costs to be paid, and my date was the 13th June. Not had anything from court or the bank bu they are there in black and white on my mini statement!!!! Sorry been celebrating a bit tonight, cant believe it absolutley exstatic what a weekend in store cant wait for the rest of the money to go in. Would like to thank all the support and advice I have received from this site and I will be making a donation hope you g
  20. Hiya Legend, Just to let you know and dont want you to feel worse but Nationwide have paid my outstanding charges into my account today, 5 x corrections totalling £4,595.50 which was the charges, so just waiting for the interest and costs now they had til next Wednesday to put in a defence, not heard anything from Nationwide or the court but did mine the N1 way. Sorry to hear you havnt had anythinf yet but I'm sure they are jsut over run with claims and you WILL get your money, eventually. Good luck.
  21. Hiya Girlybiker, Sorry to hear that you havnt had your money yet. Dont want to you to feel worse but they have paid me today pre 28 days. Have received £4,595.50 which were the outstanding charges but am watching to see they put the court costs and interest in very soon. Sorry but I think the problem might be MCOL I did mine via N1 way. Not received anything from court about a defence or a letter from Nationwide just 5 x corrections put into my account today.
  22. Hiya Skeggs, I have just sucessfully claim the 6 yeras from Nationwide and am interested in taking previous years from 1991 to 2001 as I incurred alot of charges in these years. My claim has just be paid and totalled nearly £6,000 in the six year period 2001 to 2006 (still waiting for the interest and court costs but they will be paid soon) and would love to take them for the previous years as they caused great hardship and nearly lost my house so would be interested to see if it was possible.
  23. Please move my thread to the sucessful claims. Many thanks. Karen
  24. Okay Hi, I know its late but have been celebrating you see I have checked my account today and have had some MYSTERY CORRECTIONS put into my account totalling the charges outstanding!!!!!!!!!! Cant believe it I have WON!!!! Nationwide have paid out before the deadline of 13th. They have paid the £4,595.50 so far which totalled the charges so just waiting for the interest and court fees now. Can't tell you how I felt when I check my account this morning unbelievable. Many thanks to all those who have helped and I will be making a donation as soon as they put the rest of the money in:D
  25. Yeh are you soba enough to let us know what has happened Dunk;) There seems to be quite a few people got paid today are you one of them or are you drowning your sorrows, please let us know!!
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