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  1. Just a quick update to say i have handed the whole lot to FSCS with regards to the ppi with APS. Will let you know of the outcome.
  2. Ok thanks ims. Didn't want to cash it and them think that was it and i had accepted it! Miz
  3. Can someone please advise over the £25 do i keep as part payment or return it? Miz
  4. Thanks for replying dx but they did state that it was their final response so i guess i now need to go to the FOS? Miz
  5. Received an offer letter from Kensington offering me £80 plus 8% bearing in mind the claim for fees was £400+. This was their final offer so i am not going going to accept i will refer to the Ombudsman for review. I am quite surprised actually as they have already been fined, just hate this waiting and messing about Miz
  6. Cardiff Pinnacle wrote and back and said that they cannot find our account despite having all the info they need. I do have the monthly ppi payments showing on the mortage statements but don't know what else to do now, any advice? Miz
  7. I received a letter back from Acenden regarding the fees i had charged while with SPML. They have finally sent me a letter after having dragged it out for as long as possible (first letter sent April!) saying in their exact words; 'Please find enlosed a cheque for £25 in relation to the above account. If you have any questions regarding this please contact our Insurance and Servicing Team. A £25 cheque was attatched to the bottom. The claim was for £2500ish with CI included. How cheeky is this? firstly can i ask someone if i should cash the £25 or return it back to them with a letter on either case asking where the rest is and what i should put? Thanks Miz
  8. Central Capital wrote back regarding the PPI with Swift and basically now rejected all of my claim despite them keeping me dangling saying that they had partially upheld my claim. They said as we had no other insurance in place to pay the loan that we needed it at the time! What gives them the right to tell you what you need? I am getting all the info together to refer to the FOS now as i am not going to let them get away with this. Miz
  9. Sent mine off for charges too a while ago, so far i have had two letters saying that it is taking them longer to investigate my claim bla bla bla..the latest one i had said they hope to respond by the end of May. I think personally they are seeing how far that they push me. Miz
  10. Hi Capstone are now going by the name of Acenden but the address that ims gave you is correct as i too are trying to claim fee's from them it was SPML when i was with them then Capstone and now Acenden. Just make sure that you put in your letter the address that the SAR is relating to etc. Miz
  11. 42man what is a 'needs' statement? never had one of those!
  12. I am quite worried though that the FOS will side with them as i did not conduct the account in a great way and only managed to pay a couple of full payments to them. My hubby was self employed at the time and we were really struggling to maintain any bills. Because of this they are saying that i should expect charges as the amount of payments missed etc....
  13. Got a second letter from Swift and they said they dealt with my charges claim in the first letter and stand by their decision to refund the £600ish plus interest and that it is their final decision or i can send it to the FOS. I really don't want to do that as i will be ages, probably just goig to accept Miz
  14. Din't think to merge it as one is regarding ppi and the new one is for mortgage charges...thought they were seperate issues? miz
  15. Just got my soc and letter done to claim for mortgage charges on an account that was closed in 2008. Will be posting off tomorrow recorded and let you know of the outcome. Any success's on claims for charges with Acenden/spml/capstone? Miz
  16. Thanks Dx for replying quickly. How do you suggest i word the letter? they sent me a acceptance form with the amount etc...what if they just tell me to go to the FOS? miz
  17. Kensington acknowledged my complaint and they are looking into it. They have until 16th April. Miz
  18. I got a reply from Central Capital the brokers for the Swift loan and they have partially upheld my claim. They didn't agree with some of the mis-selling points as they said we ticked the box for ppi and as we didn't have anything else in place to protect us they decided we did in fact need it! They have upheld it as they said we may have lost out finacially if we settled the loan early which we did after a year and didn't get a rebate which we didn't. They are waiting for more information as tothe status of the loan from Swift...playing for time i think as they know very well it is paid off. Do not know any figures as yet but i am sure it will be as small as possible.... Miz
  19. Well i got a letter from Swift. I did add all court fees/litigation charges (thought i would try!) but they have said they will refund me as a gesture of good will just short of £600 plus interest. I am finding this hard to swallow as they are 3 default charges of £110 and 1 for £250 plus other fees for arrears management of £70 and £23 letters etc. Any advice as whether i should just except this offer as i may end up with nothing or should i write back and try bartering so to speak? Miz
  20. Yes i will do. The only time i was aware of it was on the settlement letter when it was paid!
  21. Never had one that states the exit fee, i have a letter with all other charges except this..typical
  22. Does anyone think i could try reporting for non compliance as i know that the information is missing. The front of the form is marked that the customer is using their own ppi and he wrote choices i guess that was the firm the broker used..in any case it was still added to the mortgage..can anyone advise, i did send a letter when i sar acenden for non compliance but they insisted that they had sent everything. Even if they are putting it down to third party the brokers no longer trading so what difference would it make for them to supply the sheet?
  23. Yes thank you for that i made sure the letter stated this.....and so the wait begins...
  24. Sorry ims forgot i had added this thread also...probably stressed with all the claims going on
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