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  1. They sent a cheque out which I never cashed, how do I carry on this dispute?
  2. Due to an upheaval in my life, I have no idea what happened in this case. Whats my best way forward to find out?
  3. Unfortunately, shortly afterwards, they started piling the charges on again! Circumstances meant I couldn't pursue things last year, but hopefully will sort things now.
  4. Just managed to get it in! Fingers crossed...
  5. Hey guys... Just realised my AQ has to be submitted tomorrow (friday), and I'm a bit concerned about filling it in wrong. The situation is that I'm taking NW to court for all my statements. Advice needed URGENTLY please! Or should I forget it, and just submit a fresh N1 for an estimated amount for the full term of my account? SO far its £1300 for the last 6 years, I wish to go back a further 4. WHich I reckon will be around £2200. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks mate. Just wait for the cheque then!
  7. Before DISRTICT JUDGE HUDSON sitting at Boston County Court.... It is ordered that 1. The defence be struck out. 2. There be judgement for the claimant for the total amount of £410, payable by 20th July 2007. :D:D:D:D:D Living up to my name now!!! Another Lincs triumph.
  8. Oooh, been a bit slack with this one... Got sent copy of defence about 4 weeks ago.
  9. Replied to PM. Boston and Skegness County Court. Judge Toombs I lurve you! Just done a search on him on this site.... WOW! Move to Lincolnshire everyone!
  10. Here goes: The Court of it's own motion is considering striking out the defence in this action as an abuse of process. The basis for this is the fact that the defendant is setling all claims of this nature where the claimants are seeking the reimbursement of Bank Charges, with no claims proceeding to a contested hearing. The court considers the authority of Mullen-v-Hackney London Borough Council [1997] 2 A11ER 906 relevant. If the defendant objects to the proposed strike out it is ordered to file, within 14 days of the date of service of this order, a schedule setting out all claims of this typein ENgland and Wales which have proceeded to a final contested hearing, and the outcome of such hearings, together with a schedule of all such claims which it has compromised before final hearing after proceedings have been issued. Upon receipt of any such objctions the court will consider listing the claim for an on notice hearing of the strike out issue. In the absence of any such objections being filed in time, the Defence herein will be struck out and judgement entered for the amount claimed by the claimant, together with the appropriate costs claimable on teh small claims track.
  11. I'll sort that for you later.
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