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  1. HI rebemari, it does appear the banks follow the same line of charges doesn't it. Sorry to hear about your charges. I'm sure the banks do not give a thought as to the potential harm and disruption their charges cause, not to mention the stress it cause people. I have started my claim and issued the first 'letter' requesting my bank statements, i notice you mention that you've set up a parachute account, i'll read the FAQs about this, i would imagine it's an account you have so that you can conduct your banking affairs if your current bank get a bit nasty? I'll check in to this. Good luck with your claim.
  2. Thanks Jowhit, it's good to know that you too think the charges seems a little unfair. Thanks very much for the links, i shall view these when i get home from the office. I do appreciate your help. All the best.
  3. Firstly, Thank you for this web site on behalf of everyone. I wonder if you might be able to give me some advice. I have a £2000 OD limit with HSBC, i run a business and bank with Lloyds TSB and due to cash flow issues at work i have used my OD quite often recently. I exceeded my OD limit by £38 and have been charged £125 charges and on the same day £25 interest. Do you think this is correct? I've looked back through my account and since 27th Nov'06 i have been charged £506 in charges. The charges are only in connection with going over the OD limit, the most was by £287 for 2 days. I believe this to be imoral and basically corporate theft and would be most keen to investigate the retrieval of part or all of these charges if in fact they have been incorrectly charged. i would be ever so grateful for some advice. Many thanks in anticipation.
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