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  1. They might find it difficult to serve as they sent it to an old address and only by the royal mail forwarding service has it landed on my current doormat. I will reply without enlightening them to the fact I have a new address
  2. Hi Big A4 envelope, blue triangle but only 36p postage, do you know if there is a standard reply I can send them? I am correct in thinking it is unenforceable as I have requested a CCA and they have not complied
  3. I sent a CCa request to Connaught Collections in March 07 to which they replied that the contents had been noted and they were writing to confirm that they had requested a copy of the original agreement and statements from their clients (1st credit ltd (MBNA) stating that in the interim no further action would be taken until the agreement had been provided and that I could discontinue payments until it had been provided. I have not heard anything since until today when I have received a statutory demand under section 268(1)(a) of the insolvency act. What should I do now, do I respond to the court or should I just send a copy of the letter back to Connaught reminding them of it's contents Thanks
  4. Once it was issued I did ring a week later both MCOL and then the mayors court in London, they couldn't tell me anything and suggested I rang back this week. I get a balance update on Friday lunchtimes by text so was very surprised when I got it through on Friday with a balance for £3,000 more than I was expecting. Have never contacted the solicitors or lloyds other than the prelim or LBA letters, was fully expecting a stay. Still received no communication from Lloyds re the settlement so have not signed any offers of acceptance etc like others seem to have had. In total it took less than a week after issueing the warrant. Hope you get the same result. J
  5. After Lloyds acknowledged thet never submitted a defence so I applied for a judgement and they have just paid me £3242 2 weeks later! J
  6. Don't worry, they paid me £3242 yesterday after a judgement by default so they can't be that confident!!
  7. Hi I have won, £3242 deposited into my account yesterday, no letter or anything, just marked BC refund with the case number on my online statement!! They didn't bother appealing and just paid up, good news after the Birmingham affair. J
  8. I've won, £3242 deposited into my account yesterday - you can win by default!!! Cheers J
  9. I've won!!!!!!! £3242 deposited into my account yesterday, I had issued a warrant last Friday without writing to either Lloyds and Solicitors. Have got all costs & stat interest, never went near a court and did nothing more than the straight forward process, will write to the court on Monday as off away for the weekend and make a donation, thanks to everyone, seems you can win by default. Cheers J
  10. Hi I issued my warrant on 11th and it deemed to be served yesterday, I rang Northampton as I filed on MCOL and spoke to a nice guy who said he was surprised as Lloyds did nrmally file a defence. He also said that the now have to appeal against the judgement - which will cost them money. I then rang the Mayors Court in London who said the balliff will visit 3 to4 times in the next month, she suggested I rang back next week to see what has happened. If the case ever does go before a judge it will be in Lincoln - think that fact they have not filled a defence might be quite promising in our case I hope! If you look at the thread for the Bristol case the guy actually claimed for all his overdraft interest and didn't proportionally work it out, his actual claim was only for £1450 and the rest was for interest not even statutory, if i have read it right. Will keep you posted. J
  11. Decided to ring Northampton and spoke to a guy who said he was surprised as lloyds did not normally let them go this far. He said that now the judgement had been entered they would have to actually put an appeal in against it. Then spoke to Mayors Court in London who said that the bank will have been written to and the baliff will visit sometime next week.
  12. I waited two weeks then issued a judgement, then I received a letter the same as yours above, then issued a warrant on 11th and still heard nothing more from anyone. Am I right in thinking if it goes over 30 days after judgement they can't then request a stay? J
  13. My warrant was filed on the 11/5 so just waiting back and seeing what happens next, so far have resisted the temptation to ring anyone. J
  14. There are a few of us in this position now, I have issued a warrant so will see what happens next! J
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