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  1. Letter posted today will now have to wait and see what happens
  2. just had another thought should I be sending off a SAR if I have all the orignal documentation?
  3. DJ1971 Many thanks for your help with working out these claims. I will update my letter and aim to post today. Just been reading another post and it mentions that welcome have ceased trading. Having a quick look on the web it appears that they are no longer accepting requests for new loans but are still trading to exisiting customers only. As I have finished paying on both policies this techinically means that I am no longer an existing custmers is this likely to impact on the outcome of me being able to claim my money back? Anyway I will post the letter asking for afore mentioned sums to be returned and see what happens.
  4. thanks for your reply am still not sure what you mean. I had intended to send this claim off but have been reading other posts on claiming back PPI. I have also finally managed to download the simple calculator but again (think I am having a thick month as not sure if my interpretation of the figures is correct I am really to claim back 10,986.76 for a 3140.16 policy? seems a bit excessive (spreedsheet detail below) Loan Amount £ 9,844.24 PPI Premium £ 3,140.16 (A ) Total payable with PPI and Interest £ 12,734.40 Annual Int.% 23.76 Apr% 26.5 Annual PPI Int. £ 746.10 Monthly Int.% 1.980 Total PPI Int. £ 2,984.41 No. of Payments 48 No. of Years 4 Actual Costs (So far) Monthly Payment £ 265.30 Monthly PPI Int. £ 65.42 No. of Months Paid to Date 48 Statutory Contractual Total Paid £ 6,280.32 Total Interest £ 3,235.86 / £ 4,706.44 Total Refund Required £ 9,516.18 OR £ 10,986.76 Date Calculated:29/09/2010
  5. Hi All I have been reading various posts and stickies regarding the process of claiming back PPI and now feel somewhat over whelmed and not sure where to start the ball rolling. I had two accounts with Welcome Finance one a loan and the other was car finance. I have looked over all the paperwork regarding figures paid and Im not sure now what I am intitled to claim back Car Finance Account: The orignal sum for credit is £6000 with all associated charges etc the total sum is £9844.24 (APR 28.4%) The Insurance sums are £2013.06 finance charge of £1127.10 total of £3140.16 (APR 26.5%) over 48 mths The total monthly payment was £265.30 although the sum for insurance was £65.42 with the first payment in May 2003 and I guess ending in Sep 2007. Loan The orignal sum for credit was £1000 (APR 47.90%) The insurance sums are £561.19 (APR 42.6% i think) over 36 mths The total monthly payment was £74.94 with the first payment on Sept 2006. I have no idea what propotion of the monthly payment was for insurance. How does the calculations work regarding the dates for claiming interest and what are the differences between compound and statutory interest. I have had no joy with being able to download the calculators mentioned in the stickies. I am hoping to fire off a letter sometime over the weekend so any help with working out what I can claim back would be most appreciated. Thanks volks23
  6. Thanks Alanalana. Will read up before getting the ball rolling.
  7. This PPi thing is all new to me. I have heard the term bounced around a few places but am not sure whether I really have a claim. I have located all the paperwork I can find re my car finance and there are various insurances on there totalling nearly £4k. I have no idea whether I can claim as I have now finally finished paying it off. Does anyone know if there is an idiots guide to PPI anwhere on the site that explains what the whole thing is and when you can claim?
  8. Question: If I haven't actually resigned but have had no contact with this company for 3 weeks I'm guessing that they would take no contact as an informal resignation? If I wanted to take up a case for constructive or unfair dismisal what are the timescales involved as I have been reading through a few other threads and there is talk of 3 or 6 month cutoff points? If I have to wait 40 days for a response to my SAR is this not cutting it close to the 3 month cut off point for logging a claim? Also I'm not clear on whether I have actually got a claim for either constructive or unfair dismisal. Sorry to sound really stupid but I have never found myself to be in this situation before and I'm really unclear on what sections i'm covered by law.
  9. Thanks for the template sidewinder. Will amend and get in the post.
  10. Some really great advice guys. Apologies for the delay in responding for various reasons I have felt unable to deal with this situation but I now have the energy to continue. I am hoping to get a SAR in the post to them this weekend then i will just have to wait. Does anyone know if there is a SAR template on this site that I could adapt to my situation?
  11. In April 2007 I was a victim of a robbery at work. I work for an off licence and I was the only staff member on duty. 12 people came into the shop and while I was held down they got into the back area and robbed the safe. The police are calling this kind of robbery steaming. Anyway, I subsequently had 5 months off work sick with Post Traumatic Stress and Panic Attacks. Since I have returned to work I have felt bullied and harassed by the branch manager and four district managers. This came to a head in Jan 08 when the manager confronted me about an issue to do with the shop, this resulted in me basically saying that I wanted to resign and could she tell me how much holiday I had left. That was on a Thursday and on the following Monday we had a team meeting with the district manager. I prepared a grievance letter to give to him and before I could he told me the shop was closing. I was interviewed by another district manager who was investigating my complaint and finally after waiting 43 days I received a response to my complaint. The long and short of the investigation said that had the shop still be open they would recommend certain things but the didn’t really address my points in my complaint. I have now been left without a job because I refused to work at another branch which would have put me at a high risk of another robbery and the shop policies are that staff is to work alone. This company still owes me money but won’t provide the information I need to work out how much. Could I send them a freedom of information letter requesting all info on me? As I haven’t resigned and I haven’t taken up there offer of work at an alternative shop where does this leave me legally? Any help would very much appreciated.
  12. I will be filing in Barnet County Court. My guess is I will end up with Judge Marin again (he's quite a nice chap) I don't mind if the case is stayed. Just want to make sure that I have all the info I need to argue SOLA as and when necessary. I don't want to make any costly mistakes as I did with my case against Barclays and as this case is different just want to make sure that I understand what I am doing first. I came across the below to add to the POC. Do you think it is sufficent? a). In so far as any charges relating to the period before xx/xx/xxxx, the Claimant wishes to invoke s.32 (1) (b) of the Limitation Act 1980 in that the Defendant deliberately concealed the true cost of administering the contractual breaches committed by the Claimant and thus essential facts relevant to the Claimant's right of action have been concealed and continue to be concealed by the Defendant. b). Alternatively, the Claimant seeks to rely upon s.32(1)© of the Limitation Act. The Claimant paid the charges in the belief that they reflected the true cost of administering the contractual breaches. The Claimant has now discovered, following revelations relating to a similar organisation, that the true costs are much lower and that the belief held by Claimant was in fact mistaken. It is thus submitted that in accordance with s.32(1)(b), s32(1)© and s.32(2) that the time period for the purposes of the Limitation Act does not begin to run until the Claimant’s reasonable discovery. This was the 21st March 2007 when the revelations were made public.
  13. Thanks Hedgey06. Although £20 more expensive in the long run I think I will list them together because It's then only one case to argue with bundles etc at the end. I've been reading alot about the OFT test case and was wondering how this would affect this claim as these are closed accounts and all the charges pretty much pre date 6 years? I realise that this claim will probably be stayed until the result of the test case but is it worth going after natwest when things are a little bit uncertain for straight forward post 6 year claims?
  14. Today received int he post a bundle of statements for my two accounts. No new information just copy statements for what I already had. So I am preparing the pre lim letter to go for both these accounts. Claim 1 total = £805.86 Claim 2 total = £1162.65 Totaling £1968.51 One question though do I need to submit as one claim totaling £1968.51 or keep the two claims separte?
  15. Thanks Dar£n I was 99% sure that I didn't need to include anything else but with the OFT case causing chaos thought I should check incase something new had come up that I hadn't read about yet. What's happening in your case have you got all your statements yet?
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