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  1. Sister in law has just had a letter from Lloyds tsb with an offer of £750 - she is claiming almost £2000. The letter says it is a Full and Final offer and I have just got the next letter ready to send rejecting the offer but would like to know if anyone else has had a letter like this from tsb.
  2. Any advice at all would be of great help. I will sit down tonight and try and make a short P of Claim and post it on here for any thoughts.
  3. Maybe if you phone the WFTC up and complete your declaration over the phone they can advise you on this. There is an option for you to complete your declaration on the phone. Good luck.
  4. The frustrating thing is that as a secretary I have filled in loads of court bundles, but the Particulars of claim get done by a Barrister so I wouldn't know where to start with my own. I'm scared of making a mess of it and I don't want to lose just for getting my Pof Claim wrong. Is that possible?
  5. yeah thanks. I've been a little lazy about this lately cos had other stuff to deal with. Need to give myself a kick up the backside and sort it out.
  6. This Solicitor said he would ask a Partner at the firm if they could write a letter for me but the Partner said no because he is a jobsworth and said that we would have to follow the client care letter etc. So basically no.
  7. Need help re: Particulars of Claim. Need to issue claim against them urgently so they take me seriously. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Does anyone know what kind of things I need to put in my Particulars of Claim?
  9. I agree with you Storm Warrier but at the end of the day Max Speillman's are not going to get away with this. They can't lose people's honeymoon photos and then expect them to accept £15 worth of reprints.
  10. Well if the Judge can claim for it so can I. LOL
  11. I'm posting the letter to them today. Got another letter off them offering me £50 now. Still laughing at that. One of the Solicitors in my work said he will help me too. Max Speilmann's better watch out. I was reading in the Metro today that some american Judge is suing some dry cleaners for losing a pair of trousers and he is suing them for £32.5 m. I know he might not be successful with that amount but it says that he has been offered £6,000 which he has refused. He is claiming for 1000 hours that he has devoted to the case, hiring a car to transport his clothes to a different cleaners, mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort. I only want £500 so I will persevere.
  12. Have had another stupid offer of £50. I am therefore sending them this letter tomorrow: Dear Sirs I am very disappointed with your response to my complaint. I am very disappointed with your offer. As stated previously, I will not accept such a low offer. I note that you point out the terms and conditions of the contract again but I would like to point out that these are merely your firm’s conditions and a Judge will decide whether these terms are fair in this instance. Any contractual term which seeks to exclude liability for negligence is unenforceable at law. Your firm have been negligent in giving my photos to somebody else. I am prepared to issue a claim for compensation in the small claims Court and will seek to recover the amount of £500.00. I believe that this is fair amount for the loss of honeymoon photos, 8 months of upset and inconvenience and postage and telephone calls. Obviously, I would like to give you one more opportunity to avoid such proceedings and I am therefore giving you notice that I wish you to reply to me within 14 days with an appropriate offer of compensation. If you do not comply fully within 14 days then I shall begin a claim against you for the full amount plus interest plus my costs without further notice.
  13. Oh My God!!!! Got a phone call from Customer Services last night. She basically said the same stuff again, blah blah blah, and offered me £20. I told her to stop wasting my time and make me a proper offer. She said she wasn't authorised to do that. She is now going to speak to her superiors and get back to me on Friday. Let's see what kind of a joke of an offer they make me this time.
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