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  1. Oh good! Will try to get it all finished up and maybe even get to post it tomorrow! Again, thanks for your help
  2. Thanks once again, have done all that, I am now just checking throught all Ive filled in and written..........might be a silly question but, would it make a difference that I filled in the forms with my name first and my hubby second, as the agreement has his name first with me second.........
  3. Thought Id done it..........you dont wanna know how long that took me!!! Grrrrr! uploaded doc.pdf
  4. Hiya, I have looked, but I have no paperwork going back that far. I do have a copy o the loan agreement and a copy of the date i consilidated the loan. can I use these dates as a guideline?
  5. Well you did say to shout. ....love the wording for the cover letter btw, ...looking at the spreadsheet, the interest is calculated at 8% but my loan rate was a ridiculously high 22%, and the loan was taken out over 120 months, although we paid it off after around 12 months.... .....how do I now work things out??
  6. Thanks for all your help, I feel as if I might be getting somewhere now, now all I have to do is figure out how to word my cover letter and how to fill in the spreadsheet, thanks again
  7. Thanks again for the speedy reply, I have filled out the form as follows: 'We have no recollection of the salesman discussing Payment Protection Insurance with us, either benefits or otherwise.' and on the next question 'Please tell us why you are now unhappy with the insurance' I have stated: 'We dont believe that we were given a choice in the matter regarding PPi when we signed the agreement. The actual wording on the agreement is Protected Payment Premium and as such we believed that it was non-negotiable' In truth, had we known that it was, and IF we had chosen to take it out, we would have put my name first on the agreement as I earn more money than my hubby and it only covered the first-named on the policy.. ...but should I also state that on the form?
  8. Got ya, very interesting reading, thanks. Am now a little disheartened with the claim form as section E asks what we were told about the benefits etc of the PPI, and neither myself or my hubby can remember the salesman discussing anything about it with us, yet we both signed the agreement, although it isnt worded as Payment Protection Insurance - rather Protected Payment Premium
  9. Thanks for the speedy reply, also, in your first post, forgive me for being thick, but you say have a look at No1 in your signature....dont know what that means:wink:
  10. Thanks for the advice ims, am already in the process of filling out the questionnaire, but am now stuck on question C1, I have a policy number but for the life of me I cant find an account number anywhere, should I just leave it blank and put an explaination in further down?
  11. Thanks hun, have now dug out my original loan agreement and its with first national, any difference in the companies?
  12. Hiya all, I bought new windows through Coldseal in 2004, which was funded by a loan. What I didnt know was that PPi was included . From what I can make out, GE Money was the actual lender of the loan, Coldseal was the broker and a salesman called round to my house, hope this is all making sense The loan for the windows was paid off in July 2005 and Coldseal have gone bust.... I have a letter from GE Money dated 2009 stating that the PPI will expire on 18/08/2009 which includes the account number. I have spoken to GE Money today who told me that I would have to contact the FSCS, which I have done and they state that I cannot claim anything as they can only go back to 14 Jan 2005. I have read on here that this isnt quite the case, as it is less than six years since the PPI ceased.. .I am now stuck as to what to do or how to proceed with any claim I may have, any help would be greatly appreciated
  13. thanks curly, will give them a go, but don't hold too much hope!!
  14. Hiya all, been really busy in work over the last few weeks, so have only just got round to updating all on here. Still have heard nothing from the TSB so sent off the LBA breach of DPA giving them seven days notice, so hopefully I should hear something by this time next week. will keep all informed!!
  15. mmmm......still puzzled by my charges... have been carefully poring over my statements, and think I've figured most of it out, but, looking through 2003....again.... I've come across the following: july no fees, 29 Aug charges: 1 Aug a/c xxx £4.92, nothing for sept, or october, referral charge for nov £25, 28 nov charges 31 oct a/c xxxx £29, same for dec til end of march and then on 13 april I ws given £18 S/C refund. I was then charged £29 charges on 30 april, which now baffles me!!I presume the charges on 19 Aug were partial ADVG fees, but why no other charges until november? And then when I ws refunded in april, why charge me the ADVG fees as well!! I could go into more details of charges for 2003/04 if anyones interested!! I just dont understand them at all! As they say round here.....ITS BATTERED ME 'EAD!! Sorry if I've hi-jacked the thread!
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