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  1. after a couple of day's mulling over whether to accept, i have decided to take the offer and have know started on account number 2. Thanks for everyones help. please could you add this thread to success'es or should i carry on with my next claim.? sbc1311vrbos charges refunded 2,835.00
  2. well after receiving my reply on e-mail from mr watts explaining they have 40 days to act as per fsa, Rather than put pressure on and go to court I thought I would allow them the 40 days. well day 39is today and what was waiting on my doormat, an offer letter. I was claiming back 3,120.13 and have been offered 2,835.00 making this 285.13 short of what I was claiming. Know this is where I need some advice, the above offer is quite fair although the ACCOUNT i am claiming back on is over drawn, this is due to the fact that i do not use this account anymore although they are charging me 28.00 plus interest because they made me go overdrawn. Therefore my charges on this account occured since starting my claim have amassed 121.59, this makes my account overdrawn by 220.00, therefore when they put the money in my account 220.00 will be taken off the 2,835.00 plus not forgeting the 285.13. can anyone advise what to do, should i take it?
  3. thanks for that. does anyone know the e-mail address for sandy watts.
  4. no bother mate good luck. he who dares wins
  5. peepshow the address on your thread is correct.
  6. well two day's to go and not a thing i am getting a little concerned as i am banking on this cash to pay a few bills. after reading the forums it seems that some people at this stage have e-mailed or telephoned sandy watts has anyone got any advice please. much apreciated
  7. 12th may 2007. letter received today from the famous sandy watts advising they are looking in to my claim.
  8. 4/5/07 I have know posted my 14 day letter to the customer ralations in edinburgh, for the grand sum of 3,120.17p thanks to this website. I will await my response and keep ya posted. thanks for your help taff
  9. TAFF, thanks for your help so far, i have been out of the country on business hence the long delay. I have know followed your advice and would it be possible if i could mail my spread sheet to you to give me your opinion? cheers sbc
  10. my account is a royalties gold account which ran from feb 2001 up until 26th april 2002 I then opened a joint royalties gold account with my wife and kept the other running as a standard interest paying current account. The charges are so varied it is difficult to understand exactly what i can claim for, so sort of stuck in limbo?
  11. I have know calculated all my charges but have a fews questions, I have read as much faq's as i can but short on time. there is a regular 3£ payment starting in 2001 is this the charge for having the account. secondly, can you only claim the interest back when the bank have charged you and have made you go into your overdraft or can you claim it back regardless.
  12. finally received my statements on 7th April, but as requested they have not sent, what I asked for. I asked for my own account and my joint account, received only my account is this a delay tactic. I do not want to wait so i will start my fight back on my own account for know, unless anyone tells me different
  13. Posted Dpa Today To Retreive What Is Duly Mine. He Who Dares Wins
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