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  1. Thanks everyone for replying but the fan on the computer broke before I could read your replys and only got fixed yesterday so unfortunately the bundle got there on time minus the ofc statement summery!! I have heard nothing from the court or barclays so still not sure if this has affected anything or not. Barclays have until the 18th of this month to get there bundle done and theres still no sign of it so i'm hoping thats good news. Not going to get my hopes up though they had already wrote to us to inform us they were going to apply for a stay.
  2. Now I'm panicking, just about to take the bundle and realised I haven't printed the ofc statement summery and the link isnt working!!! Help please what exactly am I looking for??
  3. Well my advice to anyone needing their court bundles is......DO NOT leave it til the last minute, I have just finished mine and yes slick I'm in a panic now and pooing me pants about getting them there on time, I was ok last night because I didnt realise how long it would take and how much of it there is lol.
  4. The court bundle ink cartridges have been safely hidden away in the cupboard for months but the kids seem to have been at the paper so may be rushing to get some more in the morning
  5. I'm going to start going through the bundle now, I can get them all done by tomorrow. Thanks very much you two
  6. Looks like I'm doing the court bundle then, mines at northampton court as well!
  7. Noooooooooo gotta send it tomorrow!! You best stay up tonight with me saintly, I think its going to be a long one lol. Going to have a look, thanks
  8. 13th july but the letter wasnt sent to me til the 30th august
  9. Thanks slickwilly it is ordered that Upon reading the documents filed and upon it appearing that there are many similar cases proceding in this court which do not come to trialand upon recognising that the courts resourses are finite and of the crowns own motion it is ordered that 1 The claim is allocated to a track but will be allocated when directions are given pursuant to paragraph 8. 2 The claimant shall by 27th september 2007 file and serve on the defendant a schedule setting out each charge of which the claiment claims repayment together with an explanation of the basis on which the claiment claims repayment. 3 If the claiment fails to comply with paragraph 3 of this order the claim will be struck out without further order. 4 The claim will be stayed between 27 september 2007 and 18 october 2007 to give the parties an opportunity to reach a settlement. 5 If no settlement is reached by 28 oct 2007 the defendant shall by 1 november 2007 file and serve a schedule in response to the claimants schedule stating in respect of each item claimed. a. pursuant to which if any contractual provision such was made; b. if such charge is alleged to be lawful the basis on which it is so alleged; c. if it is alleged that the charge is a genuine pre-estimate of the defendants loss incurred as a result of the claimants actions (whether or not such actions are in breach of contract) all facts and matters on which the defendant relies as showing that the charges are a genuine pre-estimate of loss including the defendants positive case as to the actual cost of dealing with such actions; and d. draft directions for the further conduct of the case to be agreed with the claimant if possible. 6 If the defendant fails to comply with paragraph 6 of this order the defence shall be struck out and the claimant shall be entitled to judgement without further order. 7 if the defendant complies with paragraph 6 above the matter will be referred to a district judge for directions. 8 This order has been made by the court of its own initiative without hearing the parties or giving them an opportunity to make representations. Any party affected by the order may apply to have it set aside varied or stayed. Such an application must be made not more than 7 days after the date on which the order was served on the party making the application.
  10. Hi everyone, going to search around for the answer but I thought I'd ask while i'm looking seeing as I'm having a crisis. I misread my letter from the court and thought I had til the 18th oct but it isnt its the 27th of sept so i'm running around now having a crisis!! I have to file and serve on the defendant a schedule setting out each charge of which I am claiming is unlawful or any other basis on which i claim unlawful. This doesnt just mean a schedule of charges does it?? Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Firstly you need to stick to one thread so people can follow what you are doing! You should put a copy of everything you have recieved in your bundle and it might be an idea to ring the litigation team and telling them you have a court date to see if they want to settle yet. You dont have to tell them its a pre lim hearing
  12. I'd contact the litigation team now if I was you Barclays Litigation Team Good or Evil? You Decide.. - Consumer Action Group
  13. All you can do now is wait until barclays have acknowledged and defended, then you'll have to wait again for your notice of transfer and a copy of barclays defence. Lots of waiting lol
  14. Well nothing in todays post except bank statement with another 3 charges on it!!! At this rate what I've claimed wont even cover paying the overdraft
  15. Sounds good to me but I think you should edit your name out of the post, you never know who is watching lol
  16. Thought I'd bump before it gets lost lol
  17. You need to include in your email your court date so that they are aware it is urgent they contact you.
  18. You have sent the premliminary letter so yes you need to send your lba which is in the link welshcakes has posted for you
  19. 14 days from when they received your letter
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