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  1. I have been reading lots of problems regarding disciplinary actions being taken against individuals by employers for various reasons. The ones that really caught my eye were from Mazzy and Shellzone2270 and the comments by Cal37, Shywazz and Ell-enn. Is procedure really that important, does an employer really need to 'put in writing an invite to an employee about a disciplinary meeting and tell them what it concerns'? How much time should be given from the 'invite' until the meeting, how long is needed to prepare? Does it matter if the employer postpones the meeting without telling the e
  2. Is it totally standard stuff for them to drag out everything as long as possible. I sent my SAR regarding both my MoreThan and LLoyds TSB (who took over the account) credit cards on march 6th with a £10 postal order. I havent heard a thing and I cant even check if the PO has been cashed. I hope I sent it to the right address, was I right to send it to Penny Berryman, can anyone advise please.
  3. Hi Karen25 I am also a student but of skillstrain not computeach (I shopped around before I committed to a course), they also use funding by Clydesdale Financial Services. This loan is covered by the Finance and Leasing Association. I am also in a dispute with CFS over my course fees but for a different reason. The loans for these courses are not Career Development Loans. CDL only provided by Barclays(directly, not through CFS), The Co-Operative Bank and RBS, I've just been told. Whilst I am sympathetic to your problem and sincerely hope that someone at Computeach will be as sympat
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